Monday, February 05, 2007


Thanks to Taks, I have something to post every day.

Movies I saw last week

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift - Was a nice movie, you will love it if you are into cars. All I wanted to do was try to drift my car after watching this movie.

Chicken Little - It is a feel good animated movies, wait a minute all animated movies are feel good. Was fun to watch.

Rumor Has it - It wa just ok. But made me think, how much do we love our significant others to forgive them when they cheat.

Coming soon....
Ice Age - the meltdown


venu said...

Hi Thanu

I Have not seen any of the movies which You have mentioned but anyway made a note of it and will watch it soon :)

By the way do you watch malayalam movies or listen to malayalam movie songs ?

I love malayalam movies and songs.

Recently I heard this song from movie called "Anachandam" sung by G.Venugoal - "syama vaanil" and another song sung by Madhu Balakrishnan - "Guruvayoor".
But unfortunatley I dont get good quality dvd of malaylam movies here and the new ones not at all.
Do you get to see good malayalam movies (dvd's) over there ?

Hope I didnt bored you:)
Hey regards hope to hear from you soon. Please visit my site.

Neihal said...

I enjoyed watching Chicken little...specially his dancing :))

Archana said...

Ah, I saw Rumor Has It. Just the concept made me feel yucky :-(!

Arz000n said...

Last night I was watching OFFICE SPACE...okie okie sorts...not that funny either...

Have pulled down, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING and SHE IS A MAN couple of mins its already 0030 here...will watch it tomorrow

I liked chicken little...nice one :)

I need to get that Tokyo Drift...the first part was nic etoo

Taks said...

Thanks for the "2-liners" about the movies. Am glad if I am the reason behind this post :-)
Liked the way u have summed up the movies ... keep the "Thanu's 2-Liner" reviews coming for the future movies too.
And, your post also reminded me that I have yet to catch up on 'Ice Age : The Meltdown' ... the first one was terrific.

Arz000n said...

Still in movie mode ??

Archana Bahuguna said...

Chicken little .. hmm .. havnt seen it. I am really waiting for some really good animated movie to come. I havnt seen a great one since Ice Age-I or Monster's inc. But you are right, they are feel good though.

Geets said...

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