Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I haven't updated this space for so long.

Main reason being, I have been bitten by the Harry Potter bug. Harry Potter has been around for almost 10 years and I never felt any attraction towards it. Few years ago I went to the library and picked a HP book, read first chapter and decided it wasn't for me.

Other day my colleague, mother of 2 kids, told me "Yes, it is indeed a kids book, but you will enjoy it." Not trusting her enough I emailed my cousin asking about HP.

His reply was "WHAT!! You haven't read any HP? Log off your email, get the first book (beg, borrow or steal) and read it and then reply to this mail."

Wow I read this and I was like it has to be good? So just as my cousin advised I logged off went to the library and picked the first book in the series and I was hooked.

Its been little more than two months now and I have read all the 6 books, pre-ordered the 7th book from Amazon, watched all the 4 movies and am planning to catch the 5th movie in IMAX-3D.

Currently I'm reading "Mugglenet.Com's What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7"; this is a very interesting read. I believe my craziness will finally end when I visit the Harry Potter Theme park in 2009 (maybe 2010).


educatedunemployed said...

Welcome to my world. :))

My sister-in-law introduced me to the HP books.

Alexis said...

Good, Welcome to the club...You must had a wonderful time reading all the 6 books at one stretch. Me too waiting for the HPDS...

Chanchala said...

Even i am a fan of HP :)

Deeps said...

As somebody above said, welcome to the club. I'm kinda addicted but not so much to pre-order the 7th book. And until I read the book, I'm planning to avoid all news sites on internet, I'm sure they are going to have hugge spoilers :-p.

Archana said...

Ah, you finally got there :-)! I got hooked on when four books of the series were already out and have awaited each book thereafter with religious fervor. Yup, I have preordered my 7th book and have not planned *anything* for that Saturday so that I can finish reading it in peace :-D!

Pooja said...

Ok I won't nag you with "what .. you havent.." as much as I would like to.

And I have shut my eyes and ears to all talks about the next book in fear that I may hear of what is going to happen and it will spoil the book for me. So when I get my copy of the book on 21st, I will read it the way Rowling laid it out. No interest in leaks & spoilers until then. With a brother under the same roof who has read every fan fiction and dealt in long discussions with fans on the internet, it is not easy to do what I am doing ... grrr.

And hey welcome to the HP fan club.

Beautiful Mind said...

Nice to read this blog..Same case here..Waiting for the seventh book eagerly..I think it should continous 10 weeks for me..

The major haunts me..2 characters would die in seventh book. :-(

joy said...

me too love HP books kiddu stuff i thought like u but u know they are really addictive no wonder they have so many fans....waiting for my book...actually my husband introduced them to me n they were days when preferred to spend nights with HP n get in bed only when i finished the book......

Archana Bahuguna said...

Good for you, happy reading!

When Inder had introduced me to the 1st book on HP 6 years ago, I had also brushed it aside reading the first 2 pages. But he insisted that I stick a little more and since then I have never looked back. I have read the first 3 books, watched ALL HP movies that have come yet and am waiting for the next one desperately!

Thanu said...

U have to read 6th yet na

Next week this time I'll holding my copy of HPDS

Nice to see you here.

I can't wait now. I'm glad in a way that I got introduced to it so late, so I just have to wait for the last one

Next monday how about you and me chat abt the 7th one.

I remember trying to read harry potter like 3 yrs ago. I didn't know anything I went to the library and picked up the Goblet and Fire and started reading. Things didn't make sense and I was ppl like this book? I'm a changed person now.

$Beautiful Mind
I just wanna read.... I don't even wanna think who those 2 are.

Starting next Saturday all I'm gonna do is read.

$archana B
U have read just 3, log off now, get ur hand on the other 3 and start reading.