Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm Back I'm Back...

After my longest vacation ever I am back to my sunny California (which is actually real windy these days).

I had a wonderful time:

  • spent time with family
  • travelled a lot.
  • met old classmates.
  • saw lots and lots of movies.
  • ate a lot.
  • met Shekar's friends.
  • heard childhood stories of Shekar.
  • shopped a lot.
  • attended weddings.
  • sang Christmas carols
  • attended early morning Christmas service
  • took loads of pictures...
Happy New year to all.


yetanother.softwarejunk said...

what a cool vacation !!!
meeting old !!

Happy New Year, Thanu!!

kiran said...

Happyy New Year thanu..

Sayesha said...

Am ze bronze babe yippeee! :D

Welcome back!!

//took loads of pictures...

And where are they huh huh huh? :/

educatedunemployed said...

Awesome..and a very happy new year to you too .:)

Neihal said...

Welcome Back :))
yeah that sounds like a wonderful time....waiting for all the stories :)

Deeps said...

Hey welcome back and its great to have you back :). Glad that you had a wonderful time in India.

Mummy!! I want to go to India too :((.

taks said...

Welcome back ... now, waiting for your vacation stories :-)
" met old classmates." ... wow, it always feels good to do that, doesn't it ? BTW, have u met the new "Classmates" ? ... i felt they r fantastic.
Happy New Year !
- Taks

Arun R said...

Happy New year to u too... :)

Suresh S said...

gr8 to c u back Thanu.Have a gr8 yr.

techno malayali said...

Now let's hear your India Tales!!!