Thursday, November 03, 2005

Falls are Funny

Yesterday I was at work, working my way. Whenever I sit comfortably I curl my leg on the chair and then sit on it. I do this all the time regardless of home and work. But yesterday when I got up, my leg fell asleep. When this happens I usually put my feet flat on the ground and I bend it at my ankle and I'm back to normal. Yesterday I was wearing 2 inch heels and when I bent my ankle I lost balance and THUD I feel on the floor.

All my colleagues came over to see if I was doing okay. I was just lying on the floor laughing. Finally I got up and they were all like what happened. Half of them giggling, the other half trying to suppress their giggles. I was laughing out loud. I told them my leg fell asleep. One guy from the corner asks "Huh what?, You fell asleep?"

Had to correct him, Izat ka saval hain, so I explained it to him again that my LEG fell asleep.

Above all while I was lying on the floor I was thinking, "Aah aah, I can blog about this"


Parth Anand said...

Huh.. what you fell asleep?
hahahaha..this is funny...

Humjoli said...

sing a song whenever your leg falls asleep. it will be awake again.

finding it funny? amusing? try it

jeenu said...

hey thanu
that must have been a hillarious situation..anyways iam glad that it created only a good laugh and u did not break anything :D

Jaguu said...


Err.. the floor tiles .. are they ok? would the company change it or U have to?.. Hey Know wat.. being in US may be U can sue dem da shoe company! Jokes aside I am glad you are not hurt.Cheers!!

Thanu said...

I was shocked when I heard that. But imagine that, falling asleep at work and falling off the chair.

Really, I will try that the next time it falls asleep.

I was so funny. I'm glad too I didn't break anything. Shekar told that things like this only happens to me.

Thank God here floors are carpeted. So I did not break any tile. There is still a small pain by the ankle. Hope it goes away soon. How is your long weekend coming along?

sheela_b said...
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Jithu said...

thts hw addicitve blogging is. whenver u come across a situation, the first thing u think abt is whether u can blog abt it or not ;-)

Rays Of Sun said...

How are you feeling Thanu?
U know thats what I was thinking..In every day scenario, how you dissect out events so you may blog on it! Happens with me nowadays!

Thanu said...

Now even my readers have started laughing at my misery. Not fair.

That is so true. Imagine, lying on the floor and thinking about blogging

Ankle hurts a little. I know every evening is like what happened to me today that is blogworthy?

sheela_b said...

ohh, no,no,no, thanu, I was not laughing at ur misery.What i could not help giggling about is that when u fell on the floor what u were thinking was to blog about it instead of checking out if you got hurt!!! what an addiction! oh, kindly don't take me wrong, thanu, pls.

!xobile said...

this blogging i say is contagious!
anything funny that happens, even i think the same thing
"Yaar! blog!!!!"

and now to my frnds have even started sayin
"Yaar! isne aisee bewakoofi kee hai, tere blog pe aane ke laayak hai"

Rahul said...

i loved that last part about thinking about blogging on it. Well, it is great to know i have company...

Thanu said...

I was kidding re. I know it becomes so addictive.

$ze Exaggeratorr!
Funny..even ur friends think about ur blog.

We ahve quite some company. There are a lot of people that do this. Just read the comments above.

jaguu said...


Crooons *Country roads take me to Thanu's Home* a la John Denver ;).

So Cal? San Jose?San Deigo?

Ofcos Dosha & Chamandi.. that to grinded on stone... When home I use my best persuasion methods ( namely..Puppy Eyed looks..saying how hard its to find nice food in Kuwait etc)to make my mom use the stone instead those evil food processors!!:D..

Qatar Cat said...

LOL at the brighter side of it, now you can blog about the ankle that hurts!

Watch the corner guy. When he falls asleep, make sure you blog about it, too!


kickassso said...

Even I feel the same way these days when something funny happens:D

maybe my real life sucks:(

Sayesha said...

Hahahahaa! I sit like that at work too! :P

div said...

long time since i dropped a comment here..
well ,was going through ur posts..very interesting..keep blogging..

even i sit like that in the class sometimes(specially when i sit in the back bench)..

Arz000n said...

"Aah aah, I can blog about this"
Signs of HARD CORE Blogging...

Happens with me too...

Im sure someone in tha crowd who came to pick you up with suppressed giggles, was thinking:

"Jeeezz...she fell down...hehee...gotta go back to ma desk and blog this now"


Thanu said...

Come on anytime, I'll make u dosha and chamandi.

Hope u are back to ur 100%. If the corner guy does anything I'm gonna blog it, need to get back at him b/c he thought I was sleeping at work.

This is a symptom of blogging addiction

It is so comfortable to sit like that. Not just work I sit everywhere (other than guest's houses) like that. But, this is the first time I fell :(

Thanks for surfacing again. Sitting like that feels so good especially if it is a couch.

Heheh, it would be so funny if one of them blogged about it. It will go like this.

My colleague fell on the floor. She said her leg fell asleep, but I think she fell asleep…..

lash said...

huh you fell asleep??? :-?


Mr. Quipster said...

thats a leg numbing experience :)

Thanu said...

Millionth time - LEG fell asleep

hehehe - true