Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Birthday Weekend

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes. I had such a great day, actually weekend. That is the awesome thing about having a birthday on a weekend (Saturday 29th), we can celebrate it all over the weekend.

Has ROS had mentioned I got a very beautiful card from her that got me all teary eyed, not because I never get cards, but this was because it was the first time I have a great friend that I have never met, yet she is such a huge part of my life. Thank you ROS for all what you do and all what you say.

Saturday we celebrated with going to a nice restaurant and dinning. I prefer a very quiet evening with Shekar than a huge bash.

Sunday was very special too. In our church everyone who had a birthday/wedding anniversary in the past week, go and kneel before the alter and the priest comes and prays for them. As a kid I always used to look forward for this occasion as birthday was the only occasion we kids could do this. As opposed to the adults who went and knelt there for communion (I didn't take my communion till I was 15), birthday and wedding anniversary.

This particular moment has become so important to me, those 2 minutes that I kneel, I feel so thankful for all the things I have been blessed with in the past year and all of my life. And a huge wave of faith rushes in my heart that the coming year I will be blessed. The whole church is so quiet (we are taking about almost 200 people) when I am having this moment, that makes it all the more real.

After church, we came home and that is when Shekar said he had a trip planned for us and we are going to Bodega Bay and we were going on our bike there. We had such a great time getting there. As I promised last time, I did take my camera with me this time and here are some pictures.

PS: Anil, Geo, Jaguu, and Quils - I'll get to the tags soon.


Immigrant in Canada said...

happy belated birthday..

virdi said...

awesommmmmmmmmmeeeeeee bike... and a happy birthday... although i am late...


Alexis Leon said...

My belated birthday wishes. Nice photos and nice bike.

That is the awesome thing about having a birthday on a weekend (Saturday 29th), we can celebrate it all over the weekend. It seems that you had a blast.

Saranya Kishore said...

Thanu, nice pictures.

btw, Can relate totally to the 'kneeling at the alter, and getting blessings from the priest'.
In our church they have the habit of calling the couples celebrating their wedding anniversary, that month, the last sunday of every month. Cant express how blessed I felt when we both stood there to get everyone's blessings. Enjoyed the extra claps when they knew it was our first anniversary!


Ravi said...

Gratitude & Optimism...just the right things to hv before the start of a new year in one's life.....Satisfaction is apparent...Good luck
the yam looks formidable....and the view....nice!!

sainathkm said...

A Belated happy birthday wish..

Rays Of Sun said...

Very nice..I am touched too..teary eyed?? When did this happen:O
I know there is a strange kind of feel good factor I feel when i attened Temple prayers too:)

Thanu said...

$Immigrant in Canada
Thank you.

Thank u for the wishes. THe bike is a yamaha YZF, with 600cc

$Alexis Leon
I actually posted the pict of bike you and Geo, allengil I would had got a comment from you asking for the bike's pict.

$Saranya Kishore
IT is such a great feeling, it was huge in our church toowhen we celeberated our first anniversary.

Hey u sound like someone I know, glad to see here regulary now.

Thank u so much for the wishes.

$Rays Of Sun
It happened the day I received ur card. Didn't want to tell you (tera bav chad gayega - Just kidding )

jeenu said...

hey thanu
seems like a great way to celebrate ur bday
wishes for more such memorable days

Archana said...

Seems like you had a very nice birthday :-)! The pics are nice too!

Vikram said...

awesome... i can see you had a good time... :)

happy birthday again...

educatedunemployed said...

Awesome photos..sounds like a day well spent.Nice...

pandora said...

wow..beautiful fotos..and bike is mast! :D

beltd happy b'day.
btw, celebration was a cool one.

Ravi said...

hmmm...maybe u know me...he he he
and visiting here often has been my pleasure..i m glad your posts help me realize ppl who dont crib do exist....
So who am i?

Kusum Rohra said...

Lovely Bike, and belated happy birthday, i was celebrating ur birthday too, albeit without knowing it and in Bangalore :)

silverine said...

Happy belated birthday from me too. I dunno how I missed this post of yours. The place looks wonderful!

Bittu's Mamma said...

Ayyo... I got late for a very important date! Let me make up by giving you this big hug:) Happy belated Birthday Thanu! And Bike is Awesome girl!

quills said...

Belated Happy Birthday Thanu!:) Thanks for sharing your day and those lovely pictures with us. And thank you for taking the time to do those tags. :) I will patiently wait to read them.

Ginkgo said...

advance wishes then.., for next yr:-)

And ofcourse..
belated wishes for this year..:-)

Janefield said...

Congrats Thanu and thanks for sharing your precious moments and pics :-) Sounds like you had the perfect holiday.

Thanu said...

Thank u Jeenu. I hope so too.

Thank u. That is one of the best things abt leaving here; there are lots of things to do around here.

Thanks Viks. Had Masala Dosa (home made)

Thank u. It was indeed a great day.

Thank you. I've seen u here before, but welcome here.

I dunno who u are, but feel like I know u. Yes, I rarely crib. My whole concept is if it makes u crib then go ahead and try to change it or ur attitude towards it.

$Kusum Rohra
Did u shop a lot?

I was even thinking how come silverine hasn't commented yet. May be the fever got to her.

$Bittu's Mamma
Thank u.

Thank u quils will get to them soon.

Thank u. Will remember it for next year.

$The Chosen One
It was indeed perfect.

Geo said...

happy belated bday :_)

moontalk said...

hey, very very belated, but happy b'day!wat better way to make ur b'day last, than get wishes long after its gone by rite ;)
that place looks really beautiful...musta been nice there :)

Vikram said...

//Had Masala Dosa (home made)//


Arun R said...

Belated Birthday wishes.....

And I'm in love with that Yamaha..... :) :)

Kusum Rohra said...

Yeah, bought sarees and a few things for friends, that shopkeeper in Bangalore na, understood that i am a shopoholic, everytime i said bus now pack up he would say "madam you just drape this saree" and I would end up buying it :(

Am dreading the credit card bill now *shudders*