Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I never thought this day will come...

To all my readers (the 3 people that read my blog), I rarely update this blog so I have decided to discontinue it.

I will still have it up just in case I change my mind in future.

I learned so much from this blog, I was never a writer (not that I claim that I'm a writer now), but I am happy that I was able to write things here and people actually read it.

I made friends from all over the world, and no discontinuing this blog doesn't mean the friendship stops.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog for the past 2 yrs, I'll still be a regular reader at all your blogs

UPDATE: I had couple of people ask me the reason, the reason is just that the whole blog thing is not as appealing now as it was before. I don't look forward to writing anymore.... I just do it because I feel like "Its been more than a month since my last post...lemme write something. "


Rahul said...

I'll miss reading you thanu! Thank you for all the fun I had reading your blog, and especially for the recent recipe :-)

educatedunemployed said...

Oh no! another one bites the dust. This is not fun. But I understand some things just have to be done. I hope to see you around. Good luck.

Deeps said...

Arey yaar, why? I know I don't comment so much, but that can't be the reason :-p. That too just after I gave you an award.

Seriously speaking, I don't want you to stop. But if you are not comfortable writing, then its your decision. I'll sure be hoping to see you return and write more..

Thanu said...

$Rahul - So did u try the recipe, how did it turn out?

$EE - I'll be ard.. mai aur kahan jaungi?

$Deepthi - I just don't feel it anymore. Hopefully I'll return too....

Jaya said...

Hey Thanu, I came to your blog from Archana Bahuguna's blog. I have read some of your posts and really enjoyed them. Just wanted to let you know regarding last post on "Life on the Refrigerator door". I love books and am trying my best to catch couple of them once in a while. I put this book on hold in the library and I am going to get it tonight and read.

Hope to see you back soon.

Archana said...

But why :-(? I will miss your posts :-(!

Hope you will post something at least occassionally!

Good luck with everything!

Rays Of Sun said...

Just now, I blogged something and you were the only one whom I tagged!
I came here to find that this place is closed:(
Anyway, this blog is like a door..Just open it whenever you feel like it:)
Little break does wonders to the soul:)

Beautiful Mind said...

Hmm..the days shouldnt be longer when you feel like.."Why cant I start writing?" Have a refreshing break..

Sayesha said...

Uhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! :(

Jeseem said...

gud luck to you and hoping to see u back soon

Archana Bahuguna said...

Hope to see your blogs again, but anyways wishes. And also happy Diwali!


Anonymous said...

Hey thanu, I have been a silent reader at ur blog for more than a year now. I really loved reading your entries especially your cooking stories!! I know life changes and our intrests keep changing too, i hope you wont delete this blog, just leave it and u dont have to force yourself to update it, may be a day will come when you feel like getting back to the blog world, even if its after a long time its ok my dear friend. Dont say good bye please!!!

Nikki said...

Hi Thanu
Thnx for ur wishes.
U have a well written blog. How come u decided not to continue it?
Any chance of changing your mind?

Alameen said...

A blog about the end of blogging and these many replies...

Isn't it a good enough reason to continue blogging..


TZP said...

Looks like you have more than 3 readers :)
Totally loved SF. Though of course living in the city would mean I need to earn about 3 times what I do now!

Anonymous said...

Don't quit Thanu! Seriously...it could be a passing thought....take a break...a 3 hour movie has a break....so go on a relaxing trip and get bk.
Ironically today morning I told a friend to quit her miserable job.

The delicate moments in your posts....especially the 'kattan kappi' made me recollect all instances of kappi drinking...(my aunt use to scare us saying it will make the complexion darker..is it true?)

No comments from me so far 'cos I was lazy...(Umm, an 8 hour job..a happy family with a healthy appetite keeps one lulled..)
There is a sort of relief when we release the pain or pleasure of living. so keep writing..

see you soon..

Anonymous said...

dear thanu,
i dont remember how i happened to come to this site..but am happy i did..ur writing style is truly wonderful..takes me back to my childhood days..n i find that v've similar tastes in many things..hope u had not stopped blogging..hoping to c u again..