Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Don't we all end up finding something when we are looking for something else?

Other day Shekar was looking for something and he found my clip that I thought I has lost long time ago. I was planning to go out and get me another new one, but never got around to actually getting a new one. I was so overjoyed when Shekar showed me the clip. It is not one of those expensive one, but the regular Walgreens one.

That is when I realized this is what happens to most of us. When we don't see our dear ones around we assume we have lost them as friends. All we have to do is look harder and they will be right there. But, we do not want to look; we would rather go out and make new friends because it is easier to get something new than to seek something that is lost.

But seldom do we realize that what we seek is right in plain sight and find it is so much better than getting something brand new.


Deeps said...

So true. Just yesterday I was thinking no news from any of my first company batchmates (we joined as a fresher group) and today I got a mail from one of the group!! He mailed the whole group saying "Where art thou?" :-D. Didn't even have to look :).

And letting go is very difficult for me, be it simple things or people... Maybe thats the way we are made and I'm glad that we are so :).

BTW me gold :).

Vikram said...

there was this one time when i lost my driver's license and while i was searching for it, i found my passport!!... i had no idea i had misplaced my passport too...:P

jeenu said...

Hey thanu
nice post :)
yeah sometimes we seek somethings we want but find things we need instead..
words of wisdom from me :D
how r u

Rays Of Sun said...

Sheesh! it was going to be my post:(
Thankfully, I opened your blog before I opened bloggers:)

Ginkgo said...

wat do u drink in the morning re :P

silverine said...

Nothing can replace old friends. Friendship like relationships is cultivated over a period of time. So a new friend can never replace an old one immediately.

Eclectic Blogger said...

wow.. so true.. but most times unfortunately, i find it only after a replacement is already sought :(

Anonymous said...

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Anil The Great said...

It always happen, we just forget old friends , old neighbours and move onto something new. Dunno, why we behave kind-of similar to the nomadic people, probably because we are still a unicivilised person somewhere deep in our heart.

Or maybe we never value/cherish what we have and always look out for something better.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Good correlation, simple and conveying. :-)

RandomThoughts said...

Very true Thanu. Simple yet very Profound thoughts.Sadly the only things constant in life is CHANGE!


Geo said...

Thanu d sage,
Passing words of wisdom to us thru parables?

Juz kidding... ur posts are amazing. :_)

Prakash said...

Hi Thanu
U dropped by long time back ...only today i had time to come and suu ....will be a regular hereafter as i have blogrolled u...hope u dont mind...

Law of My room
Whenever I am looking for something,I will find something I was looking for, a week ago....it is true man....i wrote a post on wierd stuff like this sometime back...check this out if got time...


Anyway about the line u have written" what we seek is right in plain sight "...wonderfully said...i found this out few weeks back when i was in Sri lanka.....

Thanu said...

Letting go is not easy, but we get used to not having them/these thing around.

//Misplaced passport and not aware of it...
This will only happen to u.

Thanks :)

$Rays Of Sun
Great Minds think alike, what say?

This was not written in the morning, just posted in the morning.

But, we get used to not having the old friend around.

$Eclectic Blogger
Now that is sad.

U are more than welcome to come here. Will def stop by ur blog.

$Anil The Great
I think once we have lost it we do not make an effort to gain it back.

$Sreejith Kumar
Thank you Sree.

Very True.

Thank you so much Geo.

Thank u for blogrolling. Hope to see u around. I love those eyes on ur page.

kuttichuvaru said...

very true!!!

Sayesha said...

Love this post, Thanu! :)

Mind Curry said...

maybe we should rediscover lost friends through another friend then?