Monday, May 07, 2007

Card for every occasion

Greeting Cards has been a huge part of my life. As a kid we got a lot of Christmas cards and I was in charge of collecting them after each year and saving them.

Then on rainy days when Veena and I were not allowed to play outside we played this game where we had to guess who sent us this card. I used to always win and I was the person who managed these cards.

As we got older, I used to save money that my parents gave to buy cards for friends and families birthdays. During my teenage years I was all about cards. I would send "Just Hello", "Thinking of you" cards.

Recently the whole card thing has worn out. I really do not care for cards. For me its more like just waste of money. Now when I get a card from someone I save it but have stopped sending cards.

I have started sending hand written letters to all my friends on their Birthdays.....

I have finally grown up

So do you all save the cards you get?


joy said...

i always saved my cards n even those my bros got n now after i came here i no longer buy or send any nor do i recieve anymore...thanks to the ecards.phew

Archana said...

Yup I do - especially since I hardly get any paper cards any more :-(! I simply love going over cards from the past :-))!

namrata said...
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Neihal said...

my case exactly like yours. As a kid I was so excited about cards. I would send as many as I could and kept every single card I recieved. But the n I realised it was such a waste of money and paper. It seemed more like a part of commercial game- archies, hallmark and what not.:)

Alexis said...

I never send cards to anyone and I don't save the cards that I receive. In my opinion it is sheer waste of money.

I usually send a personal e-mail or a handwritten letter.

I think that is cheaper and more intimate as you get to write what you feel rather guys at Hallmark and co

Anonymous said...

we sent 2 greeting cards to India last month ... to a friend getting married, and another to friends who had a baby.
but, i still agree with Neihal ... all these cards are part of a big commercial game !
and, i liked your idea of sending handwritten notes ... will try that.

Kiran said...

I have one which is 4 years old...its a hand written greeting, on a paper...Nice one thanu.


Anna said...

I guess I was like you, cared for it a lot when I was young. Used to race with my brother to pick up the mail during the Christmas and New Year season and save all the cards. I had this huge collection and even now I have faint memories of those cards.

Then came online cards.Now I no longer care about the cards..

But lately we moved to a new home.. probably since it is my first home here in US I did save 2 of the cards we got for house warming.Its on my Fridge.

Jeseem said...

i hate these in-store cards. so artificial.
if i send a card, it has to have something of me in it and something of a surprise factor.
but well i have never been much of a card person, but handwritten cards, that got my mind thinking :)

Jeseem said...

saw ur blog from anjali's my-think-pad blog. so decided to visit and leave a hi.
so a hi

phatichar said...

Couldn't agree with you more..hand-written notes are a lot more personalized :)

Good going..

The Black King said...

Wow... thats a nice idea... hand written letters can actually make someone smile specially, can't they?

Paro said...

As a kid I used to save almost all the cards I got, now the numbers have gone down and lost the majority of my collection when we shifted our home, but even now I can't resist buying cards with beautiful words in 'em and send 'em to my friends.:)(tho' i raise my eyebrows at the price!!!)
Maybe I'll try out your idea from now on :)

Shiekh of Controversy said...

i like 2 buy cards for my friends for thier b'days ,or occassions , write thier name seal it , but never send it to them .dont know why. :)