Friday, December 09, 2005

Traffic Violations Anonymous

Hello I'm Thanu and I am a Traffic Violation addict. Well at least that is how it seems. Driving for almost 10 years I have accumulated almost 7 traffic violations.

  1. Like how it is said the first kiss is the most memorable, same way the first violation is very memorable. I was going to college and was driving at 38 MPH in a 25MPH zone. Above that it was a school zone, so speeding is condemned. Got a ticket for speeding $70.00
  2. I was stopped at a traffic light, light turned green and I took my car, only thing was the lady in front of me was still stopped. So I hit her car. Got a ticket for following too close $90.00.
  3. One evening (April ard 7 PM), driving and a cop pulled me over. This time I didn't even know why he was pulling me over. Then he came over and told me that I was driving without headlights. And my response was "Its not dark yet." Got a ticket for driving without headlights $30.00.
  4. I was coming back from work (used to work 3pm-11pm) around 11.30 at night, light turned yellow and I sped by. Got pulled over for running RED light. (The cop wouldn’t believe me that it was yellow). Then I couldn't find insurance card in the glove compartment. Got two tickets running a red light, no proof of insurance. I went to the court and showed that I did have insurance during that period , just couldn’t find the card. Fine $70.00.
  5. Coming back from work one Sunday afternoon, switched lanes without signaling. Lo and behold another ticket, Improper Lane Changing - $60.00

That is when I decided to reform and drive very carefully and obey all rules. Plus had turned like 20 and I was becoming more mature. Four years went by and I was traffic ticket sober for all that while. Until one day:

  • Few months ago, it was my last day at my previous job, and I was going to work. My car was already moved to west coast, so I was driving my dad’s car and got pulled over for speeding. This was my most expensive ticket. Speeding $200 +

Last few months I’ve been pretty good, but then again I rarely drive other than total on 10 miles to and fro to work. May be this is the reason Shekar drives me around, he is just scared to let me go by myself or to be in the passenger seat while I’m driving.

PS: This post is inspired by Parth and hopefully after reading this parth, you are feeling a lot better.


Bhole said...


I have been pulled over only once by a cop. He left me after giving me a warning. Lucky me :)

A buddy of mine paid ~ 350$ for a speeding ticket.

Jagan said...

well..back home in india , things are different . Here , ppl follow rules bcos every one else does ; there no one follows rules bcos no one else does :-) .no one bothers for not signalling while changing lanes, or over speeding and such petty things.

Thanu said...

My sister also always gets away with warnings. I dunno if I have something written on my face that says "Please gimme a ticket." Tellme how u do it?

I do follow rules most of the time. I have never driven in India, but from my visits there it looks so scary.

Vikram said...

Even if you summed up all your fines, it won't equal my one ticket.:P

While I was driving to Texas from California, I was going at 94 mph in a 75 mph zone. It was during the night and I did't notice a High Patrol car hidden behind some bushes. I got a ticket for $370. When the officer asked me if I knew what speed I was going at, I said "Hmmm around 90". So he said, you are denying you were going at 94. Ha! How the hell am I supposesed to know my exact speed. At that speed, do I look at the road or the speedometer?

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Now you see why I don't drive?? :D

Arun R said...

Well.. Well... Well....

It was a hilarious read. So true that people laugh at others expense..... I did have a good laugh!!!!

Back in India, the rules do not exist. Even if they exist, u can get thro by greasing.

I was pulled over once for taking a U-Turn where it was not allowed. He asked for Rs.100/-. I demanded a ticket, he refused, so I started bargaining. He finally settled for Rs.20/- !!!!

Rays Of Sun said...

Sweetehart!! thats awesome..I do drive at 38 miles in 25 zone!
Plus, sometimes change lanes while driving too:p
Only thing is everyone is Nebraska drives this way, maybe worse!!!Hahahahah

Rays Of Sun said...

Plus, No ticket in 2 years of driving:O

Rays Of Sun said...


My car has a digital display of speed on my windshield, so that helps me stay in tune!
Plus, I have to make a revelation...And this will shook you all up. Wait for my post:)

Plus! U know my car has never seen a speed beyond 70 mph:O

silverine said...

I am one of the safest driver in Bangalore :) Never managed a traffic violation cos I am so bloody careful. But people like me are hated by fellow drivers ( read male )for coming in the way of their violations;)

Geo said...

Hilarious read :_D
You keep track of all your tickets? :_D

I am sure I will be able to buy at least a bike if I had piled up all the money I used to bribe the cops with, when I used to drive before I turned 18. ;_)

And even the cops who stood by the one-ways and red-lights of Tvm have eaten up a lot from my pockets. :_(

!xobile said...

the amount you've spent on tickets, would have been more than enuff to educate 2 children!

Sonia said...

wow! that's a lot of fines! but i so know what u mean! i'm planning to put the police number on my speed dial! ;o)

kickassso said...

Thank god we indians can behave freely at home :)
speeeding ticket=)).... we have minimum speed limits:> the maximum is how fast the car can go... which is not much:(

Jithu said...

well thanu, am tellin u, u've to keep this blog of urs away from the cops ;-) nice post.. btw any plans to get into the spectacular world of guinnes records or anything? :-)

sheela_b said...

sweetie,I drove almost at 90 in a 60zone today.but i felt the car was shaking and a little bit less controllable. So I slowed it down and remained at 75 for the rest of 2 hours. bad habit of mine of being speeding.

Keshi said...

lol jeeeez Thanu so many offenses!

I've been driving for abt 6yrs now but no offenses at all, to date...Touch wood :)


alfix said...

Funny stories :) Too bad there's no Speeder's Anonymous. Maybe you should start one. Oh, but please, signal before changing lanes. Think of the children.

Thanu said...

c'mon 90 is almost 94.

regardless of all this, driving i still fun.

$Arun R
I remember reading ur blog about the bike incident. One can only dream abt doing something similar here.

$Rays Of Sun
WHAT u have never gone over 70? Good job in staying clean.

I am careful these days too...After paying so much in fines, it is not like I can afford being reckless.

Its not like I make an effort to remember I just do.

$Ze Exaggeratorr!
I know I know, but don't have kids, so I can afford the tickets.

$Sonia said...
And I was telling u to drive carefully :(.

Here Maximum speed for a car is lot, I think mine goes ard to 180 miles per hour but I haven't taken it that far. I don't think I'll ever take it that far.

$jithU said...
Hey, this is not an out of the world thing. Almost everyone here has at least few violations. I knew a guy who got 2 traffic tickets on the same day, by different cops.

$sheela_b said...
Be careful out there.

Welcome to my blog.
Touchwood, keep fingers crossed and drive carefully.

Welcome to my blog.
Speeders anonymous I know sounds good. Here there are so many 12 step programs; I should start one for speeders too...

Ginkgo said...

ah..dont u worry..

U r not alone on this one..:-)

ther r quite a few incidents that I might have to have a separate blog for that..:-)

Keshi said...

Thanks and u too!

All those accidents, offenses should make u a better and careful driver now Thanu...take care :)


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I started driving recently and am so scared to be ticketted. My dad got a ticket once and it was a hassle fighting in court so I've decided I am going to be careful (lets see how long that lasts!!)