Monday, June 12, 2006

Dad and World Cup

This is the first world cup that I am watching without my Dad by my side screaming Goooaaaaaal, Eda Adi eda (hit a goal), Avante Karyam (this can't be translated).

We being a family of two girls, Dad has passed on all his passions to both of us. Football (Soccer) being the first and foremost.

I remember when World cup would come on TV Dad would ask us to join in. When we were kids we didn't care, we got to watch TV and we would sit next to Dad. As we grew older he would explain the game to us. He would say this is Corner Kick and would explain what it meant.

During the match he would quiz us and ask is this a Penalty Kick or a corner kick? Those few days the lingo around the house also changes. If we did something bad, Dad would say you are gonna get a Red Card. Veena and I used to run and hide when we heard this.

Veena and I started liking these matches and we would watch them and keep track of the points and would show off our knowledge to Dad. We used to say this team has 3 points and since that game was a draw that team only got 1 point.

Years have passed by and Veena, Dad and I we live in three different parts of the country, but everyday since June 9th there has been a phone call from me to Dad and from Veena to Dad just to discuss the matches that day.

Dad thank you for sharing your passion with us.


jac said...

You scored a beautiful goal by sharing your love on your father with us, Thanu !
He can't have a better goal than this in his life, I am sure.

Jaguuu said...


Aiyoooo Pavam US of A!!! Viva Brazillllllllll!!! :)

Shilpa said...

My dad loves soccer too ( and cricket)...and like u I used to sit up and watch all the matches with him.
And I we always had a bet during matches to say which team would win.

educatedunemployed said...

And that is a score girl!

Archana said...

I used to follow soccer avidly too when I was in Calcutta (ages and ages ago). Dad, sis and me used to sit watching all games, night or day - and it did not really matter which country :-)! I don't follow soccer any more though...

Vikram said...

I get so thrilled when it's world cup season... for an entire month, i wake up early, become active... forget laziness for a while... and keep that adrenalin rush going... :P

only for one month... :P.. it's like i live for soccer in that one month..

and after every game i watch, i call my bro up in bangalore and we discuss the strategies, the goals, the red cards, the yellow cards... detailed analysis.. :P

my dad taught me how to play soccer when i was young...

anyway, enjoy soccer.. :)

kickassso said...

My sis still watches the game with dad!
I on the other hand find it rather boring...

kickassso said...

I had no idea your name wasnt thanu....I know pple here who have that name!

Archana Bahuguna said...

Got cricket interest from my dad .. although don't follow it much now in US.. still while some tournaments are on, dad definitely mentions and enthusiastically discusses them on the long distance call.
Nice post btw...also I bloglisted you.

silverine said...

I got interested in Cricket and Football due to the men in my house :) There are so many things that you do with your parents that influence your life forever!

Dhanush said...

Hmm.. I am missing some one who can enjoy Football with me. We need to see it in groups to be satisfied ;) and that too with someone who knows malayalam.. to say Adi Adi .. Goal.. Che.. Korangan..*&#$%&$%$#* College days were one of those and then
I still remember how my dad and me watched the 1990 Italia world cup. We had bought TV at that time and Doordarshan was at its best.

neihal said...

Just imagine I cant see a single match this time....I love sports...any name it...i have seen it....even without knowing or understanding a single rule, all time fav is tennis, formula one and athletics.

Thanu said...

Thank you. Dad has passed on to me so many things. Football is just one of them.

I'm not rooting for US either. As a matter of fact I'm not rooting for anyone. I just wanna watch a good game.

So many interests are passed on by our parents rite?


U shud start. I don't really care who wins, but still love to watch.

I'm no where as close as u. I just like to watch a good game.

Strange I thought all mallus love football
Well, it is Thanu in the blog world.

$Archana Bahuguna
Thank you. We learn so many things from our dads and love for sports is one of them.

Very True.

I hate to watch games by myself too. It is no fun yelling my urself.

I know watching/playing sports are so much fun.

Raji said...

Hai Thanu,
Blog hopped from ImmingrantInCanada's blog.
You write really well. Your dad must be really proud to have a loving daughter like you.

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

Nice post.

Thanks for triggering a few remarkable moments in my life.
watch my blog after you return from Veena's home.
I am drafting a post “George +10”


Sushil said...

Hey I didnt know that u were a football freak?Hope Shekhar also likes it, else it will be a reverse of most of the other families ;)

quills said...

I love football too..all in my family does..well mom she just grins and bears. :) So my dad, bro and I are having great fun, inspite of being like you guys are in three different parts of the world watching the World Cup. :)

Ujwal said...

yeah i have got much of my football, cricket, tennis passion from my dad too. And now he himself doesnt get too much time to follow it, unfortunately. But yes the roots of all of my sporting passion lies in my father. nice post, reminded me of some many things too.