Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First Paycheck

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I have been working since I was sixteen. I have held various kinds of job (this is another blog topic) and at all these jobs the first paycheck is always special.

I remember my first paycheck of my first job, my parents got a good percent and I gave some to church. Years went by got more jobs, but still the first paycheck always went to my parents and church. After college graduation I got my first real job. This time again, after parents and church I used some to get me a digital camera.

I got my first job after marriage recently and this time the first paycheck went to my parents, Shekar's parents and church. My dad was so surprised and happy that I sent him a part of my first paycheck. It not like he needed the money, it’s more like a token of love. No matter how many jobs I change, I hope I can keep this tradition on.


jeenu said...

hey thanu
that was so sweet of u to send a cheque to ur folks..iam sure they were very proud..
i still remember when i sent my first cheque home my dad has not cashed it yet..he wants to keep it as souvineur..first cheque from their "kutty":D

Parth Anand said...

me first :)

you have been working since your teens?

definitely you owe it to your parents/in laws and by sharing with them..you show your respect for them...

Parth Anand said...

hey...take it back..seems me second...

Mridul Narayanan said...

next paycheck, for a change, u r always welcome to send it to me... :-)

jaguu said...


Thanu..I hope my folks dont read it and tell me how bad a son I am :P.kiddin!

Mridul..U just wait till I go to Narayanan Uncle and tell him u were found askin for charity on net ;)lol!!


jaguu said...


Its just....12:30 am of 9th November here.The night is still young... I feel upbeat & chilled will hit the sack soon MOM!! ;)cheers!Have a great evening!

jaguu said...


Just grooovin to Gigi D Augustino.... Will hit the sack soon..as Have to wake up at 6:30 to watch 2 hrs of cricket before I head to work.I do make up my 7 hr quota of sleep with a powernap as soon as I reach back home from work. what was for lunch? :)

Rays Of Sun said...

Aww..thats so sweet!1
Madam!I just remembered that I have to carry on my tag duties..Will do it tomm! OK? Hope I am still elgible:( Otherwise you wil never tag me in future:(((((

kickassso said...

my Dad' also stern about the giving to church bit...even if i dont give him any!

sheela_b said...

Im feeling so badly guilty now after reading all ur guys'first paycheck blogs. I used to hate ppl sayin im a spoiled child, but it seems now that they were so right.OK,evrybody, I'm trying 2 get a new job now and will ABSOLUTELY send my first paycheck to mom and dad and will NOT take any cent back frm their wallet again this time! I was really awful. :-(((

Jay said...

"No matter how many jobs I change, I hope I can keep this tradition on."


Thanu said...

So true, its not the amount that matters to our parents it is the act.

yeah, been working for a while. I'll write a detailed post about that. I guess 9 years, I'm ready to retire.

I would have, but Jaguu told me not to.

I ust realized I didn't tag anyone...sorry :(

Arre yaar sab chalta hai. I've another Tag by Divya, when doen will pass it on.

Its not just church, any charity. So do u give to church?

Hey, with this resolution, you may find the new job soon.

Thanks Jay. Welcome to my blog.

Parth Anand said...

// I'm ready to retire
you still have lotssa more years before you retire..

Jagan said...

cool ..u too were cursed by jaguu ? nice to kno tht :-) .

eh! said...

wow! amazing cascade of promotion!

- X to parents, Y to Church
- aX to parents, bY to Church ..where a>1, b>1
- cX to parents, dY to Church and a digicam purchased as well ..where c>=a, d>=b
- 2*eX to parents, fY to Church ..where a <= e <= c, b <= f <= d

now that`s wat I shud call smart job hopping :D

I`m sure u can keep it going ..and I guess a box of chocolates can always be added in that list without much adjustments :P

div said...

at sixteen? cool thanu... i am going to be 20 & till now not thought of earning.:-(

pehla pay is the most momorable pay in our life.. with respect of whether the amount is small or big..

rik said...

My first pay check:got it on 1st Sep'05. I had ordered a pair of watches to my parents...but, they have managed to deliver it three days after their marriage anniv...

Wish I knew to fly..as Ros said,, i wud have given them in hand.


silverine said...

Thanks for reminding me of my paycheque and this lovely post. I used to work weekends during my teens,in an ad agency and when I got my first paycheck my Mom made put some money in church and buy some clothes for my Grandma. Like you said it was a token of respect. With my first salaries when I started working full time, I did the same thing. Though grandma is no more, my parents siblings got the token of my respect. I will never forget the look of pride in their eyes or their blessings :)

Jiby said...

the first money i recieved for a job while in college a classmate said i had to contribute 1/10 of it to the chruch which i unwillingly did. will forever cherish my first paycheck recieved from sweeping floors and doing dishes at a cafeduring my MS studes...that feeling wuz special...i had started sending money home when i made this decision with my life...hope i can soon get back to earning and be a pillar of support to my parents again! beautiful post!!!!

jaguu said...


*Mars Calling Earth.. Mars Calling Earth*

#Bleep##Bleep# Everything ok in Sunny CA? #Bleep#Bleep#

Thanu said...

I know, kya karu, I am ready to retire.

Not cursed actually. I like being tagged, I have something to write about.

Next, job u'll get a box of choclate.

True, first pay is special. That is the great thing about this country- kids can work and parents actually encourage it too.

It the thought that counts. Ur parents would have been happy the same amount if the watch got their on time.

Thanks. The is one our parents have taught us that we will never forget - the joy of giving.

Thanks. Hey my first job is also something very similar will blog about that one day.

Wonderfully sunny, just been busy with work.

Jithu said...

hey that was awesome! btw i keep my entire first salary with me, even today! yes, all of the same currency notes.. i hope i can keep it 4 ever :-)) and i guess i have to take this tag.. :-)

Thanu said...

Sure be my guest. Waiting to read the post.