Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Awesome Memory - Or is it Awful?

Of all the thing I take pride in, memory tops the list.

I have great memory for all sorts of thing. I just started realizing that in the last few years.

Bhavya called me the other day and she asked if I knew the name of our TA (Teacher's Assistant) for our math 3012 class. I replied back Austin? For which Bhavya replied, "Oh Yeah, Austin"

I took this math class at least 3-4 years ago, and that is the kind of memory I have.

Other day I met one of my friends after a while and told him an incident that happened like 3-4 years ago. This was our conversation:
Friend: Wow u remember that
Me: yeah..I have great memory
F: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah what was I wearing
Me: A white shirt with black trims on sleeves and neck
F: What kind of neck
Me: V-neck
F: (Jaws dropped, eyes popped out)You are crazy.

That is the reaction I get from all my friends. I also remember lot of things from my childhood, and I tell mom and she goes, "You remember that, you were a little kid". I also have great memory for faces and names. I remember street names, and so I’m known for giving the best directions ever. Now that I have started reading blogs I remember almost all my blog pals, every post.

But then there are also days when I forget to bring my purse to work or can never find my keys. And that my friends, makes me Normal


jaguu said...


We sure are alike. I remember stuffs from the time I was 3 years old...I get that kind of reaction from my family & friends... I remember the scores I made while playing cricket.. and the catchs I took... am I a Freak or what???? :)) But Hey I am a Uncle to a Pretty Little Angel!!! WOOOOHOOOOO... Kickasssssoooo

virdi said...

Wow some people love to exaggagerate things... ;-)



Arun R said...

I'm scared of ppl with good memory... especially if that person is my girlfriend.

"You call me first on this day, talked for XX minutes and YY seconds"

"That day u said u like this, now u r saying that u don't"

I hate such kind of memory!!!

educatedunemployed said...

I think you are totally normal.Keep excercising those brain cells.

flyaway mind said...

so what's the secret behind your elephantine memory? maybe i can do with some tips during exams :-)

Vikram said...

Whoa! I wouldn't remember what I wore a week ago, remembering what friends wore is a tough call. haha

Awesome... I think all women are like that. They'll remember everything, so you can't fool them at all. Sheesh.

Geo said...

Here I am... exact opposite of what you are...
I even forget what I had for supper the previous day :_(

silverine said...

Ditto, and I will never misplace my keys or purse either.

Rays Of Sun said...

Me too:D
In fact one of my Indian friends out here goes out on dates with amroo chicks!
So em asked him once.."So did you see Jennifer again?"
To which he replied "Who Jenniffer"
Me:"The girl whom you went out with 3 weeks back:D"

Archana said...

Wow!! I too have a wonderful memory - for TOTALLY useless stuff.

For e.g., I can recall the names of most of the second cousins of my former roomie and which places they live in - even though I have never met any of them and my roomie has mentioned their names only in passing.

But in the list of things my manager at work asks me to do, I always manage to forget at least one thing unless I put down reminders for everything! Sigh :-(!

Alexis Leon said...

Nice blog you have. I also have a good memory and can remember even the conversations, places, people, and the minute details from my childhood. It is nice to have this ability. The only downside of a good memory is that I never forget the bad things. I remember when and how someone had hurt me, cheated me or stabbed me in the back, the exact words, how bad I felt and so on. So forgetting and forgiving is nearly impossible for me.

Eclectic Blogger said...

last sentence is the niche..

Thanu said...

Congratulations on being an uncle. So u going for the naming function? What name have they decided on?

tu bol exaggeration, 5 years down when I tell u what our first conversation was, ur jaws will drop down too.

$Arun R
Aree yaar we are all grown up now and don't expect beloved to remember the first time we held hands.

If Shekar remembers our wedding anniversary and my b'day I'm a happy person.

It means so much more coming from a almost doctor. Now I'm certified.

$flyaway mind
I have no clue. Wish I knew. Welcome here and please don't fly away.

