Monday, January 09, 2006

Answer Now - Interpretation

If you haven't read the previous post Answer Now read that to have this post make sense.

Since all of you were kind enough to put up your answers, I'll post my answers too

Color - Black
-Stands out
-I don't remember what the 3rd reason is

Animal - Tiger
-Looks very Majestic
-Strong animal in the family of felines
-Very muscular


Now the Interpretations

Reasons for one's favorite color:
Are the traits one is looking for in a significant other.

Reasons for favorite animal:
Are our very own traits

Water body signifies the relationship with this significant other
Lake - Very Faithful
Waterfall - Will look around, but still faithful
Ocean - Hard to be faithful

Have fun interpreting your answers.


educatedunemployed said...

Oh no I find it hard to be faithful..Tsk tsk don't tell anyone!!

Ginkgo said...

ah...that was smart..
and I thought u gonna have an individual evaluatio...:-)

not bad...I score GooooooooooooD:-)

Arun R said...


Looks good. The interpretation of waterfall suits me the best... ;) ;) ;)

Jagan said...

well...hmm..I dont agree with the interpretation...

Vikram said...

I'm definetly for ocean..hehe...:)

Rays Of Sun said...

Hmm...warmth and happy heart is what I seek-true!
Scared is what I am-True too.
Looking around still faithful is what I think too!
WOnderful interpretation:)

Geo said...


div said...

I too dont agree with the interpretation.

Archana said...

Hmm, the interpretation does not suit me exactly. But I shall be glad to add the characteristics in the second answer as my new traits :-D!

silverine said...

Waterfall - Will look around, but still faithful

This is the only thing I disagree with, cos I know I never look around when I find Mr. Right. But since the possibility of finding Mr. Right is 0.01% guess I will be having a lot of fun looking around till then!!! lol

Thanu said...

Ur secret is safe with me.

Individual interpretation - what am I psychic or something?

$Arun R
Almost everything was true for me other than the waterfall.

Oh that is sad :(

What about the rest.

$Rays Of Sun
Thank u ji.

So u likey ;)

Oh :(

Oh :(

When I read ur reasons for the birds I was like, oh Silvernie is gonna love this interpretation. I think ur three reasons are very apt.

I'm waterfall too and I know I'll never look ard, so that is not true for me either.

silverine said...

Give us some more. This was fantastic!!!

Thanu said...

I do not have anymore, but if I come across I'll keep in mind

Ash said...

ocean is hard to be faithful god i disagree ....

Ash ..