Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kal bi Aaj bi - Yesterday and even Today

Yesterday after I got out of work, I went to grocery store to buy some garlic to make Fish curry. When I got out of my car I realized I left my purse at work. Work was hardly a mile away, so I went back and got my purse. Then I finished my shopping and went home.

This morning I came to work and after like 30 mins I needed something from my purse. I looked for it and it was not on my desk. I figured I must have left it in the car. I walked over to my car and still no purse. Hopefully it is still at home. Strangely I had my cell phone and keys (these items are usually in my purse).

So today I'm penny less and driving around with out a license.


Parth Anand said...

me first :)
well no wonder I tried calling you and it went on your voicemail...hehe..just kidding..
drive extra carefully today...
oh by the way...when do i get to taste the fish curry??
and on my post...of the 2 steps to success...1st was never disclose everything you know...hence no point 2...did the light glow :)

kickassso said...

umm credit cards and stuff:(?

J'Adore said...

hey! I knw you are prolly at wrk stressing :S. Try to chill.. easier said than done. Anyhow, just a few tips for next time:

*Try and have some cash in the car - that way, you will have money within easy access for when you need to pay for parking or tolls etc; also great at places that don't take debit and you find you dont have cash in your wallet; and esp good at times like this!

*Keep a photocopy of your driver license in your car along with your insurance info. Its not the real thing but it will have your license number and will help if *god forbid* you get pulled over.

*Call the hubby and tell him what a bitchy day ur having. *hint hint*

*if he gets home before he can try to see if he can spot your stuff (though most men suck at this)

Hope the day gets better!

Thanu said...

Yes, the light finally got lit. thanks. Fish curry I can give u the recipe.

Yeah has CCs, license and lot more stuff.

Thanks for all u advice. I used to have a photocopy in car, dunno what happened, will put a new one. I actually went home for lunch and got my purse. Like the idea of cash too - will do that also.

I saw ur tag will finish it soon.

Jaguu said...

Hey.. Thanu..

I hope you get back your Purse ASAP.By the day did you search in the KODDAM...remember the old saying Kundham Pozhale Koddamthilum Thappanam.:) Cheers!!

Rays Of Sun said...

Oops! ask me about it..whenever I go grocery shopping, I put that damn wallet in the grocery bag and next day, I realize that I am travelling sans paisa and license!!

virdi said...

shhhhh... dont tell anyone... someone might complain to the cops...

i lost my license for one month found it yesterday... hehehehe...


lash said...

this had happened to me in bombay once.. some idiot flinched my purse and i walked nearly 2 kms , not to home, but to a library i used to frequent and borrowed a few buck to go home..

Jithu said...

oh that is so bad.. keep away from the cops for the day..

Thanu said...

There seems to be a lot of confusion, I did not misplace/lose my purse I just forgot to bring it to work. I went home for lunch (due to lack of cash and my work is 5 miles from home) and my purse was home and brought it back.

It was exactly where I had left it. On my dresser.

See I don't feel that silly now. I'm not alone.

Driving around int he rain with out a license -- Bad bad. So rain sab settle ho gaya kya?

So sorry to hear that. My incident wasn't that bad, I just went home and picked up my purse.

That is exactly what I did yesterday on my way home. Followed the speed limit all the way home.

kickassso said...

it's a good thing i dont even exist!
i got stuck between two censuses when i moved!. now i am neither here nor there . and becos of that , i have virtually NO id at all!

Thanu said...

Go get an ID, and carry it with you at times. I know I sound like ur parent, but hey..