Monday, August 07, 2006

Vroom ZZZzzzz

I have not updated this space for the longest time, so a very sincere apology to everyone who kept checking this for updates. Especially Neihal her comment has prompted this post.

Since the weather is nice we have been riding our bike a lot. Other day we went to Yosemite on our bike. I really wasn't all excited as Yosemite is more than 200 miles from our place. But Shekar was so excited about taking those curves, so I agreed.

It was all nice and fun the first hour then I started feeling sleepy. Falling asleep on a bike that is moving 70 MPH is not a good idea so I made Shekar stop for coffee. After a huge cup of coffee I was little awake and we continued again.

If you guys haven't realized yet, I'm not a quiet person, so being quiet for the whole ride drove me crazy (it is very hard to talk and we both have full face covered helmets and winds are so strong that even when we raise the shade the other person can not hear). We basically communicate with a tap and touches. (Shekar has promised to buy us a pair of helmet headsets so we can chat).

So I can not talk to Shekar, can not listen to music (we have these heavy duty ear plugs to avoid wind noise), can not sleep so I just sat back and enjoyed the ride, I got bored again and thought of things that keep me entertained. So

  • I played athaksiri with myself
  • Did some self reflection
  • Thought about all my friends who I had not called recently, and made a mental list to call then when I get back home.
  • Thought about topics to blog about - (don’t remember any of those topics though)
  • Made a mental list of things to do when I get back home
  • Counted all my teeth with my tongue (did a best of three to get the correct count)
  • Counted how many male cousins I had compared to female cousins (9 males and 16 females), than calculated the ratio.

After few long hours we finally reached our destination, spent some time there and then rode back again.

On the way back I was so exhausted to do any of the above mentioned, but did manage to stay awake some how.


neihal said...

me first. had to be. kitna hard work kiya is post ke liye

neihal said... did all that and even remembered what all you were thinking....I remember when we use to drive to our granpa's place...and we were not allowed to speak in the car ( it distracted him..indian roads are not the best) so I would day dream....but till date i have no idea what i thought on those drives.

neihal said...

( dad)

Jaguuuu said...


I am glad you didnt fall asleep on the Bike or else next time you would have had less teeth to count :P

And yeah almost 25 non blogging days by u!!

Archana said...

LOL :-D! That was a nice collection of things to do when bored (I like the counting teeth thing the best - will try to remember that the next time I have to pass time)!

silverine said...

That must have been painful!!! To feel sleepy and not being able to sleep! Horrible!

But the things you did to keep you occcupied were really good. Must remember that :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

Was very funny :-)

educatedunemployed said...

Counted teeth with your tongue??? You do sound like you were bored.But whoa..A bike ride sounds soooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool!..What is Yosemite all about?Do we get to see any photos?

Thanu said...

I did so much more, but can only remember these.

I know I know... but I talked to u na 20 days of the 25 days.

Make sure u do best out of three, or five or seven. Depends on how much time u have.

I know it wud have been worse if I fell asleep and fell down.

$Archana Bahuguna
Wish these things felt funny as I did them.

Yosemite is a National Park. I do not have any pictures from this trip, but added a link so you can see pictures.

Alexis Leon said...

Nice to see you back. Helmet headsets is a nice idea. How many teeth? Nice post...

neihal said...

@Alexis Leon ....haha!good question? how come no one thought of it?
@thanu....Kitne daat hai re Thanu *in gabbar ishtyle*

Geo said...

I played athaksiri with myself

(did a best of three to get the correct count)


the pooh said...

i love bike rides...they are just awesoomme but yeah it would have helped if you could ride slower and talk too ..headsets are a good idea but they might distract..funny the way u counted ur teeth lol


Jagan said...

i relaly liked my trip to yosemite ..the ride in bike must hav beem more fun than u mentioned :-)

susan said...

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Ardra said...

these days I'm on a stumbling spree- I'm straying into blogpages from the comments section of other blogs- and I'm enjoying each one- and adding to my favourites- I came by and enjoyed reading the posts...

AJITH said...

Play Anthakshari with yourself..?? Split personality :) ? So, who won ?

Sushil said...

A bike ride is to be enjoyed, feeling the breeze/wind hit ur face and enjoying the hazy scenery pass by in a microsecond and not for couting teeth...hey bhagwan

quills said...

hey..nice post. :)And some nice suggestions to do on a day I can't think of anything exciting. :) And good to see you are having loads of fun. :) Va Va Vrooom.

Janefield said...

hahahaha! funny post :D

Thanu said...

$Alexis Leon
I think 32, don't remember now though.

Thode bahut tho hai.

// I played athaksiri with myself
U shud do it once in a while, nice way to keep busy.

$the pooh
Welcome here pooh...

Haven't seen you recently, what new?

Welcome here ardra, hope to see you around.

You shud try it, it is so much fun.

U sit 5 hrs on it one way phir suna mere ko.

Nice to have u back.

$The Chosen One