Thursday, January 05, 2006

Answer Now

Happy New Year Everyone

This being the first post of the year, I wanted to make it a little different than my other posts. This is more of an interactive post. Please post your answers as comments.

1. What is your favorite color and list three reasons for this.

2. What is your favorite animal and list three reasons for this.

3. Which of the three do you prefer?

  • Lake
  • Waterfall
  • Ocean

I am not the author of this, and am not aware who is.

PS: The interpretation of these answers might get a little personal. And if you know what the interpretation is please do not spoil it for others. I will post the interpretation next week.


Ginkgo said...


(1) Blue ..
It has always been my fav...
Dunno why...but Blue always seemed refreshing to me..:-)
Maybe thts another reason why I love the blue man gp :-)

(2) Leopard..
cause of the spots and its agility..and lean frame..

(3) Lake

Thanu said...

I need reasons for the color

educatedunemployed said...

My favourite.
Can't spot the dirt.
Elegant and classy.

Man's best friend.
The look in their eye when you pet them.


Ginkgo said...

hmm...thts tuff...but I'll try
Blue is sexy
blue is not green :-D
blue is vibrant

silverine said...

Hi, even I have deviated in my blogging style this year :)

My fav color is Green cos I am a Nature lover, it is soothing to the eyes and I look good in it :))

My fav animal is a bird because it represents unbridled freedom and beauty and genteelness to me.

I prefer a waterfall!

Now waiting with bated breath for the interpretation! :)

Arun R said...


Here are my answers....

1. Black
Its the darkest color.
Black Pants goes well with a lot of shirts.
Black is beautiful.

2. Cheetah
A Cheetah hunting a deer/gazelle is the best sight in nature.
Its the fastest terrestrial animal.
It has a lot of limitations in terms of size and strength, but has managed to survive in the long run.

3. Waterfall

RandomThoughts said...

Baby Pink: It's beautiful, soothing & pleasant to the eyes.

Cat: It's independent, detached & absolutely well groomed.


Now what do these answers mean? Am eagerly awaiting the interpretation.

kickassso said...

black....cos its dark, and not a colour!

Cats... they seem more intelligent than dogs and take care of themselves!

ocean... reminds me of seclusion amd tranquility!

kickassso said...

three reasons eh?
black, cos its the colour of the dark side

cats, cos they are much cleaner

Jithu said...

1. Orange Red (briliant, catchy, strong)
2. Cheetah (stylish, powerful, beautiful)
3. Lake

PS: hey wts cookin? :p

Ash said...

Hi Thanu
happy new year to u too

i love baby pink ....
because its part of my name
i look good in it

i love dogs .......
so cute huggable
so good friends

for its depth, variety and life


susubala said...


Colour : Black >

It goes with any other colour and gets matched easily.

It also gives more colour complexion for those who wears.

Because hair is black, it is beautiful. I cant imagine people having hairs in different colours.

2) Green : It gives pleasant look.
3) Lemon yellow : pleasant colour.

Animal : Dog >

1) Love, affection & beauty (their eyes speaks a lot and conveys lots and lots of messages in understanble language).
2) Faithfullness.
3) Its sincerity.

susubala said...


I left the 3rd point and my preference is for OCEAN.

Geo said...

Color: Black
Reason !: Usually nobody picks black as his/her fav color, so I get to stand out and ‘get looks’. But here I see a lot of black lovers above me :_(
Reason @: Black is often associated with the dark side of a man.
Reason #: Black is majestic and has a royal charm.

Animal: Horse.
Reason: The reason is actually a bit naughty. Horse is often associated with sex.

And for the third one, I pick Ocean.

Waiting for the interpretation and wish you a happy year ahead.

Archana said...

1. My favorite color is: blue.
It's soothing, cool and refreshing.

2. My favorite animal is: tiger
Its majestic, elegant and awe-inspiring

3. Ocean

jaguu said...


Hmm Here are my Answers...

1) GREY....As everything is not just Block & White but there is a lot of GREY involved ;).Well My Wardrobe is full of grey colour.and Am Proud of my GREY Cells!;)

2) CATS....CATS are graceful.CATS teach us so many things in Life.God Creat Man to serve CATS..( well they seem to think So atleast....)

3) Waterfall...moving water...Sound...ambience around the Waterfall are always nice.

Now Out with what you interpret about me... ;).Cheers!!

PS: Your Friend is doing a lot better! :)

Rays Of Sun said...

No dont interpret as yet..I just read it today!!!

Rays Of Sun said...

reasons; 1. It signifies a happy state of mind for me.
2. Color of sunrays
3. Feeling of warmth

1. I hate animals
2.They scare me
3. No apparent reason

3. I pick Waterfall

Jagan said...

1)Black -
#)goes well with most other colors.
#)bit mysterious
#)stands out yet not too flashy.



div said...

1)color-> BLUE- indian cricket color.
- sky(blue blue everywhere)
- i look good in blue..hahaha

2)animal-> dont like pets..but like to hav aquarium at home- they r harmless,no need to touch them.., feel like i am in water when i see them:)


Deeps said...

Hmm why do I have the feeling, I really don't want to hear the interpretation? :-D

1) Black and white

-> Night sky with stars
-> How I wish things were in "black" and "white" as in clear.
-> darkness and light (tamasoma jyothirgamaya)

2) Cats (any kind)

-> Fiercely independent
-> Soft, cuddly and coy
-> Since I'm a leo, I think I have a bit of a feline nature

3) Waterfall :)

Ajay said...

1)blue and german red colour coz blue is our indian team... red don know
2)Lion- royal looks..
3)water fall

educatedunemployed said...

Thanuuuuuuuuuu Interpretation????

Thanu said...

A big huge thanks for everyone for putting up their answers. Hope y'll have a great time reading the interpretations.