Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So, Where are you at?

Following takes place at my work:

5.30 PM
I call Shekar: "So what time will you be getting out of work"
Shekar: another 10 minutes.

6.00 PM
Shekar has not come to pick me up yet. (We have started car pooling recently so conserve energy). So I work away getting all mad at Shekar as he still hasn't called to mention he will be late.

6.15 PM
I'm really mad, he still hasn't called or come by.

Following takes place at my home:

6.10 PM
Shekar pulls into the parking, and looks around. This is something we both do. When we park our car, we look if the other person is home. So Shekar sees my car, which means I'm home. He goes home, no lights are turned on, and the bedroom door is closed.

He assumes I'm in the bedroom and he goes turns the TV on, hangs around the living room for a while and still not hearing anything from he, he comes into the bedroom and I'm not there.

There have been instances, where I'll be on my cell phone and since the reception at my home sucks I just stay in the car and talk, so he walks over to my car and I'm not there either.

6.30PM At home
He is really mad because I came home and went somewhere and did not tell him.

6.30PM At work
I'm really mad that Shekar is late and hasn't called to tell me that he is running late My Cell phone rings I see its Shekar and picks up the phone with a furious "hello" Shekar on the other end, replies with more furious "Hello, where are you?"
Me: What do you mean where am I, I'm work, where else can I be?
Shekar: HAHAHAHA... did I drop you off at work today?
Me: You went home with out picking me up?
Shekar: I'll be right there.

Finally got home around 7.00PM.... all this for my need to save energy


Neihal said...


saved lots of energy, didnt you :P

educatedunemployed said...

I can just imagine the wrath.With all the energy being really mad I think you could have actually driven another car.bwahahhaahha! :P

Arun R said...

LOL... :)
That was a nice experience...

taks said...

woooah ! that was funny :-) ... and since you are posting about it, i suppose you feel the same too, thinking about it now !

Jiby said...

lol...another reason to despair at the rising gas prices!

Deeps said...

My god!! He forgot you!! Glad you see you haven't killed him yet ;-).

Anonymous said...

hahaha...Way to go Shekar!!!
Whats the restaurant table backdrop???

Archana Bahuguna said...

Something similar had happened with me and Inder too ... really funny :-).

sahasra said...

Nice hilarious post....How was Shekar the next day????