Sunday, July 22, 2007

Its Finally Here

Saturday morning scene at home
  • Wake up at 8.00 am - which is early for me on a Saturday
  • Go to and track my order
  • It shows it the package is in my City, so it will be home soon
  • Its 10.00 AM and the package is still not here
  • Its 11.00 and ding dong the door bell rings

And Voila.......

I was so happy as I tore open the package, Shekar says what if they shipped you the sixth book instead of the seventh, I gave him the dirtiest stare and told him don't even joke about it.

Grabbed the book and sat on our patio till 2.00 PM and read, ate lunch and then went back to reading. Then around 8.00 PM took break for dinner and then got back to reading at 10.00 PM and stayed up till 2.00 AM and I finished the book. No Spoilers here.... I liked the book, lot of things going on.. but still HBP is my favorite of the series.

So now I'm planning to re-read it very slowly just in case I have missed something. Little sad that the whole Harry phenomenon is over (not really they are 2 more movies and I can always re-read 1-7 ;)...).

My copy of Deathly Hallows..... looks so pristine... and I'm going to pass this on from genration to generation.. just like the Invisible Cloak.


Beautiful Mind said...

Yeah..Even I liked the book..still lot of questions open and I feel Rowling have left it open..
It was a great read..


TZP said...

I feel mixed about the book. A little sad and confused. I didnt understand the part about the spell bouncing back.

Beautiful Mind said...

@taz..the elder wand belongs to the the master is Harry..So when Voldy tried to do the killing curse, the wand did not obey him but backfired him..

SK said...

Hey I lovedddd the book. :--))

Anonymous said...

wow ... lots of things going on here, since my last visit ... hairy post, harry potter. have fun.
so, what next ? hey, BTW, did u see the Order of the Phoenix ?

Rohan Venkat said...

Yeah the Encyclopedia should be interesting, although it might be underwhelming for anyone who, y'know, wants one more book (which, sadly, is a lot of Potter Fandom)

I think it's ended on a comfortably high note, and we should be happy about that.

Even more interesting is what Rowling comes up with after she's all done with Potter.

Sayesha said...

//Shekar says what if they shipped you the sixth book instead of the seventh

Hahahahaha! Tell Shekar he rocks! :D

Geets said...

Hey I'm back!
Hope you enjoyed the book!

Rays Of Sun said...

LONGEST time ever on blogosphere! And started with your post..Although, am happy that I dint miss a lot of events in your life;) eventhough I dint click any of the links on my homepage:)
Guess, will start hanging out at blogspot from now on:-)

Lotus Reads said...

I couldn't help smiling as I read your post, it just oozed with excitement! Enjoy your new Harry Potter.

Thanu said...

$Beautiful Mind
I enjoyed it too

Sad its over?


Oh yes I did watch the movie opening week...

Rohan Venkat
$Lets just wait and see

What throw rocks at Shekar? If it was 6th book he wud have got his share of rocks...

I loved it..

$Rays Of Sun
Nice to see u here after a long time...

$Lotus Reads
Thanks...I'm re-reading it now