Thursday, June 01, 2006


Every given day I utter this word quiet a few times and every time it is because I have hurt myself. I'm very accident prone ( that's how I like to put it, as opposed to what Shekar calls me - Careless) .

  • It starts with waking up in the morning, and on my way to the bathroom, my shoulder hits the corner of the wall - Ouch
  • Come back from the bathroom to wake Shekar up, my toe hits the bed stand - Ouch
  • As usual I'm running late, so grab my plate with waffles and walk to the living room to watch news. My eyes are on the TV and bang I have kicked the coffee table again - Ouch
  • As I open my front door to get out, I forget to move my feet and I open the door, and it come and hits my toe - Ouch
  • I manage to get to work safe and I'm in a meeting at work. Most of the time I sit with my legs crossed at my knees. So I'm at this meeting listening away and I lift my right leg to cross over my left and thud, my right knee just hit the table - Ouch
  • After my day at work I return home. On of few things I do immediately after I get home is empty my dishwasher. So my dishwasher is lying open like this and I'm putting the dishes away and walking around the open lid, and as you all would have by guessed now, every evening I hit the part below my knee on this open door - Ouch

These are incidents that happen to me everyday. Then there are incidents that happen to me only once.

Other day at work, we all had a 30 minutes presentation to go to. The organizer did not realize there would be a good turn out, so he booked a small room that had seating capability for 10 people and we were like 20. So I got this nice spot by the door and just stood there. So I was standing there pretending to listen and all of a sudden I scream Ouch. The whole place went quiet and I had 20 pairs of eye staring at me, like what is wrong with you, Did you see a spider?

For a split second even I did not know what happen. It felt like someone had grabbed my hair and pulled it. When I turned around I realized that someone had shut the door and my hair got caught in between the door and its frame.

Then there are other days....


silverine said...

lol understand what you go through. In my case it is some months when I have the misfortune of saying *ouch*. Last month was one such month. When it rains it pours :))

Ravi said...

Toe accidents..
You hit the toe, u dont feel a thing other than a thud..but after a second or two, when the blood rushes back into those veins...Pang of retribution personified.....
like thunder bolt after lightning....
this time lag is funny....usually u dont expect pain, u just get hurt and its starts paining, but when u know its gonna pain in a while...

The Smiling Girl said...

Hehe.... that was really funny...
But it must\'ve been pretty embarrassing, right?
And toe accidents - when I have one, the pain is just so much coz it hits the nail directly... poor u, u have so many in one day!!!

Immigrant in Canada said...

Gosh.. u scare me.. that is way too much a day.. and getting your hair caught in the door frame tops the ouch. careful..please

Kusum Rohra said...

Good God, its jolly good thingy i have short hair :)

Dhanush said...

Use iodex - Iodex Ooh Aah Ouch Door Karaey :-)

Deeps said...

Oh man, I know about the toe thing. God, why are bedstands/tables/chairs made this way? Or why are toes made this way? :-p. Thankfully, I'm not as accident prone as you, except when it comes to toes ;-).

Sorry for not commenting for so long. Back from India after a month :). The blog looks lovely btw :).

Alexis Leon said...

You certainly are accident prone. In Industrial Engineering we have a chapter on them. We never employ such people to complex tasks. But when I was working in Pond's there was a fellow who create an accident just by walking through an asile. When something came crashing down, everybody used to call out his name. He was that famous :-)

neihal said...
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neihal said...

"I'm very accident prone ( that's how I like to put it, as opposed to what Shekar calls me - Careless)"

Nice way of looking at things. Just one question though, how much do you contribute to the bain-aid industry each year? haha.

yetanother.softwarejunk said...
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Shilpa said...

Ouch. That would hurt !

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

ouch ennu thudarnnu parayan kaiyum kalumokke bhakkiyundo?

You are lucky yaar. I have read your earlier post. first time I am hearing that somebody's leg is falling into asleep :-) great capability!!!

take care.

neihal said...

hey that's 'band aid industry'. I knew something was wrong.

Janefield said...

I just broke my toe so i totally commisserate in your misery! Mine was a ghastly accident though involving a glass and that's all I'll say coz I'm fed up reliving it each time someone asks the ominous question 'what happened?'!! This is my first fracture (saying it like some proud achievement) but I do hit my toe around furniture a lot otherwise...common thing for a lot of people i guess...

monu said...

the picture on your profile is realy nice .... very beautiful :)

Thanu said...

For me everyday it pours:(

Toe is such a bad. It hurts like crazy..

$Lovely Smiles
I know...
my poor toe..

$Immigrant in Canada
I know I shud be very careful.

$Kusum Rohra
I love my long hair though.

The pain that happens for that split second...

I know y r furniture made this way?
Thank you for the template compliment.

$Alexis Leon
Good I'm not an IE (Imaginary Engineers as we call this breed)

Band aid not put, I rarely get cut. Usually it swelling so spend more on Bengays

Tell me abt it.

>>ouch ennu thudarnnu parayan kaiyum kalumokke bhakkiyundo?
Athi vayi kondu alle parayunne, kaiyl kalum kondu allallo.

Kal maravichu pogar ille?

$The Chosen One
I have never broken anything. Thank God.

What pict? my profile is empty..

Archana said...

If my little right toe had a voice, it would be wailing almost every single day :-(!

But yeah, you do seem to have more "ouch-es" than normal people ;-P!

Grain Saint said...

still Shekar ..grrrrr ..nahin banta :x :D
lady ..u do have medical insurance na? :O
seen the Final Destination trio ..u shud! :P