Monday, October 23, 2006

Clown Feet

Every time I go to India, I set time (and money) apart for shopping. Shopping is a huge thing for me as I rarely buy Indian clothes here, because I think they are very over priced. Plus I visit India quiet often so I can resist not shopping for Indian clothes till my next visit.

The only thing I do not shop for is footwear. It all started during my India visit in 2003, I wanted to get a pretty pair of sandals to wear with my new gorgeous saris that I got 2 days ago. So I went into this shoe place in Ernakulum, as most of my shopping is done in Ernakulum. I visited 3-4 stores but none of them had my size. I was little disappointed as I saw few patterns that I adored. So gave up the sandal’s hunt and went to Goodwill (Goodwill is a huge accessory shop in Ernakulum and has 4 floor of just accessories. Once can spend more than two grand there in less than 30 minutes). Got me some Jewelry, bindi and I was in much better mood.

Next stop was Thiruvalla, went to couple of store in my quest to find sandals, still no luck. Having no success there Antony chetan (he drove us around during our whole trip there), feels sorry for me and say "Molle there are lot of store in Chaganacherry I'll take u there" So I nodded with all the excitement and went to Chaganacherry.

Unable to find sandals in two stores I was disappointed. Antony chetan again cheers me up by saying there is another store in the corner lets go there and see. We pull up to the store and I saw that they had a huge collection, and that sight made me have faith. So I walked in and they started showing me sandals. After 20 minutes of still not having luck the salesman brings out this not so good looking sandals, and as luck would have it that fits me perfectly. I stare at these sandals as I do not want to get something that I may not wear then it strikes me this is guy's sandals. I ask the salesmen "Ithu anugalude cherupu alle? " (Isn't this guy’s sandal?) For which he replies with out a twitch that "Ithre valiya kaal unda penugallum iganethe aanu idunathu" (Girls with such big feet do wear guy’s sandals). I smiled and dragged my mother out of there and ever since I have never visited a footware place in India.

Now Indian things are so "IN" here that I can walk to any store and pick up nice Indian looking sandals to go with my sari, and yes I can find them in my size.

For all the curious people who are wondering what size I wear, I wear a US size 10. This chart might help to put things in perspective .

This post is inspired by M where she describes her ordeal of finding shoes in America


Anonymous said...

Its a small world thanu you are skirting pretty close to my hometown. Anyways good luck with your shoe shopping.

Anonymous said...

That was a problem here till a few years back. But EKM have many stores that have large size sandals--these stores cater to the tourits. My sister has the same problem. She wears size 10.

That Changanacherry incident was really funny. At least he found a solution :-)

Annam said...

A running store fitted me with me a shoes that is size 10 1/2.
A guest who came in looked at that and wouldnt beleive its mine. But it does work well for me. meanwhile my flat ballerina shoes from target is 7 1/2 and that also fits me like a glove. I still havent understood it.

quills said...

That was an interesting read. :)

I also have a problem with getting the right size at times. I am a US size 6.5 and I think most stores run out of it the first whenever a good sale is on. And it is so disheartening when you find the right shoe that fits you perfectly, but they cannot find one in your size. I remember once I still got a pair that I fell in love with, half a size bigger than my usual, thinking i would fit it with insoles. Unfortunately insoles did not help either and I had to give up wearing the shoes, as I almost fell once walking around the neighborhood in shoes that kept coming off. Sigh!!

And Goodwill..that is a remarkable store indeed. The stuff that you get there is amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanu, Hopped to your blog thor Immigrant in Canada. Enjoyed reading about Diwali and yes the shoe saga..I have wide feet and it is a chore shopping for nice fancy slippers in India

abhishek said...

"Ithre valiya kaal unda penugallum iganethe aanu idunathu" (Girls with such big feet do wear guy’s sandals)."

Never underestimate the enterprising nature of a mallu...

Archana said...

