Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vroom Vroom

I have always had a fascination with two wheelers. The only two wheeler I know how to ride is a cycle and when ever we are traveling, we make sure to rent bicycles and ride them around the city. I love driving a car but I never feel so close to things outside as on a two wheeler. I moved to US during my mid teens so never got a chance to learn or drive Scooty/Sunny/Kinetic Honda (these were the two wheelers that were there in India back then).

Back when I was in college I wanted to own a motorcycle and my dad would never let me so I used to drive around in my car envying all the biker that went Vroom Vroom right by me. As I grew older my dream to own and ride on a bike seemed to vanish. Not because I did not want it anymore but, I did not have the guts to go out and take lessons anymore. But, I wanted it so badly.

Now I'm married and Shekar has this avid love towards bikes and we finally got one last year. Over the weekend was my maiden journey on a bike and it was just great, we rode for 3 hours. One of the great benefits on living in California is that the weather is so great that one can go biking in early months.

So Sunday afternoon Shekar and I geared up and drove by the mountains and the sea. It was so beautiful and any words I use will never do justice to that sight. Since we were on a bike we did not take a camera with us else I would have posted pictures. The road by the mountains we so curvy and steep, but it was thrilling to ride. After riding for almost two hours we stopped on the side of the mountain and pacific sea was at the bottom of that mountain.

This was my first ride on a bike and I can not wait for more. But, for some weird reason it seems like it rains every weekend. We are expecting rain again this Saturday and Sunday. On the bright side, spring is just starting and I'll have lot more riding days. Hopefully I'll find a way to take my camera with me the next time.


silverine said...

It must be lovely to go for a ride in the road you described!!! Here in India driving is a pain :(

Geo said...


That YZF of yours...rite?
enJoy your rides..

btw, riding in rain is all the more fun, i guess they call it romantic :_D

Alexis Leon said...

Oops a lot of spelling mistakes...

I also love bikes. Learned to ride a Yezdi when I was in the 10th. Got a Yamaha RX 100 during my 3rd semester, a Bullet during my 6th. Got a Kawasaki Bajaj KB 100, while I was working in Pondicherry. Used to go for long rides on all these bikes and as Geo said there is a thrill (and associated danger)in riding in the rain. Finally I got a Kinetic Honda when I came to Madras where I had my accident. Sold the Kinetic Honda. Still had my bullet at home. My brother was using it. In 2001 he sold it and got a Kawasaki Eliminator. It is a good bike. But my favorite among the India bikes is Bullet.

BTW what is you bike, a Yamaha YZF? Which one, R6? Since you are in the US you could get a Harley Davidson. I once rode a Harley that belonged to a friend. It was an amazing experience.

jaguu said...


Hmmmmm....I used to be a avid Biker in my college days...taking long trips to the moutains...jungles during the semester holidays but now I am so scared even to drive a four wheeler back home...always preferring to have a driver drive when I go home....I have rode a Friends Harley here and it was a such a powerpacked experience!!!

Rays Of Sun said...

Me loves cycle but riding on bicycle on Interstates is not exactly my passion:O

Grain Saint said...

romantic ..very romantic ;)

Kusum Rohra said...

wow.. double wow yaar.. that must have been some drive :)

Even i love biking though i cannot drive :)

Archana said...

Wow - that sounds awesome! I would LOVE to go pillion-riding on a motorbike some time too :-) (I will find driving by myself on the freeways too scary)!

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Biking in PCH man..
thats some thing..
fun :)

quills said...

Sounds like you had a fun ride through the Pacific coast. Lovely! Your post brought back memories of my Black beauty, my Kinetic Honda back when I was in college. :)

But to tell you honestly, I prefer a car. That way my hair won't be in a state of total disarray. :))

Thanu said...

It was so wonderful and there was no traffic so no stop and go.

I wud never ride it rain. The roads are wet and hence will never let Shekar ride.

$Alexis Leon
I'm not a huge fan of HD bikes (cruiser bikes), but they are more comfortable to travel as once can sit straight up as opposed to leaning forward on a sports bike. May be after few years. Yes it is a YZF, will upload pictures.

When ever I visit India I'm so scared to drive I never drive. I don't like HD, they are just so loud.

$Rays Of Sun
I love cycles too... but motorcycles are lot more fun.

$Grain Saint
It truly was.

$Kusum Rohra
It was a great ride. U should do what I did, find a friend who loves to ride or in my case, get a husband who loves to ride.

Actually riding on the highways is a lot easier as opposed to curves and hills.

$Vijay Ramamurthi
It was loads of fun, can not wait till this Sunday to go again.

We ride bike mainly for leisure, so I really don't care about the hair part. If Shekar says, let’s go to church on the bike I would bring up the whole hair thing.

Saranya Kishore said...

Wow! Thanu :)
I love going on a ride in a bike too. I havent had a chance to do that in the US though, k likes riding a bike, and hopefully we can get to doing it sometime soon :))

Ginkgo said...

yeh...Ive been thinking for quite a while..to get a bike...thinking and rethinking..

But then there is this small matter of getting a license first..
But come to think of it, not having a license did not prevent me from driving my car, that too for three months .;-)

Now keep this to urself..will ya:-)

Deeps said...

Wow Thanu, lucky you :). I haven't ridden a 2-wheeler since I've come here to US. I miss it so much that I've even come to miss the potholes in Bangalore :-D. I've been pestering my hubby to buy a bike for himslef or atleast a scooter for me, but he thinks cars are safer in this country. It seems the truckwalas here don't even notice bikes which makes it very dangerous. I keep cribbing that he's making excuses :-D.

Well, atleast you are having fun and maybe I'll just find a way of convincing my hubby ;-).

Srinivas said...

When I got my first job I asked for a bike and my dad wouldn't buy me one. Car was safer it seems, and there was no end to my envying bikers.

Not sure if dream will come true. The only time I'm overcautious driving my car is when I see a biker doing 70s and 80s before or after me. Quite scary here.

Jagan said...

bikes are very addictive ..i agree on tht .

Eclectic Blogger said...

i too wish to ride a bike here one day.. but in the east coast.. we have to wait till summer unfortunately..

educatedunemployed said...

Yeays, sounds like so much fun.Yes yes you must take your camera and take lots of photos.

Arz000n said...

Yup...yup...yup...riding a bicycle is always a fun..I learned it while in 12th std...way back in 97..still am pretty scared of riding a motor cycle...forget about 4 wheelers...only I know how many excuses I gave for not going to a driving school...hehehe

Wud luv to see pics of mountains and pacific sea...so next time u r on ur bike, dont forget to take ur camera along with ya..


virdi said...

hey i go to office on a cycle... now thats called mast fun and Vroom Vroom...


jeenu said...

hey thanu
have fun girl..me used to own a scootie in india..sorely miss it :0

Anil The Great said...

Thanu :

the weather has become really bad thsi time, raining every alternate days and surely on weekends.

I hope to go to Lake Tahoe, but snow or rain almost every weekends, I hope I make it soon.

Enjoy ur thrill rides :)


Kusum Rohra said...

Aare thanu, bahut door nikaal gayi kya bike pe *one hand above the eyes searching and trying to look very far*

Abhi vapaas aa jao time to update ur blog :)