Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Perfect Tag

Have been tagged by Divya and Silverine


1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

So here it goes.

The Humsafar/Lover tag has been going around for a while and I wasn't tagged by ROS as I already have found my humsafar, but finally got tagged. As most of you guys are aware that I'm married to Shekar. So instead of listing qualities of how I want my humsafar to be, I'm gonna lists characters of Shekar that I admire.

  1. Love for cars - I love cars and take utmost care of my Sally II. Shekar is also very particular about keeping the cars clean and driving cars that make the experience memorable. So most of our money and time is spent on our cars and we never argue about it. By default he knows a lot about cars than me and he explains to me how things work internally and I love learning about it too. He tells me what engine oil we use and what those numbers mean.
  2. Patience - Be it with teaching me how to ski to listening to the millionth time about an incident that happened to me, when was a kid. I can tell the same story over and over and he will never say "You have told me this before" because he thinks I have so much fun telling the story.
  3. Maturity - He is way more mature than I am. So I can be irresponsible at times (I'm usually responsible). I don’t have to be all like “Did you do this?” , “Did u finish that?” I never have to baby sit him and I can be a baby in this relationship.
  4. Faith – Faith in God is another great thing about him. It is so important for me to have faith in God and also practicing the religion. I need to go to church every Sunday and it is wonderful when my partner has similar needs.
  5. Family – I’m a believer of “Marriage is between two families and not just 2 people”. I love the way he treats my parents and vice versa. Our families get along so well and I so at ease with his parents too.
  6. Resourceful – All I need to tell him is that I need a new phone, Tada and he will get me the best phone available in the market for the best deal. He has tremendous patience to read reviews and then make a purchase. Not just phones, be it Camera, Guitar or anything.
  7. Helpful – We don’t have a 50-50 relationship where I cook and he eats, I vacuum and he lifts up his feet, but we have a 50-50 relationship where he actually does chores around the house.
  8. Looks – Last but definitely not the least, he looks great (It is not a biased opinion – he is very handsome).

I could go on and on, but the tag says 8, so here I stop.

Everyone I know has already done this tag other than Jaguu, so hence I tag Jaguu.


silverine said...

I can see why you did not get tagged by ROS. You have found Mr. Perfect !!!

div said...

made for each others:)

Eclectic Blogger said...

Good to see u found ur perfect match... but it wud be fine to hear the other side of the story.. does he blog :)

jaguu said...


Awww.. Sweet!!no wonder the other Girl Bloggers are not finding Mr.Right.Shekar is already married Girls....So Sorry for you Gals ;)...

Will get on the TAG ASAP!!


Geo said...

Great listing!

An example for many others...

educatedunemployed said...

Thats awesome...:)

Rays Of Sun said...

Wonderful Thanu!
Such a beautful way to describe your husband!
But, din't I already know these qualities of him:)
I am sure God still makes guys like this!
Here's to the beautiful couple I know!

Mind Curry said...

wow..i can see its a "perfect" relationship because both of you are nurturing each other and taking care to do the right thing, rather than take eachother for granted as it happens usually. symbiosis huh...great blog by the way.

Thanu said...

He is indeed perfect for me.

Thank you... I think so too.

$Eclectic Blogger
Nope, he doesn't have a blog.

Can't wait to read ur tag...
1. She shud make good Dosa and sambar
2. Should love seinfeld
3. Should have a great love for music
4. Must be simple person in nature

U can come up with the other 4...

Thank you.


$Rays Of Sun
I wanted u to read it so bad isliye email kiya. Yeah u knew all these anywaz.
$Mind Curry
Welcome Mindcurry.. hope to see you around. I believe there is no perfect person, but one can find a perfect partner.

Rays Of Sun said...

Are raatko, I wasnt on blog..thoda bahut try keeya to write up. Man! just wrote one damn page in one night:(((((

Jithu said...

nice listing! btw is this a one minute guide to a good husband? :-)

Jagan said...

u too tagged with same thing ....

but come on ..its easier for u to list these points bcos u r married ..u sud hav listed some points u expected in perfect lover before u were committed to this relation ..

read mine and tell me wht u think of my expectations :d

Rohit Talwar said...


Damn.. this tag has been on every blog lately!!!

Ginkgo said...

good...and I found something that

I cud put to use.

I’m a believer of “Marriage is between two families and not just 2 people”.


susubala said...

Nice to see the wonderful understanding between you people !

icy_highs said...

sally II? thats the cutest name iver evr heard for a car..

Thanu said...

Leeko leeko likte raho...

Thank you.
U can take it as a guide. But then again this is a guide to be my husband, not a universal one.

Everyone is tagged with this.
//u sud hav listed some points u expected in perfect lover before u were committed to this relation ..
U wan to get me in trouble?

//read mine and tell me wht u think of my expectations :d
Very High... Rich Father In Law I liked...

$Rohit Talwar
Welcome here Rohit and hope to see you around.

//I cud put to use.
//I’m a believer of “Marriage is between two families and not just 2 people”.
Hopefully u u gonna put it to good use and not to break some poor girls heart.

Thank you and Ihope it stays like that.

My first car was called Sally I, so my second is now called Sally II

Jagan said...

ha ha ..i didnt mean any harm ...it was just a innocent request :)

Vanathi said...

Good listing...

jaguu said...


Completed My tag Duties!!!:)Let me know what you think..ok? :)

Have a Great weekend

Rays Of Sun said...

//Hopefully u u gonna put it to good use and not to break some poor girls heart//
Good one, Thanu:)

ursjina said...

very cool list...sallyII..my god...its like my bf callin his corrie baby..anyways three cheers to the golden couple

Harshi said...

Wow...what a nice hubby you have got Thanu. I am so happy for you both.

Achus said...


Yup! That's an extremely nice list. Nice because they're not "expectations" you have listed there. That was a list of eigth thinks you are thankful for. There's a difference between "sensibily expecting stuff" and "being whole-heartedly thankful". I'd any day trade the first for the second!! You're lucky and you sure as hell know it. Here's wishing it'll remain this way always!

P.S: Nope! Didn't beat Jithu!

sainathkm said...

nice couple... Enjoy your life girl...