LOL :-D! I can totally, totally empathise with you. I wear a US size 8.5. Till some time back, in India, the only shoes I could find in my size were usually quite ugly-looking. However, these days, things have improved and I can find quite nice-looking footwear in Chennai in my shoe-size - hallelujah :-)! Of course, in the US, I have never had any issues finding shoes my size!

Anonymous said...


I have small feet and can wear Bata size (still the std size in India) 5, 6, and 7. We do not have the 'inbetween' sizes here in India. But my relations get me the perfect fit from the US. So you are wise to shop there now :)

Tanushree said...

hey same thing here dear..
i too face same while going for sandal shopping...
but luckly here in delhi we had some stores which never disappoint me...

Anonymous said...

Oh my! You do have big feet, but yeah US has stuff for every size. I'm surprised at the cloth sizes, there are hugggggge ones available for really fat people. India certainly doesn't have that! But I am digressing.

My US shoe size is 7.5, but I love buying sandals in India. Espescially platform ones! I amn't really impressed with the US ones, so don't buy anything here :). Except sports shoes maybe :).

Shilpa said...

OMG ! I've the same problem !!!

In India, I could never find 'nice' looking sandals and had to settle for ' boring' ones while everyone else flaunted such nice sandals. I always thought I had big feet - thats till I shopped for them here....Now its so easy to find sandals here that are smart and comfortable !

I've a big shoe fetish now :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

Ya, me too do a lot of shopping in India, its cheap AND its lots of colors and emroidered and all that. Good luck with shoes! :-)

Jiby said...

in the US its the other way around...i am always envious of the kind of selections u gals get to make...we have so little to pick up from each individual size!

Anonymous said...

First time here. Impressed by your style of writting- plain and to the point.

Mint Chutney said...

(Hee hee) I think I even know what shop that is in Chaganacherry. : )

Di said...

how rude of that guy!! u have company..i have big feet too.. but who cares .. :)

Geo said...

From Eklm to Thiruvalla to Chaganacherry to get a pair of sandels.

And did she get what she wanted after her Kerala tour (well, u covered most of the places ;) ?


wow... and u still say u fairer sex are an uncomplicated species :D

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Sandeep said...

Little Red Riding Hood looks innocuously at you and says,"Oh Grandma! What large feet you have!"

Nice writing! Do keep at it...

Thanu said...

I'm from that part too.

I'm not a tourist. It was not funny, it was sad :(

Welcome here
Enthayalum I'm only shopping here.

I never buy shoes smaller than my size thinking me wearing it will expand it, but trust me I have heard that suggestion before.

Welcome Here
I stopped shopping in India altogether for shoes.

//Never underestimate the enterprising nature of a mallu...
Enikku avante monde nokki onnu kodikaan aanu thoniyathu

I know, especially now we can get Indian looking footwear here to go with our saris.

All u ppl with small feet.... I envy you guys.

Welcome Here
US aaja bahut choices hai.

Like I told silverine, you guys have better of the two worlds.

So you know exactly how I feel, thank you.

$Archana Bahuguna
No shoe shopping in India for me.

What different choices can they really do for guys?

Welcome here.
Thank you and hope to see you around.

$Mint Chutney
Please don't tell me that you were that guy.

I know exactly....

//wow... and u still say u fairer sex are an uncomplicated species :D
Get footwear that fits - how is that complicated..

Welcome here...
U calling me a grandma with big feat aathe hi?
// Nice writing! Do keep at it...
I'll let you slide since u gave me a compliment. Thanks

Arz000n said...

I wear US size 11....though its kinda lose fitting for me...but I'm okie with it :P

and shopping is something I neva gave up in, big malls are like heaven for me...I just run wild during the weekends....



Jeseem said...

good post ms.girl in guy's sandal :)

hmm.. i do find the same issue, shopping for dresses in US. nothing my size. everything is oversized. guess US is good only for girl shopping :(
I wonder how the chinese guys are coping with it

clown said...

sympa ce blog.