Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Growing up I was a very naughty kid, I know it is hard to believe as on my blog I come across as this matured women (I hear Shekar scoffing). I some how landed in trouble. I used to be very curious, not about people, but about things. How does this work, what would happen if I did this? This quest led me to do a lot of stupid things.

During summer vacations trip to Kerala happened every year. These were loads of fun as there were more places to explore. So one fine day I walking by the Erithil (shed for cows), saw an empty bulb holder. And I went wow, let me stick my thumb in it and see how it feels. Gadagadagada - that is how it felt, I ran and told ammachi (grand mother) what had happened because by that age I had figured, you tell mom, you get yelled at, you tell ammachi, you get sympathy. Ammachi knows lot more than my mother, because she brought my mother up. (It didn't take a lot for me to change that view as I got older because I was convinced that I knew more than my mother - Now I'm back to mom knows more). Ammachi explained it to me that I should never touch things that I don't know about, and that was it as opposed to mom which would have been a chutta peda (spanking)

Years passed by and I'm supposed to get wiser, that is a myth. In my earlier teens I used to have short hair and the only hair accessory I had were band like this.

I had dozens of this kind of band, of which my favorite one was the black metal one; hence I wore it a lot. One day I was for some reason I was staring at an outlet (the thing where we plug in stuff), and I went voila, how fun it would be to put both ends in the outlet and saw what happened. As most of you would have assumed I felt the hair band go gadagadgada and I threw the hair band out of my hand, and that was the last I saw of it.

Mom had this huge thing about hair not being clean. Anytime we touched our hair we were supposed to wash our hands. As I grew older (again not wiser) I started wearing my hair long. So hair used fall on my face which very gracefully I used to tuck behind my ear. Then this one day I got this idea to play with my hair using my tongue (kinda gross now that I think of it). I would just go round and round and that kept me entertained (life was so simple those days). Then one day it happened, one single hair got knotted around one taste bud and boy did that hurt. There is no way I could go to mom for the rescue, the first questions I would get was what was hair doing in your mouth. So I quietly went to my room, looked at the mirror and worked on removing the knot. After 15 minutes of struggling I somehow got knot removed (or the hair broke or something). After this experience never ever has my hair got anywhere near my mouth.

These are just a few, I got loads more. But before I put those up, what stupid things have you guys done? Or am I the only one?


Jaguuu said...

My My ... I am so glad that you are still breathing & you are my pally... I was totally different in that regard from the time I was 5 or 6. I mean nowadays I am more scared then my mom is when I am doing anything remotely risky...My Mom likes that facet of my character though. I never touch any any electornic gadget using more then + or - 5 v without making sure it is properly isolated from the mains... Hey Did I hear someone call me Sissy??:-/

silverine said...

I still take a lock of hair in my mouth and chew on it when I am deep in thought :P I have a huge collection of hair bands, tiny hair clips in different patterns and colorful elastic rubber bands, combs, hair brushes and thousands of other parapernalia for my hair. All kept in order in my dressing table. Most of these are gifted by various aunts from around the world. I love bric a brac.

Gini said...

Thanu..that was a great post. Took me straight back to childhood. I had the most curly hair and lots of it. And I was so thin, it looked like I was all hair and no body. Everyone called me 'Sai Baba'. I liked to wear my hair over my eyes and was constantly warned that I would have ;kongkannu' (squint). I was convinced I had squint eye and would spend so much time worrying about it, in front of the mirror.
I was way younger than all my cousins in the neighborhood and that made me quite the target. I had to fight for things and to be included in their games. It was terrible when they were happening, and makes me think I am better off grown up than as a kid. Not that I didn't have an enjoyable childhood, I don't want to go back to it. Probably I am the only one that feels that way?

Alexis Leon said...

It is a miracle that you are still alive:-) Thank God for that. Putting hair band into the electric socket! Wow. I was not at all like you when I was young. I was never the curious-getting-into-trouble type. My brother hold that position. I have seen him the two ends of the copper wire into the socket and he came flying out of the room. In those days we didn't the circuit breakers. He got a nice scolding from my dad. My antics was meant to frighten others. One day I dipped my hand in Red paint and showed it to our maid who promptly blacked out. I got solid spanking that day and it took a more than an hour to remove the paint with a lot of turpentaine and soap. Childhood was fun and dangerous too...

Immigrant in Canada said...

I tried to clean the socket that was blocked by that annoying insect that makes the nest in all the unwanted places.. I couldn't find anything sharper.. I used my sister's 'divider' from the instument box.. I went gadadadadaaagada..
Put the car gear in reverse and then tried to think, why the car is going backwards, towards the wall, when It should be going forward!

Archana Bahuguna said...

I ve always been wise ;-). No actually, my mischief was mostly around teasing others, playing small pranks - like throwing powder on someone's head, drawing a face at the back of someone's t-shirt, tying the hair to the chair, putting something in someone's lunchbox (not a lizard for sure), and things like that; but nothing really that would hurt someone too much; something mild that I was sure could be taken as fun.

I still try a little of that stuff with Inder, specially to irritate him specially when he announces that he is too busy with work- I love to do that! :-)

Archana Bahuguna said...

And btw I love your blogs :-)

Shilpa said...

One of the dumbest things I've done is to check how a table fan works when I was a kid. Luckily I din't lose a finger and escaped with a bruise !

techno malayali said...

Oh yes, I too had a shock from a power socket. Luckily curiosity did not kill the cat!!!

Hindi said...

That was hair raising indeed. My antics pale in comparison

educatedunemployed said...

U have been tagged.

Archana said...

one single hair got knotted around one taste bud

Yikes! Just reading that makes me queasy :-(!

I think the stupidest or rather the most dangerous thing I have done (along with a bunch of foolhardy cousins) was jump from a sun-shade (on the first floor) of one house to that of a neighboring house. They were close enough but a single slip would have meant a broken limb at the very least.

Jithu said...

ariyatha pilla choriyumbo ariyum.. thats wt which came to my mind when i read this post :p

starry nights said...

Just stopped by to say hello. nice post enjoyed reading it.You were quite the kid.

Thanu said...

I'm more careful now. Being careful is not bein sissy.

Stop chewing before it knots your taste bud.

Thanks Gini, there are a lot of things we did as kids that we are not proud of.

$Alexis Leon
//Childhood was fun and dangerous too...
So true, I always wonder how would I react when my kids behave like me.

$Immigrant in Canada
Kadadhal - Wasp alle?

$Archana Bahuguna
These days I try not to hurt myself.

//And btw I love your blogs :-)
Thank you..

I have done that too.

$techno malayali
Welcome here.

//That was hair raising indeed.
Loved the pun. Welcome here

Tada done

Now when I think about all this now, I go what was I thinking?

true true...

$starry nights
Welcome here, weren't we all?

taks said...

" ... gadagadgada .. " ... LOL ... liked the usage. nice post.
and just like 'immigrant in canada' said above, i had a very similar 'gadagadgada' experience, when i went 2 clean the bulb socket, at the ancestral home in God's own country :-)
hey, u cud read my 'memories' post here and tell me what u think.