Wednesday, January 11, 2006


When it comes to girls we are all (at least most of us) very attached and passionate about our hair.

When I was a kid, mom used to cut my hair till I was 6, then we used to make a trip to a nice beauty parlor where a very nice girl, Vidya, used to cut my hair. We used to go there very frequently and became very close with her. She was 25 or 26, so I used to think, Vidya is so much cooler than my parents. I used to enjoy her company. I used to have real short hair, with a very guyish hair style.

Reminds me of an incident, when I was in Tamil Nadu (I was 12), I was taking a bus to go somewhere. I got on the steps and the conductor, he was standing above all the steps, told be Tampi, pinnadi poy eeru translates to little boy, go climb through the back. I raised my head and he smiled apologetically.

That is how short my hair used to be. All my friends by this time started having nice long hair, or girlish short hair. Still I loved my hair and planned to wear it like that all the time. Then something unthinkable happened when I was 14, Vidya now in early 30s got involved in an accident and was killed. That is when I decided that I'm going to start growing my hair.

To this day I have not got my hair cut short because I feel that it is something special that only Vidya and I shared. I do get occasional trims but that is it.

Now my hair is nice and long (little below shoulder), I often wonder what Vidya would say. In the deepest of my heart I hear her voice, "You look a lot prettier with short hair."


Oberon said...

......long hair looks good too.

educatedunemployed said...

I have long hair because my father once expressed his wish that his daughter has long hair...And you got that one right baby...thats the one aspect of me that I am actually touchy and passionate about..I have a feeling Vidya thinks you are pretty any which way...

silverine said...


~About fighting with my mom to grow my hair
~Losing the fight most of the time
~Finally mom giving in and letting me grow my hair
~Getting fed up of plaiting the hair every morning for school
~Finally reluctantly agreeing with her that I should grow my hair when I am old enough to take care of it myself.

Now I have waist length hair and loving it :)

Girls and their hair saga I am sure is a millennnia old. Lovely post.

div said...

ya , we are very much passionate about our hair... i had long hair (say abt 60cm) in my school days ..i found it very difficult to manage once i entered in my i have only little longer than my shoulder level..:-(

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... am trying to grow my hair. Finally! :D

Rays Of Sun said...

Ohh! but I LOVE your hair..but sorry to hear the story behind that. Vidya still lives, doesnt she? People who make a difference to your everyday life. Your best post, Thanu!

Eclectic Blogger said...

Vidya wud have been very proud, if she were alive to read this :) Nice post..

Ginkgo said...

you look a lot prettier, eh:-)

well well..therz only one way to find out..:-)

Archana said...

Till I turned 14 or so, I used to favor short hair - now I like slightly below shoulder-length hair the best!
That was really sad about Vidya - but like someone else said, she probably would think that you look great anyways :-)!

Thanu said...

Welcome, and hope to see you around.

Na hair gonna stay long ;)

Thank you. We all love our hair so much, long or short.

I know we shud start a hair tag and pass it around. We all have like a million hair stories.

How big is 60 cms- thinks.
a small ruler is like 15 cm, so that times 4. Oh that is lot of hair.

Have fun, the growing part it not hard, it is the taking care of the hair that is grown.

$Rays Of Sun
Thank you so much. Viday still lives, I think of her everyday as I brush my hair.

$The Moghul...
THe Czar has beome a Moghul. No pictures, yeah kya, u want a picture of sally the other day, now this.

$Eclectic Blogger
Thank you. I hope so too.

Thank you and nice try. No that is not happening.

I used to like her so much, she was more than a hair stylist and that is why it mattered more.

Keshi said...

thats sad..that Vidya is no more...

I used to have short hair when I was a kid...and once a bus conductor called me little boy too lol! Same thing happened to me :)

Now I have long hair...


Anonymous said...

Really Touching post. Nice to know that you remember Vidya for so many years now.

Geo said...

1. Go in n get seated
2. "Same cut, just make it real short"
3. "Thank you, how much is it?"
4. Pay and leave.

Geo said...

sorry, forgot this last step

5. forget the fact that u have hair for the next 1 or 2 months.

Now I have waist length hair and loving it :)

on an average, u get some 10 proposals for each of ur posts... why try any harder?


silverine said...


Don't you think we should appoint Geo as our what-men-find-attractive-in-a-gal advisor?? His comments betray a vast knowledge in the subject. And we can all benefit from his extensive expertise....i.e.if we are marying MCP's ;)

Thanu said...

$The Moghul...
Abi Maharaj Kush?

Really, I was like I'm only poor soul who had to go through that humiliation. Misery has company now.

Welcome Techie, hope to see you around.

We girls love our hair, for u its just like nails. We care about our nails too..If u see the amount of hair care product a girl has, you will know what we mean when we say care.

We can never forget about our hair.

I Agree with silverine, u are our what-men-find-attractive-in-a-gal advisor. Be ready for those midnight calls.

No more needs to be said, Geo has been appointed.

Ajay said...

long hair looks good but difficult to maintain

Anonymous said...

I had grown my hair long, shoulder length almost, after i had been to a concert but then had to cut it short coz of, well undocumented company policies....its been one year since i took it off....miss it....So the attachment is not just restricted to women..