Thursday, June 15, 2006

Travel 101

I had specified in my one of my previous posts that I am organized and my organization skill comes to life when I'm planning to go on a trip.

I'm flying tonight (just me, no Shekar) to go spend the weekend with Veena and here is a list of things I did to get ready for the trip.

  • Got the ticket almost a month ago ( I can never be spontaneous)
  • Both at home and work I have a list of things I need to take with me. If I remember something new I run and jot it down on my list so I don't forget.
  • Make sure I have books to read on the plane. Went to the library and got two suspense novels. It has to be suspense else I would get bored after the first 20 minutes (flight is almost 6 hrs)
  • Week prior to leaving I have all the outfits planned. Friday I'm gonna wear Capri pants with white t-shirt and so on.
  • Check with Veena on are we planning to do anything special. Like Sunday are we going to church? If so I need to take Church clothes.
  • Week before the actual day my packing starts. No it not packing in actual sense, it more like I make a trip pile and add things to it every day. Actual stuffing into suitcase happens the day of the trip.
  • Decide what I am gonna bring back from Veena's place (Remember when my mom came I gave her 2 sarees to stitch falls, she left it at Veena's place when she visited her place like 2 weeks ago), and take the suitcase according to that.
  • Cook, since I'm only gone for 3 days, but still made some food so Shekar has enough to last him till Sunday.
  • Do the laundry 2 days before the trip so I have good choice available clothes for me to decide what to take, and when I return I do not have to worry about not having clothes to wear.
  • I hate coming back to a messy house so I start a cleaning spree 2 days prior to the trip.
  • Day of the trip:
    • Print Boarding Pass
    • Get some money from the ATM
    • Straighten my Hair
    • Final packing (stuffing into suitcase)
    • Make sure cell phone is charged to 100%
    • Check the weather both here and at Veena's place
    • Skim my lists and make sure I haven't forgotten anything

Yes, folks I'm going to visit Veena today and will be back Sunday night. Till then all you guys take care and have an awesome weekend.

I know I'm going to.


Archana said...

Have a happy journey and a wonderful trip, Thanu :-))!

Your lists and packing schedule reminds me of me - before my last India trip, I drove everyone crazy because it was only one week before the trip and I still hadn't finished packing ... I am trying to change that now!

Deeps said...

Oh man!! You are detailed. I do some lists, but am not as detailed as you. Yes I do decide what to wear and then plan for a trip, but I pile'em up only when I pack'em up :-D.

Archana Bahuguna said...

Vow you are really organized :-). Have a great trip!

silverine said...

We are EXACTLY the same minus the hubby and hair straightening LOL

Have a lovely trip!!!

Loga said...

I am trying to be more organised :)

Vikram said...


for me it's like this:

buy ticket a night before
wake up just in time
pack the bags
forget phone charger but don't forget laptop

forget toothbrush (thats why i have like 15 brushes, everywhere i go, i buy one :P)

and just make it in time to board the flight...

you might see me just scampering around the flight with my bags and disturbing everyone.. :P

have a good weekend...

Geo said...

i bought my samsonites the day before i left for US...

and i started packing on that afternoon :)

happy times at Troy!!!

Alexis Leon said...

Very well organized. I think I can take a printout of the post, change the names and hand it over to anybody planning a trip.

divi said...

Hi Thanu,
Hope u and sis had a fantastic time...
I wanted to comment because....
divi isn't my original name either..and also I'm from kerala and my dad too gives the same screams when we watch the world cup ( though it's a 'adikkeda sixer' for Cricket)and mom and dad gives the same lecture about money... dad and mom are half the globe away.... connected by daily phone calls....
thanu... loved your blog...

Dew Drops said...

organise? what does that word mean? that word doesn't exist in my dictionary;)

educatedunemployed said...

Whoa!Have fun girl.

Immigrant in Canada said...

organise??? I am so super in that dept.. I packed all the important documents first( including the passport!!) and then didn't remember where I kept it.. All it took was.. opening and repacking abt 24 boxes, all neatly packed by the movers to find the passports

Hv a super weekend and pls say hello to Veena...

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

I have not experienced long travels. I do visit home once in a month. Only thing I take care is the train ticket to book in advance. everything else is just in time.

Will you bring a nice 'post' from Veena's home for us?
Happy Weekend !!!


freebird said...

Hey, u remind me soo much of monica frm the sitcom friends..Lolz :D..packed and ready to go..evrything in place..i totally suck at these kinda things..always leaves things till the 11th hour :D

Shilpa said...

Have a lot of fun !!

Wow u r indeed organized ! I shd save ur list for my future trips heheheh.

Thanu said...

I had a great trip.
India trips are indeed crazy

Clothes are only piled on the day of the trip, it other things are in that pile.

$Archana Bahuguna
I had a great trip thank you.

Trips is so much better when you have everything we need/want with us.

Good luck. Lemme know if u need any help. Welcome here.

I had a great weekend. Just seeing ppl like you would make me feel uncomfortable.

I had such an awesome time.
If I was at ur stage I would be freaking out.

$Alexis Leon
Thank you. BTW Happy B'day in advance.

Thanks Divi. Welcome here. We sound very similar to each other.

$Dew Drops
I'm so glad you can say a statement like that.

Had loads of fun.

$Immigrant in Canada
I got good memory too

Nope, no post from Veena's place, as she doesn't know Thanu exists.

No No I'm not as crazy as Monica. I'm not a Neat Freak/Control Freak.

Thank you, I had the best time there.

flyaway mind said...

i'm a real mess when it comes to organising r so well planned & organised that u can even jot it down as points...shekar must be a real lucky guy to have u..

freebird said...

I dint mean to offend u in anyway and i certainly did NOT mean tht u were a control freal, just thot u had teeny tiny character of monic geller, thts all. :)

mrudhu said...

whoa!!jes a question...r u superwoman??hey,u plannin on givin classes on organisational skills?hey,i'll sign up FOR SURE!!boy,r u an inspiration!!

Immigrant in Canada said...

Your memory is superb.. u r like my oldest daughter.. Yesterday we hd an argument as to how many dresses i bought her compared to her little sis..She counted all those from the time she was 2 yrs.. and her sister's and her brother's.. not enough.. she also wrote down, the ones tht were given as gifts..and I thought I hv a good memory..little did I know

Rays Of Sun said...

I also do the exact SAME things:O

Rays Of Sun said...

But no hair straightening:) I love my curly tresses:)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Wow, you are meticulous!! I am a last minute person - running around to get things done and ALWAYS forgetting something at the last moment!! Then I resolve that I am going to be a little more systematic but of course that never works out, I mess up again :-D

Sakshi said...

Hey A fellow Planner -
My friends say I have OCD when it comes to planning. I just call it being prepared ;-)

Thanu said...

I know it makes so much sense to be like us.
If I'm going somewhere touristic I have everythign planned as to wha to do whihc day. And I also have back up places I would like to go if places in my original lists are closed.

I have directions from point A to point B. I have couple of folders that I take with me witha ll this info.

Thank you for understanding.