Wednesday, March 07, 2007


As most of you would know, I have an Older sister, Veena who is very very naughty (even till this day). So she plays pranks on me very frequently and I rarely get to pay her back.

Then there was this day.

We both were sitting on my bed and arguing over something ( I don't even remember what it was now). She wanted something that I had and I wouldn't give it to her. I remember holding it really tight and close towards my body and Veena trying to snatch it.

After few minutes of fighting, we had strict rules about fighting:
- No pulling hair as she had nice long hair and I had short hair, so I had an advantage
- No scratching each other's faces - We girls had to look pretty
- No matter what happened no complaining to parents

So we were fighting by our rules and then finally Veena's nails scratched my eye. I felt this burning sensation and I covered my eye and yelled out "My eye My eye."

Veena stopped what ever she was doing, and made my take my hand off my eye. I told her that it was hurting. She is a very caring sister and she ran to get some cold water to rinse my eye. She came back with some water and I was still sitting with my hand covering my eyes.

She finally made me move my hand and yelled "I can not see, Oh my god I can not see with this eye."

Veena sat there speechless all teary eyed and screaming "Are you sure?". "Wash your eyes again". I couldn't hold my self anymore, I burst out laughing I was kidding, I can see well.

Well, I almost got killed that day.

For all those worried souls, my sclera (the white part of my eye) got scratched and I had a red mark on it for a week. But the joy that little red scratch brought me was just priceless.

Even today I call Veena once in a while and yell over the phone, "I can not see, OMG I can not see"

Movie Update:

  • Omakara - Was kind of slow, I liked it, even though I had read Othello and seen the Malayalam version.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead man's Chest- was a nice watch. Towards the end, left so many thing unfinished that you know a sequel is coming soon.
  • Running scared - Very nice movie, but now for the week hearted, lot of bloodshed, lot of cursing
I know I saw a lot more movies, don't seem to recall them though :(


Anonymous said...

:-) sibling fights & pranks ... we always tend to sit & laugh about them much later, even though at the time, when it happened, it may have been the reason to stop talking for a whole day ! :-)
u both seemed to be loving when fighting too - u had rules for the fights ! wow !
movies - pirates - did u see the 'dead chest' one or 'curse of the black pearl' - either way it still has kiera knightly and thats what matters :-) i hv seen the 1st one - 'curse of the black pearl' - i liked it.

Neihal said...

"strict rules about fighting"


Jina said... too had some good time with the strict rules with my younger brother..maybe one day i shall blog about it..[dat is the potential mortal danger from his nomore there]..:)

Well, I tend to be a silent reader I guess..But yeah, I was a regular one...

An-s said...

Today i finished reading ur entire blog(from office :):)).What can I do when they dont give me work).

I understand that Thanu is not ur real name and veena is also not real(name).That confused me.

Any way i enjoyed reading ur posts.There is a feel-good factor in ur writing.There are lot of similarities between ur "shekhar" and mine :)
I have actually forced my "shekar to read ur blogs".Not all but some of them.
I check Nina's post daily though i have not posted any comments till date.From last week i have started checking yours also.
So looking forward to ur blogs daily.
For now i Like to be anonymous
Keep blogging

mathew said...

makes me remind of fights I had at home..with my bro..we used to mock up the WWF fights which were a craze those days..And he would leave me terrified when he acted if he got it really hard!!

btw saw a comment in Jiby's blog that you are a KVP alumini..I was there too!!

Thanu said...

All the roota roota we used to behave, now it seems all trivial.

Rules to hona hi tha, nahi to it wud get dangerous.

Nice to see u. U shud blog abt ur fights with bro..

wow read my whole blog.... I feel so happy. U shud start blogging to.

Yes I'm from KVP....what year did u graduate?

mathew said...

ah..i finished my 12 th in 99'..i think u might have been my senior!

Archana said...

Funny story! Reminded me of that episode in Calvin and Hobbes where Susie pretends her eye ball has fallen out:-))!