Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Journey to Remember

I'm a very careful person, unless I'm with someone older than me. If I'm traveling with Shekar, parents or Veena (Didi) I tend not to pay attention to anything. One such trip was my India trip few years ago where Veena and I traveled together. Veena being the older was in charge of everything and all I did was tag along.

We had our all trip planned out. First visit family/friends in Trivandrum, stay there for 2 days and then take train to Tamil Nadu. So we come to Trivandrum, check all our bag (other than the ones we need for our Trivandrum stay) into the clock room (its a place in train stations where luggage gets stored) and go one our merry way to visit folks in Trivandrum.

After our stay in Trivandrum, we were ready to go board the train and go to Tamil Nadu. So we come and board the Island Express all happy as this was the first time our parents let us come to India alone. Veena and I are sitting in the train, I get the window seat and we brag about how responsible we are and all. The train leaves the station and that is when Veena says "Our luggage is still in the Clock room." We both panic (I panic more – me being younger and all), Veena goes, "O K you go get the TT and I'll pull the chain to stop the train." I run around the compartment looking for the TT (I saw him pass by earlier, so I know he is somewhere around us).

I find him and I tell him what is going on. He comes over, and my sister is still pulling the chain. TT goes, "Chain doesn't stop the train, as people keep pulling it so we have applied brakes to the chain." Veena and I stare at him with open mouths. He tells us that there is another crossing coming up in the next station (For those who are similar with Trivandrum, it was Kochu Velli station), and the train is stopping you can get out there.

The train comes to a halt and Veena and I get out and we make sure we take all our luggage with us. Take an auto rickshaw back to the station we boarded the train from (Thambanoor).

We get there, get our luggage and then take the next train (K K Express) to Tamil Nadu. It is during our wait for this train we met Rajat.

Over the Christmas weekend Veena and I met and we were talking about all the things we had done when we were younger and this incident brought smile to our face.


J'Adore said...

hey! see... u guys were just meant to run into rajat! :-D

silverine said...

You are lucky you got seats in KK Exp. Or else you would have to wait till u got tickets or go by bus.Nice adventure:) But then this is what makes life so thrilling. You must smile whenever you think of this episode :)

kickassso said...

YIKES!!!! so the chain really DOESENT stop the train??????????

Vikram said...
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Vikram said...

Island Express...definetly brings back some fond memories..:)

Jagan said...

i sud say u were lucky ..lucky to meet rajat ...even more luckier bcos ur luggage was still ther in the clock room when u went back :)

jaguu said...


That My Dear..is certainly not what my mom or her friends would have done. Knowing my mom ..I guess she will rather forget to get on the train herself but wont forget anything belonging to her or family. :).Like they say Everything happens for a reason! :)

Rays Of Sun said...

Wow..thats scary..I would have panicked too

Thanu said...

If we hadn't forgotten our bags, we never wud have met him.

It wasn't that bad, it being like mid March or something. Hate traveling by bus. Veena and I have had so many adventures, some bring smile and some frown, but most of them smile.

That's what I'm told.

Island and KK were the only 2 trains we used to take. I have loads of memories with those trains too..

Yeah we got our bags back. I hear clock rooms are quiet safe, or maybe they were back then.

See if I was traveling alone, I wud have remembered. Being with Veena I didn't have to pay any attention to anything.

$Rays Of Sun
It was scary back then. Now Veena and I are like "I can not believe we actually did that"

div said...

hey thanu..thats really a sweet journey to remember.... njoyed reading it...
i think ur life is full of thrills...do post abt all those...;))

Eclectic Blogger said...

all this seems "opposite-of-jinxed" ;-)

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

U are from Trivandrum....coool..
mee too..
Island express, KK express..lotsaa memories.. :)

educatedunemployed said...

OMG now what were the chances???
It must be destiny for you to forget your baagage,otherwise how would you meet Rajat.Awesome...

Bhole said...

To stop train, pull chain doesn't really apply :)

I wouldn't be comfortable leaving my luggage at the station.

Thanu said...

All of our life is full of thrills. Will post them the in the order I remember.

$Eclectic Blogger
I know. Its worthwhile

$Vijay Ramamurthi
These trains have been called this for a long while right. I remember us taking island express even when I was a little kid back in 85.

Destiny it is. Veena is so responsible, for her to forget the bags are huge.
//To stop train, pull chain doesn't really apply :)
I know that now.

//I wouldn't be comfortable leaving my luggage at the station.
We didn't wanna carry it ard and all our folks there told us it was k, and we got our bags back it was not tampered with. So I guess it is not that big of a deal.

Ginkgo said...

lolz...thts odd...
we used to drive the TT master nuts in our Undergrad..
Whenever someone was late for the train...and the train had started..
someone would shout.."Pidra chainaa"
"Pull the chain" :-)

and it did work all that time..!!

Harshi said...

Just read the Rajat post. It's soo....there's no word! :-) God. It defies logic..

Amazing how it all looks like a planned design in the end.

Nandya said...

ha ha ha....how quaint...but i am guessing u missed the reservation berths...once we were about to be put in jail for travelling effectively ticketless on a super fast express....boy was that fun...ultimately we ended up bribing the damn TC...

Thanu said...

I guess it just didn't work on that train during that period maybe. Or may be after what u guys did, they made the chain not to stop the train.

It was like it is supposed to end this way. Veena always says "Its not my fault that we forgot the luggage, we were supposed to forget it".

Not really, since it was a day trip, we were supposed to reach our destination by evening, so no berths involved. We asked the TT of the previous train what to do with out tickets. He said we cud take KK (super fast), and when a TT comes just pay the extra. I don't remember if the TT came and we paid the extra or not.

jaguu said...


Mom's friend... your friend ( My Mom ) is admitted at a Ayurvedic Retreat for 3 weeks from this morning ..:(. Anyway... Tag Enge???

jaguu said...


Starting stages of Echema Arthritis... she is allergic to English meds...hence at her Ayurveda Doctor friends Retreat. The Doc has promised to cure it in 3 weeks with all teh Thirummal...yoga.. Dhara etc. Lets see.She was in high spirits when I called her earlier today. Have a great day at Work.Am off to Bed...almost 2 am here.:)....and complete the Tag.. afraid ?? hmm that u can invite only 6 people? ;) come on .. its nto a popularity contest ;).Good day!!

Full2 Faltu said...

Hi Thanu

Garam Masala said...

Thanu -

lol... You have a real cute blog here. Happens to the best of us.

Good thing the TT was around to tell you that the chain doesn't work.

Thanu said...

Cute blog mane?

I know if the TT wudn't have come Veena wud be hanging on the chain for a while.

How come u don'thave a blog?