Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Weee ...Another Movie?

Its been so long since I have posted here....Its not that the initial joy of blogging has slowed down, its just that I have got a lot busier than I used to be.

It is all Netflix fault. We are so addicted to Netflix these days. When we get a movie in mail, both Shekar and I are so adamant to watch it the same day.

So after a long days work, we come home and all our evening are just the same recently.

  • Check Mail
  • Shekar proudly announces"Another movie came"
  • I joyfully open the envelope to see which movie it is, regardless of the email I got from Netflix earlier that day saying "Little Ms. Sunshine has been shipped"
  • I open and go "Yeaah...Little Ms. Sunshine"
  • Cook something for dinner, something simple as I have no time to make a elaborate dish as I have to finish the movie tonight.
  • Go to Gym.
  • Come home shower.
  • Rush through dinner.
  • Then the time has arrived and we turn on the DVD (its usually 10.00 PM by now).
  • Watch the movie, and then go to bed.

Hello, I'm Thanu and I'm addicted to Netflix. As a part of getting rid of this addiction we received a movie on Saturday, and we still haven't watched this.

*Thinking to self– which means we have 2 movies to watch tonight, so we can skip gym and watch both tonight. *


Neihal said...

and who is going to do the tag ??
who? who?
I know wht you mean..I usually rent the 3-4 movies for like the whole week...and end up watching them one after other....I just finished Eyes Wide Shut....not recommending it to anyone...not even to a Tom Cruise Fan....very few left anmyways

and coming back to the main 'mudda'..please be doing the tad SOON :))

Neihal said...

PS: does this mean I have way too much free time ???

taks said...

Hey, nice to C U back. so its all Netflix fault ... thats ok. if u have nothing else to post or no time to post, U could just write a 4-line review of the movie that U saw that day :-)
Ye, 'Little Ms Sunshine', 'Guru' and 'Palangu' (Malayalam) - these R the 3 movies on my 'To-See' list right now

--- from a movie crazy bozo

Reel Fanatic said...

I am definitely thoroughly addicted to Netflix, and I don't see how that can possibly change anytime soon ... I thought Little Miss Sunshine was one of the most charming movies I had seen in years, and the ending is simply perfect

Thanu said...

Karungi baba.... gussa kaiko karti hain?
Gold aur Silve bi lele, hardly 3-4 ppl comment here.

I never write reviews
I saw 2 from ur list already... Palangu will see soon.

$Reel Fanatic
Saw Chicken Little Last nite and will see Fast and Furious - Tokyo drift tonight.

I love netflix....

Neihal said...

you getting greedy babes;)

itna itna comment to hai yaha par....its entirely different matter tht I am responsible for half of the hits on ur blog :P

taks said...

oye ... don't write a review ... don't even call it a 'review' :-)
put it this way ... just write the first 4 lines that u feel after seeing the movie.
mate, with u seeing so many movies here, it wud b nice to know how did u find the movies, & if they r worth a watch or not :-)

Deeps said...

Hehehehe good one. Now that makes me re-think. We were planning to subscribe to Netflix, now I am not so sure...

Meanwhile you have been tagged here. If you have completed the tag already, great :).

Archana said...

ROFL :-))! Hope God grants you the serenity to not watch all movies randomly, the courage to sit through the occasional bad ones and the wisdom to know the difference :-P.