Friday, February 23, 2007

Another Kitchen Saga

Other day I was making fried rice. It is very easy so the only help I solicit from Shekar is to chop the onion. So I'm in my happy mood cooking away, and I'm all done other than the frying the chopped onions and garnish my rice.

We have 2 kinds of cutting boards, one plastic bigger and one glass - smaller. Shekar hates the glass cutting board as its very noisy when the knife hits the glass, so he religiously only uses the plastic one. That day for some reason he decides to use the glass one.

Just for reference, this is how our cooking range looks, it is electrical.

So I have this Tava with hot oil, put my onions in it, put the cutting board on the neighboring electric coil. I didn't realize that I was still on.

After this I'm still in merry cooking land cooking away. Shekar is back in the living room. All of a sudden I hear this boom and I see glass pieces everywhere. Shekar comes running and says "What is that explosion". It takes me a minute to realize what just happened, the glass cutting board was placed on the electric coil that was turned on, and this caused the board to break.

I felt so relived that I didn't get hit. Not a single piece of glass hit me, and I was standing right there. Then comes the major part of cleaning this whole mess up. So I start cleaning the counter, every single shelf and finally the floor. It was all done and my kitchen looked back to its usual self. Then I go wait a minute... I had all the onion in the hot oil, which is now completely burnt, because I went after the whole cleaning thing. So I finally decided to serve the rice without the onions.

Then I realized if I had decided this in the beginning I could have escaped the whole ordeal.

On the brighter side of things, Shekar never has to hear the tak tak noise of knife hitting the glass cutting board.

This is just for Taks
Movie Update:

  • Inside man - About a bank heist. Very well made, very nice. Will recommend to everyone who enjoys thrillers.
  • Super Man returns - Nice, shows superman as having a very sensitive side.
  • V for Vendetta - Another nice one. This is one of those movies, even after the movie has ended you will still be talking about it.
  • Don - Apun ka hindi wala Don. Finally got a chance to see it. I don't care what everyone says I liked it, regardless of the fact that I can not stand SRK.
  • Changing Lanes - This is a 2002 movie, was just ok.
  • The Omen 666 - Horror Genre.. but not that scary. Well made and loved the ending.
  • Failure to Launch - Date movie, with few giggles here and there.
  • Ice age (meltdown) - Amazing.
  • The Illusionist - Great movie. In the beginning movie seems kind of slow. Upon further research I found all the magic in this movie was real and not CGI, and that made me respect the movie even more. Read more about on wiki.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Thanks to Taks, I have something to post every day.

Movies I saw last week

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift - Was a nice movie, you will love it if you are into cars. All I wanted to do was try to drift my car after watching this movie.

Chicken Little - It is a feel good animated movies, wait a minute all animated movies are feel good. Was fun to watch.

Rumor Has it - It wa just ok. But made me think, how much do we love our significant others to forgive them when they cheat.

Coming soon....
Ice Age - the meltdown