Wednesday, June 07, 2006

To Dear Dad....

Father's day is on Sunday the 18th, so this year I decided to send a gift to my father as opposed to the usual Fathers Day card. So after hours of thinking and googling I finally decided to send him a coffee mug with Veena and my picture on it.

I am very particular about people getting gifts on time or earlier because it breaks my heart for fathers day to come and go and my gift is in still in the mail. So by end of May I had decided what I was going to give to dad, then I started looking through my collection of photos to get a good picture of Veena and me. I narrowed it down to three pictures and emailed it to Veena for approval.

Finally we decided on a picture and I placed that order. This was last week Tuesday and I have been waiting and tracking the package till today.

My cell starts ringing and I see its my parents calling. I grab the phone, yeay they got the gift. It was mom on the other line.

Mom: We got your gift.
Me: What gift?
Mom: The cup, with your pictures
Me: That isn't for you, that was for papa put him on the phone
Mom: (calling out for dad)Hold on, I can't seem to find him.
Me - holding and thinking oh dad must be so happy
Mom: Hold on, he is in the kitchen, making coffee in his new cup.
Me: (Excited) Oh really

Then dad comes on the phone

Me: You liked the cup?
Dad: The box the cup came in had a receipt that said this was almost 20 dollars.
Me: hmmmm (I see where this is going, the usual lecture about how I shouldn't spend money.)
Dad: That is an expensive cup.
Me: pakshe (but) you liked it right? Else give it to mom, she will be happy to have it.
Dad: Nooooo... its my cup I'm going to drink coffee in it every morning and every evening.
Me: :) (thinking - oh he loved it)

Happy father's day to a wonderful dad.

PS: Just an update, spoke to mom the other day and she says dad drinks juice, coffee and everything liquid like (oatmeal) in this cup.


neihal said...

Dad....I miss him...and miss him more after reading this....guess i ll call him...but its too know I thought my father was the only person who, on recieving gifts would say,"why do spend money on these kind of things...makes no sense to me" haha..he is the bestest father...loved your post.

silverine said...

That was a lovely thought Thanu. A mug with your pics would be a reminder everyday that he has two daughters who care for him. Dad's are the best aren't they?

We are doing a repeat of last year :))

Immigrant in Canada said... are so fortunate

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

So Nice!!!

Dew Drops said...

hope me too get sme gr8 gift ideas..

Janefield said...

cute gift idea and sounds like you have a cute dad also :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

Pretty similar to my dad :-) when i call india from here more freq than usual my dad quickly talks about the imp things (health, wellness and weather) and gives over the phone to mom knowing that I am anyways going to talk long to her. :-)

aqua said...

Hey good one. It created a nostalgia in me.

RandomThoughts said...

tht's really chweet! But then dads are made of special stuff & there can be no one as special as yours!

Beautiful post!


Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Dads... :)

Geo said...

yet another 'touching' post....

ur posts r magical!

WA said...

Either he loves it or he is gonna use it everyday just to get make sure he gets the 20 Dollars worth out of it :) Only joking Thanu, and yes here is to fathers day.

Kusum Rohra said...

Lovely thing u did :)

Jiby said...

beautiful...felt real nice reading it!

wonder if i'll ever gift anything to my parents...atleast i'll keep getting inspired reading u guys!!!

Rays Of Sun said...

How did i miss this post??
very adorable:)