Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I love you Sally

We all have immense love to something materialistic. For some it is their purse, shoes, or computer or anything. For me it is my car Sally-I. All through out my childhood I have never been in love with anything like this before.

I was 17 when I got the keys to Sally. It was a brand new car, but not an expensive one. I used to call her my baby. I would wash her every week and take utmost care of her. Even a small scratch on her would hurt me like crazy.

Sally has seen through the high times and low times. She took me to jobs where I made minimum wage to my real job years later. She took me to college everyday. All together after 6 years of driving I put almost 100,000 miles on her and she still ran well. Not once was I stranded anywhere because Sally gave up.

Then one evening, we were driving and one lady was changing lanes and she rammed into my car. The whole passenger side was dented, both the doors and panels. The cost to fix the car was more than the value of the car, hence the car was declared salvaged (car will never be repaired, but the Insurance company will give us the value of the car and take the car). This sounds like a deal to most of the people but I was not ready to give Sally up.

Finally I had no choice and I ended up with a check and the insurance company had Sally. I used this check as a down payment towards my new car, so I think a piece of Sally is still with me.

I miss you Sally.


Arun R said...

Oops!!! Can understand how u feel abt ur car. I have the same kind of feelings for my bike.

The day the bike was transported to Chennai from Bangalore, and I found its indicator broken, I nearly killed the transporter. Was so badly hurt on that day!!!!

Jagan said...

i am crazy abt my bike .After the accident , though it did cost me a bit too much , I got it repaired . And my bike is the only think I am possessive about :-)

Jay said...

When "Thanu" missed "Sally" ? ;-)

Jithu said...

oh! reading this, even i started missing her. :-)) well its really sad to see even a small scratch in something u own..

PS: usually cars are considered masculine :p

jaguu said...


//We all have immense love to something materialistic...

That set me thinking...Lots of things in my life has lots of memory attached to it.Since I am kinda old fashioned.. I tend to keep things from past & hold on to the memory associated with it.hmm I love my Yamaha Home Theater.I guess its because of the sentiments attached to it as it was the first thing I purchased after I started working.Even till now I guess its the costliest thing I have purchased.Its just so awesome..even 6 years after getting it looks as good as new and everytime someone new hears music on it..they go Thats a awesome player You have got.And I blush ..and say thank you but deep inside I feel so proud about Owning it.:) Cheers!!

Mr. Quipster said...

damn! i miss my old PC!!. the new lappy is pretty neat but all good things in it remind me of my old PC and 'those days'.

Deeps said...

I know what you mean. I was that way with my BSA Street Cat bicycle, our old car fiat premier padmini and later my Kinetic Honda. When my mom gave away my cycle, later when my parents gave away the car, I almost cried. I guess we all get attached to one thing or another in our lives.

But these need not be materilaistic, cause you probably bought a car better than your old one, but yet you miss your old one. So, don't know what to define it... just life, I guess :).

Thanu said...

I read a post regarding ur brakes giving u trouble and u had to do extra magic to make it stop. Hopefully u got it all fixed before the cyclone coming ur way

Missing ur bike these days?

$Jay said...
Welcome to my blog.

$jithU said...
Not mine, mine is a nice girl called Sally. Shekar's is masculine, whose name is Bruce.

U got me thinking, may be I love it so much b/c it was the first thing I purchased too.

$Mr. Quipster
Very true, all we have is those days. Then again atleast we have those days.

It life get over it - right deeps?

Rays Of Sun said...

Aww..that was so sweet. So now you have Sally junior:) yeay!

Sayesha said...

That was touching... :)

So what do you call your new car??

Parth Anand said...

sally..the name reminds me of when harry met sally...
so how do you decide if the car is male or female?

Deeps said...

Nope I don't believe in getting over it. I still miss all those and enjoy the memories and how much fun I had with them :).

silverine said...

I was attached to my first mobike. So much so that when it was on it's last legs I refused to part with it. One day when I went to college my Dad sold it and replaced it with a brand new bike. I cried so much that Dad was heart broken at what he did Lol

Ginkgo said...

sally -I..:-)
wutz with the suffix..
good to knw, going by the comments here, that ther are quite a few that are this way :-)

jeenu said...

sorry to hear about ur car girlie
..yeah i have been a little busy with deadlines and stuff ..
i have posted the next part will post the final part sometime this weekend :D

Ginkgo said...

so difficult to type our IDs that u had to copy...and that too along with the said' part eh..:(

Thanu said...

$Rays Of Sun
Not Sally Junior, Sally-II.

Like I said before Sally-II

$Parth Anand
It is upto u. My car is female, but Shekar's is male.

I know all we have is memories

I can feel what u would have gone through.

Suffix - b/c my current car's name is Sally II.
I know there are few ppl, see I'm not all that weird.

Nice going with Nilay. Have a great weekend.

Fixed it. Thank you. Its friday, maf kar do.

Rahul said...

well! that got me thinking about what i'd name my porsche convertible; that is when iam out of debt enough to buy one ;-)

eh! said...

I would love to see the Sally u were in love with ..hey y didn`t u put up a pic of the car here ..would have been a special tribute to the faithful partner :)

Bhole said...

I was pissed when some SOG scracthed my new car. I wouldn't say i am possessive about it, but i take good care.

Vikram said...

When did Harry meet her? :P (sorry, totally illogical):D

But, I miss the vehicle I used to use in Bangalore. Plenty of memories attached to it.

Jiby said...

i fell in love with my car in the US...nobody wud have heard of a guy filling plus grade of fuel for a saturn...for one having worked my way to buying it, that gave me pride...getting stalled on the freeway, new weird sounds coming from the engine, service engine soon lights popping up once in a while...but will always remember it for ferrying me and friends to countless malayalam films and keeping on running without me having to spend money on it.

Harshi said...

The love for Sally is very touchingly expressed..

Even I remember earlier family cars with a lot of fondness. They do become dear to us. I specially remember this one car my Dad got me after so much research. She saved me from a HUGE accident with an 18-wheeler. I still feel sad thinking how she took all the brunt, got all smashed up and let me off with just a bump in the head, nothing more. It was quite a miracle.

She was just so strong. Everytime I see that car on the road, with the exact make and color, I get all nostalgic. :(

!xobile said...

like you miss your sally, i have my 'meri jaan'. my ipod..

i love my ipod yaar..

and its better than loving some person..

atleast chhod ke to nahi jayega...

Thanu said...

Harry? Pilot? Shadow? F16? Bruce - that is Shekar's car's name

$The Last Czar
I did think about the picture, but I do not have a picture of Sally by herself. Then I thought of posting another picture frm web, but that would not be my Sally.

Don't worry u will get possessive soon.

She never did to my knowledge. But, if she did, she never told me about it.

Agree 100%. We love it all the more because it is the first expensive thing bought.

Thanks. :)
//She was just so strong. Every time I see that car on the road, with the exact make and color, I get all nostalgic. :(

Me too.. I tell people who I am riding with, that used to be my old car.

$Ze Exaggeratorr!
Don't be so sure about chodke nahi jaate. My Sally left me, didn't she?
Or may be I left her. (Now that statement is making me sad)

Jagan said...

yup ..u bet

!xobile said...

haha u did!