Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Survival Kit

Most of the girls walk around with a purse, and guys with a wallet and it serves the same purpose. But we have a lot more stuff in our purse than in a guy’s wallet. When a guy can survive with a wallet why do we need a purse and all the things in that purse?

Most of the guys will have a wallet that has some cash, few credit cards, few receipts. But, in their pockets they also have cell phones (some wear it on their belt -- uggh), keys, Chap Stick and some more receipts.

But a girls’ purse is more like a survival kit. Here are all the things in my purse and the reason why I carry it.
Wallet - Mainly has cash, credit cards.
Hair Brush - I have long hair and as I leave it open, needs to be brushed frequently.
Lip gloss/chap stick - Lips get really dry here regardless of the season.
Powder-Cover girl powder.
Pocket tissue - Small pack of pocket tissue, just in case I get a runny nose or cry for some reason.
Dental Floss - Hate food getting stuck in my teeth after eating out.
Gum - A pack of Extra sugar free gum.
Lotion - Small tube of Nivea lotion. Hands get dry a lot.
Pen - Have like 2-3 pens and don't know why but I have a pencil too
Check book - I carry this all the time just in case I'm at a place that only takes check. These kinds of places are getting extinct these days.
Cell phone - Don't we all have this
Keys - Another thing that we all have
Medicine - I have Ibuprofen and Benadryl with me always just in case a headache or allergy hits me.

So a purse for us girls is a survival kit. If we get stranded anywhere we will have things to last us for a day.

Like most girls even I get teased about carrying my purse with all these things everywhere. But when Shekar sneezes turns over to me and ask do you have a tissue? And I gladly open my purse give him a tissue and ask “Is it the allergies I have Benadryl?”


Jaguu said...


Thank You Thannu..reading your blog religiously is going to stand me in good stead if & when I get married and I am with my "BETTER HALF";).Yes all set for holidays..I am feelin upbeat today!Thank You for the care!Cheers!!

Rays Of Sun said...

Aah you beat me to that Jaguu..Never mind!

Rays Of Sun said...


Awesome read!!
Survival kit is an apt term:)

I have the same things in purse..except for pens..Dont know why, I always lose them. I will find one everywhere but for my purse!

Parth Anand said...

hey..nice post...
an american saying goes like "it is considered indecent to ask a lady her age and what is in her purse?"
but precisely if girls are carrying the "survival kit"..why should men bother...
no wonder single guys like me are finding it hard to "survive"...probably until we find someone to rescue us with her "survival kit"

Thanu said...

I'm gonna prune you so well, that when you get married you will the dream husband of every girl.

I think give or take few items most of us will have the same items in our purse. U have no pens? How do you survive with out that? U probably have a backpack when u go to lab and stuff that has a pen.

Us girls are very sensitive about our purses so when a girl misplaces her purse and starts panicking she has all the reasons. Most of us don't like anyone opening our purse. Shekar to this day hasn't opened by purse, his reason being there is so much stuff in there that it will take hours to dig around and find what he wants so he just hands me my purse anytime he needs anything.

kickassso said...

i dont even use a wallet hehe !

neither do i have a cell phone or credit card!

just my twenty rupees to last a whole day!

It feels great to be a kid!!!!!!!!!

sheela_b said...

thanu:thx for stopping by my blog.keep visiting pls.
It's true that we should "never go to Bed mad at each other" as you said. Just that it's not so easy as it's said. As to the girls' "survival kit",hmmm, mines'are always too messing to get me the rescuing stuff when i desperately need them.:-)

Arun R said...


One thing I hate about a woman's purse is the way they keep money in it. They fold any note 3 times, making a lot of crease on it.

Another thing which puzzles me is that girls have a very small purse, and u r forced to fold the note so many times to keep the note in the purse.

Rays Of Sun said...

hehe..good observation Arun! Too badm you sneaked into a lady's purse:p..jus kidding

jeenu said...

hey thanu
great read yaar
i agree with u ..my purse is my survival kit :)
i have tylenol and advil on me all the time :D

Mridul Narayanan said...

i think you girls ought to put a blanket and mattresse too in it, just in case you get stranded in any no man's land :-)
good writing...

Rahul said...

I have always wanted to know whay you folks carry. Thanks for the lodown ma'am. Now i know what to plan for and what not to count on ;-)

Thanu said...

I could never get out of the house without my purse. I dunno how u do it.

Once a month is cleaning day for my purse. I empty it and get rid of all useless junk(receipts), refill my medicine and then I'm set for the next month.

So tru arun. I didn't realize this till you said, all my notes are folded thrice.

Echo ur thoughts, arun what are you doing looking in a girl's purse.

I carry Midol too, but not everyday ;)

Welcome to my blog.
Purse is small can not fit a mattress. Quit making fun of us, next time u sneeze and have no tissue, u will realize hey carrying a purse around is not that badof an idea.

kickassso said...

WOW ! so many medicine names!!
are you ladies doctors or medicine students or something:-/

Thanu said...

Just regular people. If the girl is a nurse or doctor the number of medicine she carries ard increases.

Pooja said...

Got me thinking what I carry in my purse. Err, I rarely carry a purse. I carry a laptop bag which has a bunch of things including my credit card and keys.

If I travel without the laptop, I usually have my key + credit card + ID in my pockets. The only time I carry a purse is when I go clubbing or something which is not regularly, but has some of he stuff you mention.

I like the title of this entry :-)

Jeseem said...

survival kit !!! its more like carrying a small version of home :)
and the comment about carrying bag in dance club. yeah, seeing a girl in the club floor dancing and at the same time tugging at their bag, is really hilarious experience :)