Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tagged again..

Rules of this tag:

  1. Name the person who tagged you.
  2. 8 things about you.
  3. Tag 6 people.

EU has tagged me, she rarely tags me so I had to get on it right away as opposed to my 1 month to do tags. In the beginning these kinds of things were easy. Now to find 8 things that no one (almost no one) knows about me is hard, so here it goes.

  • This is one thing that will come as a surprise to all, I do not like to cook. I can do all the dishes in the world, fold all the clothes, iron all the clothes. If I did not have to eat I would never cook.
  • I never gamble with money. I think there is no point in loosing hard earned 5 bucks at the slight prospect of getting 10 bucks.
  • I hate to loose, be it anything. During school years I had to win in everything that I took part, so I worked very hard and most of the time I did win. This leads to the next point.
  • I only bet when I know I'm 100% right. I almost never bet money, especially these days most of my bets are with Shekar and I bet chores these days.
  • I'm very good at giving space. If I even get a slight hint, that the person needs to be left alone, I would not mind leaving them alone.
  • I'm very good at keeping in touch, be it on phone, emails or personal visits.
  • I can not sing to save my life, but that doesn't stop me I still sing.
  • I love to pop bubble wraps.

6 people who I tag

  • Archana - She reads everything I write.
  • Deepthi - She is purani reader of my blog, but I have never tagged her.
  • Jaguu - usi ka line, I do a tag and you don't, yeh kabi nahi ho sakta.
  • Shilpa - Like to know more about you, that simple.
  • ROS - If I don't she will jabardasti make me do it.
  • Wolf - My first tag to him.


Rays Of Sun said...

Apart from the last point, I know all of them:D
Yessssssss! and wow..thank god..ppl still check on me;)

Alexis Leon said...

I only bet when I know I'm 100% right. Then you cannot call it a bet :-)

I can sing to save my life. Most people will get run away if I start singing. A very handy tool to thwart any attackers :-)

educatedunemployed said...

Awesome.Thanks for doing the Tag.I love to burst bubble pops too.I could kill for them.:D

Deeps said...

Oh wow :). I am very surprised at the 1st point. I've seen so many recipes in your blog that I thought you really loved cooking :). And yup, I love to pop bubble wraps too, I do it until I finish the last bubble :-p.

I'll try and finish the tag fast :).

Shilpa said...

Well now I don't have to think too much about my next post :-P !!

silverine said...

I'm very good at giving space. If I even get a slight hint, that the person needs to be left alone, I would not mind leaving them alone

Me too and I do not mind anyone asking for space too cos I need space too :)

Bubble wrap...somehow never felt like bursting it though I know scores of friends who are addicted to bursting them :)

Archana said...

Thank you - I was racking my head for topics and now I have promptly finished your tag :-D!

I love popping bubble wraps! And I would do all the cooking in the world if only someone else would do the dishes!

p.s. I am sure all your readers read everything you write :-)! Your writing ensures that :-)!

Kusum Rohra said...

I am not tagged :((

*stands at the window and sobs *

And I am pathetic in keeping touch, I can cook for a zillion people as long as I don't have to do the dishes, iron clothes or do dusting,I sing very well (some people, well most of them actually, disagree, I never pop bubble wraps, infact I would not let even my bro do it :D

Anonymous said...

Tag done!

Anonymous said...

That was me, ROS

Deeps said...

Tag complete and its here :).

Grain Saint... said...

there is no shekar :((

Anonymous said...

bursting bubble wrap is proven to be a great stress buster! :-)

Thanu said...

$Rays Of Sun
Trust me it was hard to come up with things that u don't know.

$Alexis Leon
//Then you cannot call it a bet :-)
Well only I know I'm 100 % rite, not the other party.

Me too, ghar pe mom and U alwaz used to fight on who gets to pop them

Thanks for taking it up. Na re I only cook b/c I have to feed myself.

I like tags too.

Some ppl think I act like that b/c I do not seem to care about them

Maybe we shud join together and invite ppl the next time. U cook I clean.

$Kusum Rohra
Alge baar zaroor krungi

I read..

I read..

$Grain Saint...
Shekar doesn't blog :)

Jo bi hai, I just love doing it. Nice profile pict.

Jaguu said...

Hmm I am collecting bubble wraps for u.. may be would give them over to you when me meet in Kerala later this year ;)