Friday, February 23, 2007

Another Kitchen Saga

Other day I was making fried rice. It is very easy so the only help I solicit from Shekar is to chop the onion. So I'm in my happy mood cooking away, and I'm all done other than the frying the chopped onions and garnish my rice.

We have 2 kinds of cutting boards, one plastic bigger and one glass - smaller. Shekar hates the glass cutting board as its very noisy when the knife hits the glass, so he religiously only uses the plastic one. That day for some reason he decides to use the glass one.

Just for reference, this is how our cooking range looks, it is electrical.

So I have this Tava with hot oil, put my onions in it, put the cutting board on the neighboring electric coil. I didn't realize that I was still on.

After this I'm still in merry cooking land cooking away. Shekar is back in the living room. All of a sudden I hear this boom and I see glass pieces everywhere. Shekar comes running and says "What is that explosion". It takes me a minute to realize what just happened, the glass cutting board was placed on the electric coil that was turned on, and this caused the board to break.

I felt so relived that I didn't get hit. Not a single piece of glass hit me, and I was standing right there. Then comes the major part of cleaning this whole mess up. So I start cleaning the counter, every single shelf and finally the floor. It was all done and my kitchen looked back to its usual self. Then I go wait a minute... I had all the onion in the hot oil, which is now completely burnt, because I went after the whole cleaning thing. So I finally decided to serve the rice without the onions.

Then I realized if I had decided this in the beginning I could have escaped the whole ordeal.

On the brighter side of things, Shekar never has to hear the tak tak noise of knife hitting the glass cutting board.

This is just for Taks
Movie Update:

  • Inside man - About a bank heist. Very well made, very nice. Will recommend to everyone who enjoys thrillers.
  • Super Man returns - Nice, shows superman as having a very sensitive side.
  • V for Vendetta - Another nice one. This is one of those movies, even after the movie has ended you will still be talking about it.
  • Don - Apun ka hindi wala Don. Finally got a chance to see it. I don't care what everyone says I liked it, regardless of the fact that I can not stand SRK.
  • Changing Lanes - This is a 2002 movie, was just ok.
  • The Omen 666 - Horror Genre.. but not that scary. Well made and loved the ending.
  • Failure to Launch - Date movie, with few giggles here and there.
  • Ice age (meltdown) - Amazing.
  • The Illusionist - Great movie. In the beginning movie seems kind of slow. Upon further research I found all the magic in this movie was real and not CGI, and that made me respect the movie even more. Read more about on wiki.


Reel Fanatic said...

V for Vendetta was indeed a thought-provoking treat .. I liked how you could take your own politics into it and still get something out of this entertaining kick in the pants of complacency

Arz000n said...

I have a similar kinda stove but a black one...and thank god I neva had any explosions till now in ma kitchen...yeah but I use ma plastic board as a cover while cooking sabzzzeeees...hehehe
your rice saga reminds me that I need to start cooking rice in couple of bored of having noodles :(

Inside man...not seen..heard its good
V for ... I slept while watching this movie in Inox when it was released...the only reason I went there..coz it was made from Wachowski bros...the same guys who made matrix...btw, vendettas voice is of that AGENT...did u recognise it??
don...dont wanna watch it
Changing lanes..a nice one :)
failure to launch..its arbout 2 guys right?? Not sure..seen posteers of this movie...lekin...mann nahi kiya dekhane ka
omen...seen this movie on 6th june in 2006...6:06 ki show in inox :D
okie okie sorts..I was not scared..have seen much scarier movie though...the latest one being texas chainsaw massacre 4 days ago :)
seen hostel???
Ice age 2...again in inox...oh I miss ma inox in pune :(
illusionist...heeard good reviews..hafta download it :)

Neihal said...


whats with a kitchen template....starting foodblog:)
I like the new look :)

taks said...

Nice new look - even though there was something inspiring in the previous template, where this girl was looking out over the sea towards the horizon.
Woah ... exploding glass & burnt onions. Good that you were wearing your magic protector-suit ! ... and that the smoke-alarm was not set off by any of this :-)
Thanks for the movies - reviews - keep them coming.
Nothing on your list which I have seen. Would like to see Ice-Age:Meltdown & maybe Crossing-Lanes someday. "Don" - I love the original Big-B one ... & absolutely hated the recent Malayalam movie by the same name, starring Dileep & Gopika. Note - the Mallu version only has the name in common with the others - a story is missing in this one

Thanu said...

$Reel Fanatic
We are still talking about that movie.

Rice ke bina mai ji nahi sakti...

//vendettas voice is of that AGENT...did u recognise it??
Nope, I didn't realize...

//failure to launch..its arbout 2 guys right??
That is Brokeback not Failure to launch....This about a guy who is 30+ still stays at his parents' place.
//illusionist...heeard good reviews..hafta download it :)
That is a must see.

Its a Cafe Template...not a Kitchen.

Trust me u do not want me to start a food blog.... it will be more like I was planning to make this, and I made this.

I like the olde template too.. but I was ready for a change.
Nope no alarms went off other than mental ones.
It has been so long since I have seen a good Dilip pict. Chanthu pottu was my latest.

Neihal said...

sorry! The pic never fully showed that day....and the cooking range and table (foolish I know ) made it look like a kitchen template.
that isnt a goos reason not to start a foodblog ;)

Neihal said...

good reason

Deeps said...

God!! Be careful!! That must have been quite scary, if not for you atleast for poor Shekar..

Arz000n said...

guy who is 30+ still stays at his parents' place
Sounds like 40 year old virgin...the only diff is that he is 40 and staying alone :)

ursjina said...


BTW I got inspired by ur the credit goes to u..:)

educatedunemployed said...

From A solitary girl to a home.Nice change to your template.Not a huge fan of the colour but I love the new look.

Anonymous said...

Hai :)
Just out of curiosity.
Happened to see your blog. Did you do your plus two in tvm and went for physics tuition in IOP.

Thanu said...

Everyone keeps thinking the template has something to do with food.

It actually took me few seconds to realize what had happened. It def did scare Shekar though.

This is no where close to 40 yr Virgin. This is more of a romantic Comedy with very less Comedy.

See I never even knew that I have a reader like u, u shud comment more.

Thanks.. I just wanted a change.

No I actually did my 12th grade here in US. Nice to see you here. What reminded you of your friend?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know. Actually my friend's name was "dhanu". But her elder sister’s name was also veena. That is y I got confused. I have trouble remembering names. It was actually 9 years back and we were tuition buddies. Never saw her after 12th.Any way interesting blogs u write. Initially I started reading sarah's posts. From the comment section I got urs.