Monday, May 07, 2007

Card for every occasion

Greeting Cards has been a huge part of my life. As a kid we got a lot of Christmas cards and I was in charge of collecting them after each year and saving them.

Then on rainy days when Veena and I were not allowed to play outside we played this game where we had to guess who sent us this card. I used to always win and I was the person who managed these cards.

As we got older, I used to save money that my parents gave to buy cards for friends and families birthdays. During my teenage years I was all about cards. I would send "Just Hello", "Thinking of you" cards.

Recently the whole card thing has worn out. I really do not care for cards. For me its more like just waste of money. Now when I get a card from someone I save it but have stopped sending cards.

I have started sending hand written letters to all my friends on their Birthdays.....

I have finally grown up

So do you all save the cards you get?