Friday, November 10, 2006

I Wish I Wasn't a Kid Anymore

So as promised here is my part 2.

  1. Corresponding to the point 1 below, I always used to have bruises. My elbows and knees we always scrapped. I have so many scars even today from all those falls. The reason I hated every time I fell and scrapped my skin I would go home bleeding. Before getting any sympathy from mom I would get yelled at, hten she would wash that wound in Dettol. I call still feel the burn all that feeling comes back when I see a bottle of Dettol.
  2. Hand me downs: This was one thing I hated the most. Having a sister older, who kept her things very neat and clean meant it would be passed down to me. In the earlier days my parents thought it would be so adorable to see both their kids dressed alike, so they would get us the exact same dress. Later we were told this was done to avoid conflict. So which meant when we outgrew our dresses I would get Veena's which was not a bad it, but it ended up being the same dress I wore years ago. Now after so many years, Veena and I are the same size so when we visit each other's we raid each others closets and take what we like.
  3. Competitiveness: I used to be so competitive back when I was a kid. I had to win in everything I took part, be it sports or giving speeches. It has worked to my advantage now that I think of it, but I wish I had taken it slow back then and enjoyed school days than overly cautious about making sure I was the best (or at least tried to be) in everything I did.
  4. Sunday School: My parents took us to church every Sunday, which was okay. But what I disliked was going to Sunday School (Sunday school is classes held at church before or after the service where kids are taught about the religion). Going to classes, learning new songs were all fun, but we used to have exams and competition which I wasn't much of a fan of. The main reason was none of my non-Christian friends had to do this, so every Sunday I remember complaining to my mom so and so doesn’t' have Sunday school why should I. But these days when I got to church I feel so happy that my parents sent me to Sunday school.
  5. Curfew: This was more of a teenager thing. I was supposed to be home before 10.00 PM no matter where I went. When I was in college all friends would hang out till late at night, but my parents would never let me. I have had so many arguments with them regarding this. Now when I come to think of it I would act the same way when my 17 year old would ask me about staying out late at night.
  6. Unable to keep in touch - I had so many great friends back in 3rd grade, 6th grade and most of us moved around so we never kept in touch. 9th grade and 10th grade we started writing letters. I so wish when I was younger I had a way to keep in touch. I'm able to track most of them now on orkut, but still am looking for a dear friend from 3rd grade.
  7. School Uniform: We did not have a fun uniform, navy blue skirts and white shirts. But what I hated about the uniform was that fact we had to wear read ribbons. My younger days I had short hair, so it wasn’t much of a deal, then my hair grew longer and I hated those pig tails I had to wear to school with red ribbons at the end. Who wears ribbons anyways?

I could come up with only seven…(this too I had to think for a week)


silverine said...

I was a walking sore in shool and a bandage on the knee my trademark :p
My curfew was 6 pm :( Even now I am apprehensive about going out alone after 6. Early conditioning I guess. I hated uniform throughout school years. I hated the hair combing and plaiting every morning by mom. *ouch* painful as the comb hit knots...finally I chopped it off :)

I liked you elaborate hate list.

silverine said...

p.s the first Anon comment on the first part of you tag was me. Blogger is seriously playing up!!!

Jaguuu said...

Hmm Who wears Red Ribbons?? KV girls dooooo!!! KV Rockssssssssss!!!

quills said...
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quills said...

Hmm...these are a few of your unfavourite things eh?:)

School uniform, I actually did not mind wearing a uniform and quite liked ours, but wished we could have had at least one day where we could wear "colored" dress. :)But other than the drill/sports day white culottes and shirt, once a week, we had to stick to our regular uniforms.

Describing your competitive nature back then, reminds me of Monica in F.r.i.e.n.d.s.:) Are you a very structured organized kinda girl too? :) But I do like her, mind you!

Arz000n said...

I'm able to track most of them now on orkut, but still am looking for a dear friend from 3rd grade.
I always took all ma friends from school, college as ma competitors...but now when I look back, I do feel the need to keep in touch with ma past.

Thanks to Orkut....I was able to hunt down most of I compete at the professional level :P

Pramod said...

The curfew exercise was part n parcel of our household too... we were sorta brought up with it, and it never occurred to us to try break the rule... besides, there was always somethin interestin to watch on tv (surprisingly)..

Beks said...

hated curfew and what was worse by the time my brother was old enough to have a curfew all thoughts of curfews seemed to have left the building.

Shilpa said...

My curfew was 9pm !

U had red ribbons with a blue uniform !? thats soooo weird !

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Did you study in a KV? Cos they have navy blue skirt white shirt and red ribbons :--))
It wasnt so weird then, but now that Shilpa says may be it was weird!

Shankari said...

I have scars all over my legs, hated unforms and yes hand me downs. My oldest would wear, then teh middle one and then me....imagine that. Curfew..what parents would drop us off at friend's house and pick us up in a few hours and that was it.

Thanu said...

U hated almost everything I did ... Elaborate- I still didn't get to 10

Hopefully they don't make them wear those nasty red ribbons anymore.

I liked uniforms too in a way. U never have to wake up and go, "What do I wear today?" After few years one does get bored..
//Are you a very structured organized kinda girl too?
I'm very organized and seeing things in a disarray gets me annoyed.

I am huge on keeping in touch, I think it is nice to meet ppl again, who were huge part of your childhood.

We never broke curfew, but alwaz sought for permission to break it, but was never granted.

We being 2 gals at home, we both had same rules. If chechi could do it, I could do it and vice versa.

I know abi soch bi nahi sakti..

$Saranya Kishore
Yeah a KV product... I can not even imagine wearing ribbons period.

We had no middle one, but still hand me down is a hand me down.