Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wake up

I’m one of the selected few who can fall asleep right after I lay down and once I’m asleep nothing wakes me up. This was something ingrained in my system. My mom used to say that I was the perfect baby I always slept and only woke up when I was hungry (life used to be so simple back then).

Back when I was in college, I used to pull a lot of all-nighters and since I used to work during the weekend I was always sleep deprived. Then it happened one Friday evening I got home around 2.00 pm and I went to my room and changed and went to sleep. My family was very understanding and they only woke me up when I have to be woken up. So I’m in this deep sleep and Veena (older sister) comes and wakes me up saying “Jolikku Pogande?” (Don’t u have to go to work). For which I sleepishly reply Samayam Enthu aayi (What time is it?). Veena says 6.30. I jump up from bed, as I have to be at work at 7.00 AM, and my work place was almost 30 minutes away. I grab the phone to call and let people at my work know that I’m running late, then Veena says I’ll call you get dressed. (such a great sister). So I dash to the bathroom and start brushing my teeth and then I get ready to take shower, Veena runs into the bathroom screaming and laughing and she says “Oh my god I can not believe you actually fell for this, it is 6.30 PM on Friday and not 6.30 AM on Saturday”

I got out of the bathroom and chased her around the house and I saw my parents just staring at us, there were probably thinking, wasn’t Thanu sleeping and now how come she is chasing Veena around or Do 21 and 24 year old siblings still chase each other.

Now when Veena visits me or vice versa, or we both go home, I make sure I wake up early and wake her up, but every single time she wakes up before I do, be it my place, her place or our home. But, one day I'm going to get her.


Sujith said...

did it happen on an April 1st? :p curiosity :-)

Anonymous said...

nice blog. I chanced by it randomly and thought i should leave a comment
have a nice day

Anonymous said...

//I’m one of the selected few who can fall asleep right after I lay down and once I’m asleep nothing wakes me up. This was something ingrained in my system. My mom used to say that I was the perfect baby I always slept and only woke up when I was hungry (life used to be so simple back then). //

So like me...
Abhi dekh..I slept for 1 hour and got up with a queasy feeling hoping that Thanu should have posted something and here it is..exactly what I wanted to read.
How is ur health??

Jiby said...

that wuz funny...hope u get back at her soon!!! all ur posts stand out for the feel-good factor!!!

Geo said...

I second Jiby…
Feel good factor is the word I was looking for to describe your posts… :_)

Do u still chase ur sis ? :_))

Thanu said...

We don't need April 1t to pull prank on each others.

$Alexis Leon
THank you alexis. My parents are coming to spend easter with us, so am very excited.

Thank u girish, and hope to see yo around.

Health is k still not 100%

I have to get back on her soon.. Thank u, for the comment abt feel good factor.

Oh yeah we still chase each other. We both went home for christmas and for some reason Veena was chasing me and we ran around our dining table. Or dad walked with a raised hadn, like he was gonna spank us "Ur husbands are sitting in the other room, go sit with them instead of running ard the house". I stopped and was walking to the living room Veena came after me and hit me on my back....

Oh yeah we still are little kids when we get home.

Archana said...

LOL! I remember, once in hostel I got up in the evening after deep sleep and marched to the bathroom thinking it was morning ...

Nice post :-)! Its always fun-time with siblings :-D!

Ginkgo said...

one of the few times, when having a sibling is worth it, I guess:P

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Once a took a nap in the afternoon, got up in an hour, seedha went to bathroom and started brushing! Hehehe :P

Eclectic Blogger said...

happened many times with me too :)

Unknown said...

great Thanu! The best method to stay hapy is never to stop the kid in you from taking over!

Freak out & have fun!


quills said...

Really nice post. I always wanted to have a sister, but unfortunately have none. But my brother could just be as naughty. :)

Happy Easter by the way! :)

Anil.kumar03@gmail.com said...

oh wow, u make me smile, it was such a lovely post.

gosh, waking u up in the evening and you taking bath at that time...

my my, i am really laughing, but its gr8 to see such fun between siblings.

beautiful post :)


educatedunemployed said...

Hahahaha, you guys sound like a riot together.

Thanu said...

It doesn't seem that upsetting when one does it by themselves. Sibling are always fun

Having a sibling is worth it EVERYTIME

So there are lot of people like me.

$Eclectic Blogger
Me not alone ;)

Who says we have to grow up.

Grass is alwaz greener on the other side. I always wanted a brother.

$Anil The Great
Thank you.

ask our parents they could write a book about our fights.

silverine said...

You were the perfect baby? I was the opposite :)) And waking up people on a Saturday was so much fun till I started working and realised how precious a Saturday sleep in was :(

Great post as always.

Shilpa said...


Hey y dont u stay up after V goes to sleep and wake her up in the middle of the night instead of early in the morning ?

Brijesh Nair said...

I have a similar story to tell. It happened with my room mate. He kept the clock fast by 4 hours after I slept. I kept alaram at 8 am and slept. As soon as the alaram rang I got up, get ready in 30 min for work and when I opened the door it was dark. When I came and saw the time in the computer it was 4.45 am.
It was fun ready this post

Just Jane said...

LOL! Your posts not only have the 'feel-good' factor, but also the 'child-like' factor. Good one!

Jagan said...

me too hav fallen for such pranks played by my sis :-) ..guess the younger ones are too innocent :-p