Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I love you Sally

We all have immense love to something materialistic. For some it is their purse, shoes, or computer or anything. For me it is my car Sally-I. All through out my childhood I have never been in love with anything like this before.

I was 17 when I got the keys to Sally. It was a brand new car, but not an expensive one. I used to call her my baby. I would wash her every week and take utmost care of her. Even a small scratch on her would hurt me like crazy.

Sally has seen through the high times and low times. She took me to jobs where I made minimum wage to my real job years later. She took me to college everyday. All together after 6 years of driving I put almost 100,000 miles on her and she still ran well. Not once was I stranded anywhere because Sally gave up.

Then one evening, we were driving and one lady was changing lanes and she rammed into my car. The whole passenger side was dented, both the doors and panels. The cost to fix the car was more than the value of the car, hence the car was declared salvaged (car will never be repaired, but the Insurance company will give us the value of the car and take the car). This sounds like a deal to most of the people but I was not ready to give Sally up.

Finally I had no choice and I ended up with a check and the insurance company had Sally. I used this check as a down payment towards my new car, so I think a piece of Sally is still with me.

I miss you Sally.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The day I Won

I have the worst luck when it comes to drawings. And by drawings I do not mean the one with pencil and paper but the one where a winner is selected out of pile of people. This has never stopped me from buying these tickets or entering any contests.

At my previous job our group (60 people) had a company meeting. In this meeting they bring all of us together and our CEO briefs us on what is going on and all. Usually they have a drawing and the winner gets $500. This time they did it a little different. They passed around envelopes to every one, and they said the winner will get the one with cash. One guys jumps up saying he got a 100 dollar bill. Then I open mine I see a 100 dollar bill and jump up saying (actually screaming)"I won I won". I was so excited because this was the first time in my life I had actually won something because of luck. So finally lady luck did smile at me. Then I look around and I see that everyone got a 100 dollar bill in his/her envelope. According to HR everyone was a winner this time.

I just stood their blushing, and waiting for lady luck to smile at me again.

I left this job 6 months after this incident and there wasn't a single day in those 6 months that someone didn't remind me of this incident.

Monday, November 14, 2005

High Five

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Movies I like the Most

  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Score
  • Ek Haseena Thi
  • Jewel Thief
  • Rush Hour (I & II)

Five things I can never live without

  • Family
  • Sally II - My Car
  • Laptop
  • Friends
  • Rice

Five celebrity crush..

  • Shashi Kapoor - I do not recall the movie name, but where Rakhi is playing as twins, Kanch and Kamini. Sashi Kapoor is an Army officer. That is when I started a liking towards uniforms too.
  • Dev Ananad – In Jewel Thief and lot more.
  • Jeff Goldblum – Right from Jurassic Park.
  • Matt LeBlanc – Joey from Friends. How u doin'?
  • Aamir Khan (only in QSQT)

Five things I miss now

  • Parents, they are in another state
  • College days
  • Lack of Responsibility
  • Mom's food
  • Sally I - My first Car

Five things I plan to do in near future.

  • Go back to college to do Masters
  • Travel to Europe (Italy)
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Learn how to swim
  • Go on a Mission trip

Last movie I borrowed to watch & still not given back.

Five books I love

  • Any thing by Mary Higgins Clark (Have read all her books)
  • The Color Purple - Alice Walker
  • Sons of Fortune - Jeffery Archer
  • The 11th Commandment - Jeffery Archer
  • Sue Grafton Books (A is for Alibi ... till N is for Noose)

Five people I pass this HIGH FIVES to
- Like to end the tag here.

PS: Folks,

I'll be out of town till after Thanksgiving. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Fy Phenomenon

Growing up in India, one definitely has the benefit of learning few languages. Average Indian at least knows 2-3 languages (just my observation). But it gets tricky when we speak, we combine these languages with one another.

We used to do Englishize everything in Tamil and Malayalam by suffixing "fy" to the end of the respective word. Here are few examples

Thukku - Means hang in Tamil.

You can Thukkufy the picture here - This is a complete English Sentence.

Oddu - Means run in Malayalam

I had to Oddufy to get the bus - This is also a complete English Sentence.

The past tense for "fy" is "fied". The usage is as follows for the past tense

Who Thukkufied the picture here? - Who hung the picture here?

I Oddufied all the way to school - I ran all the way to school.

Unlike "fy", "fied" is commonly used in Hindi too.

