Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Feel Pretty oh so Pretty

I'm a strong believer of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For me a girl to be beautiful, has to have curly hair, should have great calves and biceps. By calves and biceps I don't mean the body builder type, but more like a defined shape.

So I was all into getting biceps myself. So I started lifting weights. Shekar guided me through this whole process. He showed me the correct way to lift them, the way to stand when I lifted and all.

So I would lift weights, started with 8 pounds, moved to 10, then 12 and finally 15. So I started seeing the shape on my arms and I was a very happy person. I would flex my muscles and show them off to Shekar. I did this for almost a month and whola, I was pretty according to me.

Then one day, I was getting ready for an occasion and I decide to wear saree and then the unthinkable happened. The blouse for the saree doesn't fit me anymore, because of my newly existing biceps. Since all my blouses are the same measurement, this meant, none of them are going to fit.

So I have decided that I do not want biceps anymore I just wanna wear my sarees.

Hopefully this happens soon as I love wearing sarees.

Me to Shekar: What should I lift for my biceps to go away?


Vijay Ramamurthi said...

:)..just dont lift any thing :)

educatedunemployed said...

Yeah don't do weights, but keep up some excercise else all this extra muscle will break down fast and u don't want that.:)

Immigrant in Canada said...

wht should I do for my biceps to go away!!!..that was a classic Thanu moment.. I enjoy ur blog soooooo much..

neihal said... post...your blog has a good too prefer a well toned body...and Adi thinks I should stop eating all those ice creams...Nah!They are the reason behind my evening walk...and I love my evevning walks.

silverine said...

lol that was a good question!!!

When I went to the gym people grinned beacuse I am slim, but the instructor told them that even slim people need to keep their bodies well toned. Now my exercise is mostly walks which is more of a hobby than an exercise :)

Alexis Leon said...

Nice post. But don't do weights. If you are keen on doing weights then rather than lifting the heavy weights in the body builder style, do smaller weights faster. That will tone the muscles, but will not build up excess muscle mass.

But as educatedunemployed had mentioned jog, swim, walk or do some areobic exercise so that you maintain the muscle tone and keep the body in shape.

Weight training should normally be attempted if you want to strengthen some part of your body (for example, if you have weak abdominal muscles and want to strengthen them) and that too after getting a medical opinion.

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

ha haha :-)

chanse kadayathu(tamil style)!!! I mean... I couldn't find any reason not to laugh.

Jiby said... sis wud go to the gym and return and compare her biceps with mine...when it started getting bigger she chickened out and i never heard of her going back to the gym again!!!

Archana Bahuguna said...

You did inspire me a little :-)

Ginkgo said...

well tht was ur chance to have designer Blouses..
U cud have a diamond or a pear shaped cut rite at the bulgy' area
and made a new design outta it...

sheesh..u missed out:P

Jaguuuu said...


Get Salman Khan's T shirt's ....LOL!!

Archana said...

LOL :-D! Kinda late to point out but started with 8 pounds, moved to 10, then 12 and finally 15 seems to be on the heavy side! Stick to 3/5 pounds from now on...

And felt really good to read a girl say I was pretty according to me. - girls usually are never satisified with the way they look. Way to go, girl :-)!

Thanu said...

$Vijay Ramamurthi
I don't think that is gonna work.
Yesterday Shekar was watching TV and I asked him to come and pick up the canister with Atta, he didn't look that happy.

I still go run on treadmill just no weights.

$Immigrant in Canada
Thank you.

I don't eat that much sweet stuff, but fried in grease kind of stuff.. oh bring it on. Like Banana Chips.. oh yeah.

Here during winter it gets dark hence stopped walking, now just run on treadmills.

$Alexis Leon
But I wanted nice good looking, eye turning biceps.
Not any more so just running these days.

Glad that I have that effect on you.

Aren't we girls alike?

$Archana Bahuguna
So started gym yet?

// U cud have a diamond or a pear shaped cut rite at the bulgy' area
And have my biceps pop out of that. shhs..

You laugh at the plight of this simple human.

I do feel very comfortable by my looks. Not that I'm really pretty (by other’s views), its just that I can not do anything about it, so I try not to worry about it.

Rays Of Sun said...

heheheee:) Yeh sab suna hua lagta hai:P

Ujwal said...

i liked ginkgo's suggestion or wear sleeveless :P

Welcome to Our World said...

Hope you get back into your fave blouses again. Nothing like a pretty Indian girl in a saree!!

sugar n spice said...

hi thanu,
came here from kkusum's blog :)

//What should I lift for my biceps to go away?//
as 2 this ques, u shud lift lots of potato chips n diet coke ;)

sugar n spice said...

abe sorry, i came to ur blog from The Chosen One's blog; not kusum's... ufff i forgot only :P how silly of me :D

Chirikudukka said...

U know what i am also a person who thinks biceps are part of a girls beauty and i have as well been in the process of giving a fine tune to my biceps..but thanks god i haven't started wearing sarees yet...and u can get ur blouses altered and make it smaller that would be much better than gaining back the pounds lol :)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

LOL, ok that was hilarious!!

Thanu said...

$Rays Of Sun
mere se suna ki kisi aure se suna lagta hai?

Welcome here.
Nope I do not wanna alter these blouses.

$Welcome to Our World
I so agree, I think any day a saree can surpass an evening gown.

$sugar n spice
kuch kaaz farak nahi padta ki kidar se aayi, aayi tho sahi
Welcome here.

No ann, my biceps got bigger, hence I do not fit in the blouse.

$Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz)
Yeah yeah, laugh at someone's misery

Geo said...

What should I lift for my biceps to go away?

u r too much lady, u r too much