Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tagged again..

Rules of this tag:

  1. Name the person who tagged you.
  2. 8 things about you.
  3. Tag 6 people.

EU has tagged me, she rarely tags me so I had to get on it right away as opposed to my 1 month to do tags. In the beginning these kinds of things were easy. Now to find 8 things that no one (almost no one) knows about me is hard, so here it goes.

  • This is one thing that will come as a surprise to all, I do not like to cook. I can do all the dishes in the world, fold all the clothes, iron all the clothes. If I did not have to eat I would never cook.
  • I never gamble with money. I think there is no point in loosing hard earned 5 bucks at the slight prospect of getting 10 bucks.
  • I hate to loose, be it anything. During school years I had to win in everything that I took part, so I worked very hard and most of the time I did win. This leads to the next point.
  • I only bet when I know I'm 100% right. I almost never bet money, especially these days most of my bets are with Shekar and I bet chores these days.
  • I'm very good at giving space. If I even get a slight hint, that the person needs to be left alone, I would not mind leaving them alone.
  • I'm very good at keeping in touch, be it on phone, emails or personal visits.
  • I can not sing to save my life, but that doesn't stop me I still sing.
  • I love to pop bubble wraps.

6 people who I tag

  • Archana - She reads everything I write.
  • Deepthi - She is purani reader of my blog, but I have never tagged her.
  • Jaguu - usi ka line, I do a tag and you don't, yeh kabi nahi ho sakta.
  • Shilpa - Like to know more about you, that simple.
  • ROS - If I don't she will jabardasti make me do it.
  • Wolf - My first tag to him.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Growing up I was a very naughty kid, I know it is hard to believe as on my blog I come across as this matured women (I hear Shekar scoffing). I some how landed in trouble. I used to be very curious, not about people, but about things. How does this work, what would happen if I did this? This quest led me to do a lot of stupid things.

During summer vacations trip to Kerala happened every year. These were loads of fun as there were more places to explore. So one fine day I walking by the Erithil (shed for cows), saw an empty bulb holder. And I went wow, let me stick my thumb in it and see how it feels. Gadagadagada - that is how it felt, I ran and told ammachi (grand mother) what had happened because by that age I had figured, you tell mom, you get yelled at, you tell ammachi, you get sympathy. Ammachi knows lot more than my mother, because she brought my mother up. (It didn't take a lot for me to change that view as I got older because I was convinced that I knew more than my mother - Now I'm back to mom knows more). Ammachi explained it to me that I should never touch things that I don't know about, and that was it as opposed to mom which would have been a chutta peda (spanking)

Years passed by and I'm supposed to get wiser, that is a myth. In my earlier teens I used to have short hair and the only hair accessory I had were band like this.

I had dozens of this kind of band, of which my favorite one was the black metal one; hence I wore it a lot. One day I was for some reason I was staring at an outlet (the thing where we plug in stuff), and I went voila, how fun it would be to put both ends in the outlet and saw what happened. As most of you would have assumed I felt the hair band go gadagadgada and I threw the hair band out of my hand, and that was the last I saw of it.

Mom had this huge thing about hair not being clean. Anytime we touched our hair we were supposed to wash our hands. As I grew older (again not wiser) I started wearing my hair long. So hair used fall on my face which very gracefully I used to tuck behind my ear. Then this one day I got this idea to play with my hair using my tongue (kinda gross now that I think of it). I would just go round and round and that kept me entertained (life was so simple those days). Then one day it happened, one single hair got knotted around one taste bud and boy did that hurt. There is no way I could go to mom for the rescue, the first questions I would get was what was hair doing in your mouth. So I quietly went to my room, looked at the mirror and worked on removing the knot. After 15 minutes of struggling I somehow got knot removed (or the hair broke or something). After this experience never ever has my hair got anywhere near my mouth.

These are just a few, I got loads more. But before I put those up, what stupid things have you guys done? Or am I the only one?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Order Order

I am a huge preacher and follower of order (like I haven't mentioned that a million times). And by order I do not mean Order as in Law and Order, but more like this goes here, that goes there.

Even as a kid my room was always clean. I had a table that had 3 draws and on the bottom were thing I rarely used, middle draw had things I used often and the top one had pens, pencils, glue and miscellaneous stuff like that. My Badminton Racquet was on the wall once I was done playing and with the birdie on the top of that nail. During my early school years books were arranged in my bag based on the order the classes were. If first period was English, English book was on the first one, and after using I would put it all the way in the back so next period's book would be up front.

I would put everything back after I used it. Years have gone by and this need for Orderliness grew with me.

Here is a list of things I do on a regular basis:

  • I need to fold clothes right after laundry is done.
  • During folding I have a pile going on by the side called, the ironing pile. Once all the clothes have been put away I iron the clothes in my ironing pile. So when I am in a rush to get to work I can pull out any outfit and it will be ironed.
  • My closet is L shaped walk-in closet, and in there I have dress clothes on one side and casual clothes on the other. Each side is further divided in to pants and shirts, and a small section for skirts. Indian clothes are tucked away as I rarely get to wear them.
  • All the kitchen skills (I don't have that much skill, so we can call it kitchen habits) are learnt from my mom. Whenever I helped her in the kitchen, I was supposed to put everything away after use. So it is like, take salt from shelf, use it and put it back. So now when I cook I put back all my masalas, so when I'm done cooking there is less to clean.
  • I need to pay all bills on time (more like the day they arrive).
  • My spoon draw (everyone has a spoon draw right?) is compartmentalized and all the spoon heads should face the same direction (it just looks so pretty like that).
  • Like I mentioned before everyone on my IM list is grouped based on where I met them. I have a group school1, school2, college, work.
  • I have a list going on for all the books I would like to read, as I blog hop and see something that I like I add that to my list.
  • I have the same thing (as above) for movies too.
  • All the books on my shelf are arranged by size, if two books have the same size, then it is alphabetized.
  • Speaking of Alphabetized I have this major need to alphabetize everything that can be alphabetized, it is so easy to find it.
  • While listening to CDs (I can put 6 CDs in the dash of my car) I can not just listen to few songs and play another CD, I have to finish all the songs in the currently playing CD.
  • After I get back from any trip, I need to unpack as soon as I can. I have to put all the toiletries away. I have to download all the pictures from my camera (this is more b/c I really wanna see the pictures).
  • After shopping when I get home I need to put away all the groceries I bought. They just can not stay in a bag. Not just groceries, be it clothes, shoes everything.

These are just few of the things I could think of, but believe me there are a lot more.