Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Tagged by Jaggu The tag is to write about 10 things that I miss the most

  1. Childhood: I had one of the best childhoods. I would come back from school and eat and then play and then do my home work and study. Veena and I were allowed to play till it got dark. Then mom would come out and call us. Having an older sister meant I always had someone to play with. I am blessed with the greatest parents who were supportive in everything I did. The most I miss is I can not get back from work and go out and play and come home and all I have to do is study. I miss me not having to worry about things as they were always provided to me. Miss my summer vacations when mom used to take us to Kerala and we would spend two months in visiting friends and families.
  2. Grandfather: My mom's dad passed away when I was nine. He was one of the best people I have met so far. That was the first death I saw and I always wished that he would come back to life once. Veena and I were his first grand kids and so he always told us that we were very special. The sad thing is, only Veena and I remember him among all our cousins.
  3. Dhvani - She was the first real friend I had. She is married and settled in Chennai and is busy and we rarely get to talk. I haven't seen her since 97, but not a days goes by when I don't think of her.
  4. Sally I - My first Car
  5. Short Hair - Life was so easy with short hair, shower and get out of the house, now it more like blow dry, straighten and by that time I'm late. People ask me why do I just chop it off and I just smile.
  6. Mom cooked food - No food tastes as good as one's mom. I miss the way how everything she makes tastes just perfect and I know I'll never get there.
  7. Following Cricket - I used be a huge cricket fan, during the days when Sachin had started and Azar was the captain. I used to always have a tummy ache and stay at home when Indian played. After I moved to US I rarely watched a game (should I call it a match) and now I have lost complete interest in the game.
  8. Being Engaged - That is the best period in one person's life. I was engaged for almost half a year, and Shekar used to come visit me once a month (he lived in west coast and me in east coast) and we used to have a great time. Even now I tell Shekar, I like engaged Shekar more than married Shekar.
  9. Riding a cycle - I used to love cycling to places, I used to go to school on a cycle everyday and it used to be so much fun. Now when we go visiting new cities, we try to rent cycles and ride them around. This summer we are planning to buy cycles and go ridding over the weekend.
  10. India - I miss being India and everything about India.
Thank you so much Jaggu for bring back these beautiful memories

People I tag
ROS - I have too nahi tho she gets upset, Just kidding re I know you will love doing this.
Nina - She is all about memories, and has a great way of putting them in words.


Rays Of Sun said...

Wow..I dint know you were engaged for one n half yrs:)

Thanu said...

Teek se pad - half a year
We were engaged for almost half a year.

Immigrant in Canada said...

I agree marriage changes men..They become too serious!!!

Uncle J...aka Jaguuu said...


Awww thats sweet.You are more then welcome Thanu. I am glad you did the tag. Was wonderful reading it. Have one more tag waiting but Quills has also tagged u on that I guess. Have a great week.

Chirikudukka said...

yeah i can really relate to most of those things u mentioned...ahhh riding cycle through the paddy lines and i remember falling off into the muddy water in the paddy field one day, the riding here on the side walks is nothing compared to that

silverine said...

I too miss childhood. The best days of our lives. Sometimes I feel I am yet to grow up :p

Hope you get to come home and watch Crcket. I have lost interest in Cricket for about five years now since the betting scandal. I identify with so much of what you have written here.

Jiby said...

thanu, even i've been told by many ppl that a longer period of engagement is a great thing to have!!

i still feel like a child...who has no childhood left to live!!!

there wuz something magical those days in sachin going out there all alone to save india each and every time...cricket doesnt work for me any longer!!

sainathkm said...

A good list of beautiful memories you miss. Made a nice reading.

Ravi said...

When everything is going wrong and nothing promises to go the other way..all i have to do is read your posts...really candid....

Rays Of Sun said...

6 mths bol na:P

Janefield said...

Something so very sweet about nostalgic memories, na :)

Shilpa said...

I miss most of the things u mentioned....!

Not a day goes by without thinking about childhood and all the fun.

Thanu said...

$Immigrant in Canada
They get serious and less flirty.

$Uncle J...aka Jaguuu said...
Will get to that soon too.

don't mention when u r riding, cars go by shoop shoop next to u.

We all ahve a kid in us, which only the rite company can bring out.

I know I can never get myself to watch cricket anymore. It seems so long these days.

Thank you.

THat is such a sweet hing to say. TOday u made my day.

$Rays Of Sun
half a year sounds longer.

$The Chosen One
I know, tell me about it.

I know why did we have to grow up.

moontalk said...

really nice post!
i miss my cycle too...my mom wld never actually allow me to cycle to school...used to say a)its too far b)its too risky...the same logic see uses against me getting bikes nw!:(
but we used to round the neighbourhood...there were 3 of us, used to be awesome fun.:)
thanks for bringing back old memories..

Kusum Rohra said...

Hhmmm some friends never leave you, even if you may never see them again :)

I so relate to having a friend like that.

Saranya Kishore said...

Totally agree with the Being engaged part.

Enjoyed reading this post, brought back memories to me too!

Archana said...

Heart-warming post :-)! I think I miss my childhood the most! If I could turn back time...

Janefield said...

Thanu, have blogrolled you :)

Thanu said...

I know I love bikes too, parents never allowed me so now my husband has one and he doesn't mind taking me around in it.

$Kusum Rohra
I think everyone does. Those friends are the best.

$Saranya Kishore
Thankyou saranya.

I know childhood is the favorite part of many

$The Chosen One
Thank you.

Ravi said...

One advantage a bike has over a car is that the ride will last long(assuming you hv a cruiser and not a sports monster).....and a bike keeps you so much more closer to nature than a car does(tinted windows, windows raised, AC, air freshner et al....ARGH!!)....pit stops are easier than a car's....

Anil The Great said...

thanu :

that was something beautiful. thinking deep, going down the memory lane.

how refreshing it is naa, to thinking of the various important stages in your life.


educatedunemployed said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE NICEST GIRL I HAVE CHATTED WITH FROM THE BLOGOSPHERE.Thank you for being such a darling..Keep blogging and have loads of fun on your birthday..Lots of Love and best wishes..

Ravi said...

Happy Birthday Thanu.....
have a nice day and thankyou for your blogs...they really r humble.

Sayesha said...

Happy Birthday, Thanu! :D

pandora said...

happy birthday! :)

dropped here from ROS's..:D

Archana said...

Happy Birthday Thanu :-)! Wishing you the best of everything in life :-)!

Nandya said...

Came from ROS's blog

MANY MANY Happy returns of the DAY..Thanu

Vikram said...

yappy virthday thanu..:P

Janefield said...

Hi Thanu, when was your birthday? The date i.e....do accept my belated birthday wishes...hope you had a wonderful time :-)

Eclectic Blogger said...

cant wait to see how 'engaged' life will be.. but 'married' life is a no-no though..

Eclectic Blogger said...

oops.. belated bday wishes!

Thanu said...

We do have sports bike. It's a huge hassle gearing up though.

$Anil The Great
It was a great tag.

Thank u so much for the b'day wishes and feeling that I'm the nicest person u have met in blogworld.

U r so welcome Ravi.

Thanks Sash

Thansk u so much Neha, hope to see you around.

Thank u Archana.

Thanks Nandya

Thanks Viks. Hey u here yet?

$The Chosen One
Thank you, will have a post up soon about my b'day.

$Eclectic Blogger
Marriage life is good too..but, not just as flirty as engagement period. Thank u for the wishes.

jeenu said...

hey thanu
happy bday :)
i guess iam the last to wish :D