Thursday, May 25, 2006

What Else is on TV

"Men definitely hit the remote more than don't care what's on TV, men only care what else is on TV. Women want to see what the show is before they change the channel, because men hunt and women nest." - Jerry Seinfeld

The first time I saw Jerry saying these lines all he got was a small chuckle out of me. Little did I know back then that it was the whole truth.

Every evening when Shekar and I get home there is a dash towards the remote. So when we are sitting and watching and a commercial break comes, he switches the channel. I on the other hand don't mind the commercial break, for me it is a break to do little chores like go wash the cups that we had coffee, or start prepping (just prepping not cooking) for dinner.

And when Shekar switches he sees something else and then he stops at that channel. By this time I'm back after doing whatever I was and then seeing this new program I also loose interest in the old one we were watching.

So recently I have given up on TV and have started reading a book. Now, I'm so glad that I get to read so much more. In the last month I finished 4-5 novels.

But there are some shows that bring us together to watch TV, before watching I make Shekar promise that he will watch this whole show.

Indeed men only care what else is on TV.


Immigrant in Canada said...

I agree completely.. My best friend used to celebrate each time when her spouse went overseas for business trip saying" now i have the TV for myself"!! as for me a good book is any time better

Kusum Rohra said...

Completely Right... but on the other hand i too care only about what else is on TV, and i can't sit and warch TV at a strech for more than 10 mins :)

Dew Drops said...

yet to experience ;)

Ravi said...

he he he...the men part of it is true, not sure about the women part

Soni said...

There were days when I could just sit the whole day and watch the day's movies one after another stopping only for lunch! Now, I can honestly say, I have not switched on my TV for a month and half because of the late hours at work.

AJITH said...

Got here from kerala blog roll..I've to admit, what you have written is correct. Thats why men hate watching television in the company of other men if the remote is with them. :) ( I do hate that )

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

yeah, I used to switch the channels until my sis went mad.
now here in Chennai, we found that TV is a total waste; hence no TV.
therefore wasting time in the blogs ;-)

Alexis Leon said...

I have quit watching TV to find time to read books. I prefer a good book to TV. I watch the TV only when I want to watch a movie and that too I have the VCD/DVD with me, becaue I don't want to waste my time watching the commercials. Also with VCD/DVD, I can skip the songs. I love songs, but I don't like watching the songs :-)

Pooja said...

The last I remember watching TV, I did exactly what Shekhar seems to be doing. I wonder if it has anything to do with the gender. Probably more related to how much interest it holds of the viewer & not so much as which sex was watching tele.

Vishnu said...

Agree. During undergrad days in the hostel TV room, there used to be some dude sitting with the remote who changed channels during breaks. It was painful for the others, and then others would start shouting "Change!", or sometimes you could hear nice words!!

silverine said...

Another difference between guys and girls. I have my own TV because of that, but then I rarely watch TV. It's always books and other hobbies. Last month I watched a total on one hour of TV that too mostly news :)

A Seinfeld Maniac said...


Repeat after me *All true wisdom is on Seinfeld*....I cant get tired of watching that show...have the Seven seasons out so far on DVD with me.. which i watch randomly. If I had the power I would make everyone watch Seinfeld....

Geo said...

Btw, What Else is on TV?

Jiby said...

wonderfully written!!! u just write so well abt day-to-day situations unlike all the other bloggers i know of!!! we men are real killjoys!!! my mom always says..."eda nee athil ingane njekkikonde irunnaal athe kuuzhinje pokum akathotte!!!"

moontalk said...

oh yeah!in our family wenever it so happens that my bro n i land up at home the same time, its an allout war for remote.its not so much as switching channels, but switching to the wrong channels that's the prob!:D
but gotta say that women are not too far mom manages to watch 3 soaps, im 3 diff channels at the same time, n follow the sweat!

Thanu said...

$Immigrant in Canada
I know..I never realized this till like a month ago.

$Kusum Rohra
I'm not a huge TV watched, but when I'm watching something I wanna finish watching it.

$Dew Drops
Enjoy the remote while u can.

If I like what I'm watching I rarely switch.

Oh .. sad that u have to stay away frm TV.

Welcome here. I have seen that too at family get-togethers.

So do u blog hop a lot. I guess blog hopping is familiar to switching channels.

$Alexis Leon
I hate songs during movies too. After the movie is over, I go to the Menu and play all the songs.

Welcome here.
May be...but when Shekar was flipping channels, words from Seinfeld came to mind.

Welcome here.
See I'm not alone.

I love crime dramas, that is what I watch or at least parts of these shows is what I watch.

$A Seinfeld Maniac
That is a good show, but I'm not a fan of it.

Dha, pinne thudagi

//"eda nee athil ingane njekkikonde irunnaal athe kuuzhinje pokum akathotte!!!"
That is so funny, I'll try using that with Shekar and see.
Thank you.

It’s more like a power thing. I am in charge of the remote.

Janefield said...

This is totally true, it definitely is a gender thingie! What books did you read/reading now?

b v n said...

its that unique relationship we have with the switch on the tv and you are in a different world,its just you and the tv,you are indifferent to everything else.That feeling is so cool,you are the king and the remote is somekind of control with which you kill or choose in that are all powerful.I love my remote,tonight i'll kill tbs :-)

educatedunemployed said...

I guess Im that category then.Can't watch TV for too long.Have to channel surf.Just lack the patience I think.

neihal said...

Got up at 9am and have been reading your blog since then...throughly enjoyed..and if i ever write about my TV experience, it will be very much like yours.My husband is rarely bothered what is on TV he will just go on changing channels...he'll go on and on and on and on....damn there are like infinite channels nowdays. Ah! the good old days of Doordarshan and 'Sorry for the interruption'.

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh, we have a better way..:)
We just dont watch TV at all in out house.. coz he puts only sports.. which is such a bore!!!

Welcome to Our World said...

Cool post! You can write so well but such simple things.... I'm mighty impressed :)