Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Prints in my Heart - I

We meet a lot of people in our life, but only a few holds special place in our heart. Years can go by, but still our memory of these special ones always stay alive. These are the people who left prints in my heart

Dheeraj - I must have met him in first grade but my earliest Memory of him was somewhere in 3rd grade. We were not great friends, but we were friends. He was great in academics and I guess he was the drive for me to do well in school. I admired him so much, I was 8 and all I wanted was to do better than Dheeraj in everything. It was such a healthy competition. But to my memory I never did better than Dheeraj, he was always class 1st and me 2nd. His dad got transferred and he moved to .. I don’t know where. I missed him a lot after he left. Then 2 years ago I got an email from him, and I was the happiest person on earth that day. We still email each others, both of us are 25 and we went different ways when we were 10 years old and after 15 years we both are fresh in each others memory. Just that thought makes me happy

Dhvani - First real close friend I had. I met her in 5th grade, I don't recall how we became friends, but we were very close. As we got older, we got closer. We would do sit together in class, have lunch together. Our Birthdays were 10 days apart and we felt that was such a special thing. When she was sick and missed school I would go over to her place and write my notes again for her and vice versa. Even to this day I have not shared that kind of friendship with anyone. She was a great dancer and I remember staying after school while she practiced so we could walk home together. I changed school after 9th grade (due to my dad's transfer), and I still remember how we hugged each others and wept. We shared letters back then, and now we share emails. Things so special happens once in your life time and I am so happy it happened to me with Dhvani.

To be Continued...

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