Not all girls... but most of them, so be careful the next time u lie to one of us.

Maybe dinner wasn't that good that’s y u don't remember.

Oh really...wow so there are a lot of ppl like me. I'm not so special anymore.

$Rays Of Sun
So did he see jennifer again?

That is true for me too. I have a list going on for the things that need to be done. Both at home and work.

$Alexis Leon
Welcome here Alexis, I've been to ur blog few times but never commented. I read ur post abt CET and bike. I know it is very hard to let go b/c u remember all the mean thing others have said and done.

Thank u...

Kusum Rohra said...

Same here, i remember my home in which we lived till i was like 18 months and my mom can never belive it she still doubts dad told me all about it Ha!

But i never loose keys or anything, but ya almost once a week i forget my cell phone either at home or at work.

So now when i leave home dad usually asks me at the door "cell phone liya??"

And in office the dear watchman says "madam sub check kar liya aapne?"

sainathkm said...

Most of us tend to remember many of their early year's small small incidents... but when it comes to rememebering names or date many of them dont !! I belong to this category..

Rays Of Sun said...


quills said...

Nice post.I thought I had quite a good memory until I read your blog. Not only did your recollection of events way back impress me but to top that while going through your numerous posts, I completely forgot about the pot of water I had boiling on the stove. :( Fortunately before the fire brigade had to be summoned, I remembered and switched it off just in time. My apt was saved but the state of the pot and my memory skills are better left unsaid. :)

Thanu said...

OMG, I just burst out lauging reading ur comment. Welcome here and hope to see you around.

educatedunemployed said...

Oye, I am a qualified doctor.Please!

Thanu said...

A very public apology to educatedunemployed for calling her almost dr.

I rephrase. I'm certified by normal by a doctor.

Jiby said...

hey i am like u too!!! i can remember the slightest of details but the important stuff like birthdays, anniversary's, forgetting gifts always leaves me stumped and embarassed!!!

Apy said...

u r scaring me now. In a way there s a log of everything n everyone in ur mind. i need to be very careful bout wat i write here :D

n wats the big deal in remembering stuff. i remember what i wore day before yesterday. i wore ..ummmmmmm.... its there at the tip of my mind .. ummmmmmmmmm.. it was there seriously ... ummmmmmm....yeah i wore a white shirt....... or may be...... the blue one... hey hows that .. i do remember it was either white or blue.. see see ... even i have a wonda-full memory :P

Mind Curry said...

lol..hmmm..coz you forget your keys and purses make you forgetful. or maybe its some kind of short term memory loss.

kidding ok!!

Jithu said...

u shud see that malayalam film tanmatra. ppl started seeing docs thinking that they got alzheimer's disease. :-) nonetheless, not to scare u.

Sayesha said...

Hamari maangein puri karo!
Blog ko update karo!

Sash does bhookh hadtaal outside Thanu's Humble Abode. She will break it with pani puri. :P

Ginkgo said...

good for u..
remember the last time u forgot something and for the life of u could never rememeber what that was...:-)

Thts when I normally tear my hair out..:P

Jagan said...

when did u mail me last ?

virdi said...

New post!!! New post!!!

Clap Clap Clap !!!

New post!!! New post!!!

Clap Clap Clap !!!


Thanu said...

I remember b'day and all too..

So what did u wear sterday?

$Mind Curry
That is not memory loss, that is called being normal.

I heard about it too. Lot of ppl visiting dr. Great movie though.

Naya post dala. Easier to break ur bhookh hadtal with naya post than pani puri.

I tend not to pay attention to those.

oh I replied to this comment to ur mail id.

Clap ..clap...
Deko deko naya post aa gaya
Clap Clap

Srinivas said...

Hmmmm. I have a cousin who can remember vividly everything from her childhood. Provided there was a Kodak moment. She's really good at spinning a story using the elements and whereabouts of the snap. Hope you don't have handicapped memory like that ;)