Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The day I Won

I have the worst luck when it comes to drawings. And by drawings I do not mean the one with pencil and paper but the one where a winner is selected out of pile of people. This has never stopped me from buying these tickets or entering any contests.

At my previous job our group (60 people) had a company meeting. In this meeting they bring all of us together and our CEO briefs us on what is going on and all. Usually they have a drawing and the winner gets $500. This time they did it a little different. They passed around envelopes to every one, and they said the winner will get the one with cash. One guys jumps up saying he got a 100 dollar bill. Then I open mine I see a 100 dollar bill and jump up saying (actually screaming)"I won I won". I was so excited because this was the first time in my life I had actually won something because of luck. So finally lady luck did smile at me. Then I look around and I see that everyone got a 100 dollar bill in his/her envelope. According to HR everyone was a winner this time.

I just stood their blushing, and waiting for lady luck to smile at me again.

I left this job 6 months after this incident and there wasn't a single day in those 6 months that someone didn't remind me of this incident.


kickassso said...

technically , you didnt win, or if you did, so did everyone else:P
But why would a company want to do this:-/

Thanu said...

No, I didn't win.

These are called incentives so ppl do no leave the company

RJ Nair said...


Good Idea ...should try to sell the Idea to my company management.:P
so what did you do with ALL THAT Money? ;)Bought more shoes?



PS: Enable annonymous comments Ohh friend of my Mom!

gini said...

This is a nice blog u have going on here..quite a few nice reads esp. the one about Indian ads..

Arun R said...

ha ha ha....

Another one of the HR games!!!! I'm sure that others would have had a good laugh at ur expense!!! ;)

Prasanth "PC" Chandrahasan said...

Hi Thanu,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I know the blog is a little long. It is the anglicized version of a Malayalam article I am preparing (and perhaps getting published also). If you can give some constructive criticism I can improve the malayalam version too (more in the lines of an open source software). BTW I have been a regular visitor to your blogs through Silverine's blog, though not yet left a comment (Kind of maintaining my anonymity)


virdi said...


you won!!! you won!!! you party.. you party... we eat we eat...

you pay the bill !! ;-)


eh! said...

lots of things we are crazy about ..winning free stuff/cash tops them all :D

Rays Of Sun said...

Wow, 100$ is a lot, girlie:)
An antire month of Starbucks:O
BTW, good to see you back:)

silverine said...

The games people in HR play !!! I have had my fair share of luck in lucky draws. But I always score if it is a Slogan contest :))

Thanu said...

Try selling this idea and if u get some money, send me a percentage.

Thank you.
Welcome to my blog and keep visiting.

So true, everyone laughed at me as I was standing there raising my 100 dollar bill.

Prashant, welcome to my blog. I didn't know u were a reader of my blog. I visited ur thru Kerala Blogrolling. Will read ur blog and leave some comments.

Me no Win re, party when I win. samja

$The Last Czar
I know the feeling of winning cash, it lasted for 2 seconds.

$Rays Of Sun
I don't even remember what I spent it on. Put it in my purse and that is the last thing I remember.

$silverine said...
I never win lucky draws. Please send some luck my way. If u r good at slogans, you shud enter a contest at desipundit. They had/have a contest going on for a slogan.

jeenu said...

hey thanu
well i have won couple of lucky draws and i have made a jackass out of myself on those times...friends remind me of that all the time :D
well nice read

Vikram said...

Hahaha. That was cool.

Thanu said...

Haven't seen u around for a while. Read ur Nilay, waiting for the next part.

It is not cool when u r standing in front of 60 people holding a 100 dollar bill nice and high and screaming "I won I won".

Thanks for the laugh though.

Jay said...

Hey nice one ! :-)

One More Reason said...

That was funny. But I am sure I wouldn't have wanted to be in your shoes that day :)

Raj said...

Did thsi happen before or after Oprah used a similar stunt? Btw, funny story. Even i am very unlucky when it comes to draws or contests but I believe its because my good luck is being saved for bigger things.

Thanu said...

$Jay said...
Thanks, never seen u after this.

$One More Reason
It was funny for others and embarrassing for me.

$Raj said...
//I believe it’s because my good luck is being saved for bigger things.

I love this statement. OK from now on I'm gonna think like this too..