Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Secret Fives

Anil, Geo, and Jaguu tagged me to reveal few of my secrets. So here it goes.

5 people who top your shit list:

  • I did think a lot, but I don't think anyone makes it to this list. I can never hate anyone so much.

5 Close brushes with death/danger

  • I've never had any of these, thank god. I have had my share or fender bender, rear endings (of my car I mean), but nothing major
5 Preferable modes of suicide

  • Again, I'm totally against suicides, I think is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. But, then again I have heard arguments that it is a solution. I can never understand what can be so bad that one needs to end his/her life.

5 Guilty pleasures

  • Desserts Tiramisu, Creme brulee, Flan Just to name a few.
  • Sleeping in
  • Crime Dramas - Spike TV has CSI from 7pm till 11pm and I can spend the whole evening in front of the TV.
  • Banana Chips
  • Meen Varathathu (Fish fry)

5 things you never want to forget

5 things I wish to forget

  • Nothing really, may be I already forgot.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried

  • Anything from Bahama Breeze
  • The best seafood from Atlanta Fish Market
  • Mango Glazed Thai Ribs - Had this at a Thai place. It was so good.
  • Chicken Scaloppine from Macaroni Grill
  • Beef Achar - My mom makes the best beef achar. (All you people going ewww at the sound of this, you have to taste it to believe it.)

5 crushes/loves in your life

  • Shekar
  • Shekar
  • Shekar
  • Shekar
  • Shekar

(me being married and all)

Strangest dream you ever had

I dreamt that I became disoriented and couldn't understand anything, so woke up Shekar in the middle of the night and asked him to say something. He said go to sleep and I understood that crystal clear, and was so relieved.

5 most valued personal possessions - this is hard so I'm going to stick to Materialistic things

  • Minnu and Wedding Band
  • Our Car and bike
  • Our Wedding Album, it weighs like 15 pounds.
  • My collection of photos
  • My music collection

5 favorite superheroes

No favorites, I like them all the same way (I don't know what that statement means, but my mom used to say that when I used to ask her, If she liked me or Veena more?)


Ravi said...

Kerala(mallu) people and banana chips...Could you explain me that??
Bike, Car, Music and photos....perfect companions..

Kusum Rohra said...

rear endings (of my car I mean)


educatedunemployed said...


freebird said...

it was pretty cute the way u said "Shekar" 5 times.
"the way u said"??...Err...i think i've been reading blogs a li'l too much...;-)
"If she liked me or Veena more?"

i used to ask my mom the same query, "u like me or sis more,ma?"
she'd inturn ask me this,
"which eye do u think u like more? right ya left?"
...tht took care of my question :-D

Janefield said...

nice tag! agree with you on the desserts and the precious possessions :-)

Immigrant in Canada said...

banana chips. I remember sitting on the pathakam and waiting for ammachi to fry the chips and then dancing up and down holding the burning hot chips in my hand and still relishing the moment.. ahhh.. those were the days

Thanu said...

I dunno Y mallu ppl love Banana chips. I guess as a kid we eat these a lot and we grow up to love it. I know a lot of mallus who love Banana chips, but they can't get their hands on it like we can. I could eat these like they are food and not snack.

$Kusum Rohra
Had to specify u know.

Can you explain it to Ravi why u like Banana chips.

I love ur mom's response.

$The Chosen One
Thank you.

$Immigrant in Canada
My mom also makes banana chips quiet often. Even her recent visit she made some and brought it along.

Geo said...

nice list...

no Thanu-isms though :_))

may be except for this
(me being married and all)

whats that 'and all' supposed to mean ? :_D

Payyans said...

found this very amusing ! nice

Alexis Leon said...

No people in the hate list - You are lucky to be in such a position.

No close brushes with danger - Keep it that way.

Totally against suicide - That is nice...

Could never understand what can be so bad that one needs to end the life - Believe me, there are many situations where ending the life is a better solution.

Banana chip & fish fry - I like them. But why under guilty pleasures?

Beef Achar is one of my favorites. I like fish achar too.

Shekar 5 times - LOL (Shekar are you seeing this :-))

Nice dream and nice words (go to sleep...)- ROFL

I like them all the same way. Who are the 'all'?

Kusum Rohra said...

Oye nice template :)

Jaguu said...


5 crushes/loves in your life

* Shekar
* Shekar
* Shekar
* Shekar
* Shekar

Some day I am gonna get that little pink diary of yours and then we would know the truth!! ;;)

Lovely Template Thanu!! :)

Ravi said...

Ah nice....

silverine said...

I just love this template. So you :)

You have just described a beautiful life!

Immigrant in Canada said...

Thanu beautiful template..absolutely beautiful

freebird said...

Ur new template is awesome!!!
absolutely rocking :-)
Ente comments koodumbo paranjal mathi... although now tht i've started commenting seems like i cant stop it ;-)

Thanu said...

All - Happily Married...

$Byju Sukumaran
Thank you.

$Alexis Leon
I think hate is a very strong word; there are few ppl I dislike.

//Keep it that way
I hope so too.

//Believe me, there are many situations where ending the life is a better solution.
I guess I have never encountered any of these (thank God), but I had one of my friends kill himself when I was 14 and since then I just can not sympathize with people who kill themselves.

//Banana chip & fish fry - I like them. But why under guilty pleasures?
Guilty pleasures because of the amount of these I consume that it reached my non-healthy standards.

I love fish Achar too.

//Shekar are you seeing this
He reads my posts once in a while (more like once in 3 months or something)

//Who are the 'all'? - Batman, Spiderman and everyone else. They do everything which is scripted by someone else. Real heroes are like Mother Teresa who makes a huge difference in the world.

$Kusum Rohra
Thanks you.

U know I alwaz figured that there will be someone after that diary of mine so I never kept a diary my whole life so all my secrets die with me.

//Lovely Template Thanu!! :)
Thank u.

Thank you.

It looks so serene and peaceful. I saw it and I was like I wanna get it.

$Immigrant in Canada
Thank u so much.

Thank you. Ur comments are never too many. Like one can never have too much Banana Chips.

Geo said...

fantabulous template!!

educatedunemployed said...

Wow what happened here.Love the template.Awesome new look.

Archana said...

Nice template :-)!

Rays Of Sun said...

nice template:) I also have that pic of girl:-)

Rays Of Sun said...

Oh..and it looks like "Thanu's designer abode" :D

Jiby said...

i have put off this tag for so long...just plain lazy to come up with 5's of everything!!!

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! So did Shekar take you for tiramisu after reading the Shekar Shekar Shekar Shekar Shekar?? :D