She was so rootified with him. - She was mad at him.

Are you all familiar with Fy Phenomenon or you guys are thinking that I just made this up?

PS: Thanks ROS for the email you sent asking what rootified meant.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First Paycheck

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I have been working since I was sixteen. I have held various kinds of job (this is another blog topic) and at all these jobs the first paycheck is always special.

I remember my first paycheck of my first job, my parents got a good percent and I gave some to church. Years went by got more jobs, but still the first paycheck always went to my parents and church. After college graduation I got my first real job. This time again, after parents and church I used some to get me a digital camera.

I got my first job after marriage recently and this time the first paycheck went to my parents, Shekar's parents and church. My dad was so surprised and happy that I sent him a part of my first paycheck. It not like he needed the money, it’s more like a token of love. No matter how many jobs I change, I hope I can keep this tradition on.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Will you love me, if I told you the truth?

Over the weekend Shekar and I were driving to one of our friend’s house. Songs from Aaiyutha Ezhuthu (Tamil version of Yuva) were playing over our sound system. Shekar doesn't understand Tamil, but he still listens to them. So most of the time I translate the songs for him. Not that he has ever asked, or cared or even remembers the meaning the next time we listen to the same song. I feel bad and that is why I translate the songs for him.

We were driving and having conversation that is when this song started playing

uNmai sonnaal naesippaaya
manjathin mael mannippaaya

Loosely translates to "If I tell you the truth, will you love me. Will you forgive me in bed?"

I just stop talking and uttered the above translation.

Shekar turns red; his eyes get big and they stare at me. All this while I'm shocked and surprised by his reaction. Then it hit me, he thought I was going to tell him some secret that I was hiding all this while. I told him with my most innocent smile "I was just translating the song".

He just burst out laughing when he heard that (he was relived...).

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Falls are Funny

Yesterday I was at work, working my way. Whenever I sit comfortably I curl my leg on the chair and then sit on it. I do this all the time regardless of home and work. But yesterday when I got up, my leg fell asleep. When this happens I usually put my feet flat on the ground and I bend it at my ankle and I'm back to normal. Yesterday I was wearing 2 inch heels and when I bent my ankle I lost balance and THUD I feel on the floor.

All my colleagues came over to see if I was doing okay. I was just lying on the floor laughing. Finally I got up and they were all like what happened. Half of them giggling, the other half trying to suppress their giggles. I was laughing out loud. I told them my leg fell asleep. One guy from the corner asks "Huh what?, You fell asleep?"

Had to correct him, Izat ka saval hain, so I explained it to him again that my LEG fell asleep.

Above all while I was lying on the floor I was thinking, "Aah aah, I can blog about this"

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Survival Kit

Most of the girls walk around with a purse, and guys with a wallet and it serves the same purpose. But we have a lot more stuff in our purse than in a guy’s wallet. When a guy can survive with a wallet why do we need a purse and all the things in that purse?

Most of the guys will have a wallet that has some cash, few credit cards, few receipts. But, in their pockets they also have cell phones (some wear it on their belt -- uggh), keys, Chap Stick and some more receipts.

But a girls’ purse is more like a survival kit. Here are all the things in my purse and the reason why I carry it.
Wallet - Mainly has cash, credit cards.
Hair Brush - I have long hair and as I leave it open, needs to be brushed frequently.
Lip gloss/chap stick - Lips get really dry here regardless of the season.
Powder-Cover girl powder.
Pocket tissue - Small pack of pocket tissue, just in case I get a runny nose or cry for some reason.
Dental Floss - Hate food getting stuck in my teeth after eating out.
Gum - A pack of Extra sugar free gum.
Lotion - Small tube of Nivea lotion. Hands get dry a lot.
Pen - Have like 2-3 pens and don't know why but I have a pencil too
Check book - I carry this all the time just in case I'm at a place that only takes check. These kinds of places are getting extinct these days.
Cell phone - Don't we all have this
Keys - Another thing that we all have
Medicine - I have Ibuprofen and Benadryl with me always just in case a headache or allergy hits me.

So a purse for us girls is a survival kit. If we get stranded anywhere we will have things to last us for a day.

Like most girls even I get teased about carrying my purse with all these things everywhere. But when Shekar sneezes turns over to me and ask do you have a tissue? And I gladly open my purse give him a tissue and ask “Is it the allergies I have Benadryl?”