Thursday, October 13, 2005

Prints in my Heart - Conclusion

Bhavya - I strongly believe that friends we make in college last our lifetime. That is where I met Bhavya. We happened to take the same class a semester and then started studying together and became very good friends. Bhavya was 5 years older than me, as she was pursuing her second degree. So more than a friend she was like an older sister. After the first semester we met we would register for the same classes every time. While we were in school we would spend the whole day together. She introduced me to lot of things I have never done in my life. She was gujju, so she taught me garbha, took me to garbhas, made me realize that there are vegetarian dishes that tastes well, taught me gujurati (not that she taught me, but all gujjus speak gujurati regardless of who is around, so I picked up the language just to feel included in their conversations. Now I can understand gujurati quiet well). We used to pull all nighters together working on assignments, studying for exams. I survived college because of her. We did disagree and have our parts of arguments but we always patched things up. This was the first time I had an older friend, and it was great. I used to go her house all the time, knew her family pretty well. Our parents became real good friends. Now both of us have moved to different states, but my parents are still close to Bhavya's parents. Bhavya has a daughter year and a half old and I can not wait hold her. I haven't seen Bhavya since April, but every Saturday a 30 min conversation with her makes me feel she is right here.

These prints in my heart are going to stay for ever. Years go by, people go by but memories stay alive. These few lines from Yaadein are the best conclusion I can give to this series.

Duniya mein hum saare
Yaadon ke hai maare
Kuch kushiyaan, thode gham
Yeh humse, inse hum
Yaadein, o meethi meethi yaadein
Baatein bhool jaati hain
Yaadein yaad aati hain


Rays Of Sun said...

Sure! thats true..with every friend you learn something of your own. Like in my case, I started listening n enjoying to Gujrati gazals..even though I dont understand the langauge!

Thanu said...

Imagine how different we would be if had a different set of friends.

Koorma Pramodh said...

hei Thanu its a great experince to have a friend itself,someone with whom we can share our time..what you are introducing me to a new girl in every post..even my class girls are not doing that when I request them :( ..I don't know hindi well thought it is our national lang..but I can understand the rest of our post..keep posting