Saturday, March 17, 2007

What I see in the morning

The is the View from our house.

And yes, the little black and white spots are cows grazing.




Neihal said...


*now need to fix my jaw back*


Geets said...

Cool pics
Btw, you are tagged - a book tag

Archana Bahuguna said...

Great pics ! They just look so amazingly different :-).

Flyaway Mind said...

the seasonal changes beautifully caught!!
the rainy one looks as if there is a river yonder ur window...

Anonymous said...

nice pics. like AB & FM have said - they look totally different in each season - grasslands -> foggy setting for a spooky story :-) -> a lake !!

Thanu said...

Makes waking up to a foggy morning much better.

Will do it soon. Haven't seen you ard here for a while.

$Archana Bahuguna
I like when it rains

$Flyaway Mind
Wonderful to sit on that bench and read a book.

It is also very quiet.

Deeps said...


rasmi said...

hey thanu!reading thru ur blog was something i ACTUALLY ENJOYED doing for some time....

Anonymous said...

u've got an awesome house...