Sunday, October 23, 2005

20 Things about ME

Jaguu has tagged me to write 20 things about me. So here they go.

  1. I can not sing, but am a huge bathroom singer and love songs.
  2. I am a huge fan of Friends, seen each episode like million times, and still when I'm flipping through channels and I see Friends I watch the whole episode. I know everyone's lines. Can I BE more crazy (Chandler is my favorite) .
  3. I make really good fish curry (don't we mallus all do).
  4. I love learning languages. Can fluently speak Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and English. Can understand Telgu and Gujrathi.
  5. I have been working since I was 16
  6. I love cars – In future I wanna own a Corvette.
  7. I make an extra effort to keep in touch with friends.
  8. I’m a bull headed taurean.
  9. I hate to shop - I know it is quiet shocking, but I can never spend time at a mall. I only go shopping when I need something. I go to the mall, get what I want, maximum 40 mins.
  10. Used to be a tomboy (I used to defeat guys in arm wrestling back when I used to be in school). Shed my tomboyishness after I started working (I dunno why)
  11. I don’t like the color pink and hate people associating girls with pink.
  12. I’m very aggressive, goes back to No. 8.
  13. I don’t have stage fright.
  14. I can not play any musical instrument. I always wanted to play the guitar. (Jithu are you planning on selling yours)
  15. The Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie.
  16. Have a very short temper – I’m working on this.
  17. I’m a people pleaser.
  18. I can’t stand when girls use their girliness (cry, flutter eyelashes, smile ...and not restricted to only these) to get things done.
  19. I am very organized; my buddy list is organized as school, college, work, family in my Instant Messengers.
  20. I can not be mad at anyone for a long while.

Phew.. I'm done. But was a nice way to spend my Sunday afternoon self-reflecting.


Rays Of Sun said...

Wow gurl! way to go..I hope you havent hurt yourself real bad! Sending smiles to you as well!!
AAh, so you dont like color pink! Hmm..I love it!Chalo take care!!

kickassso said...

u sure u aint got any extra chromosomes;)

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

A people pleaser with a short temper? One moment all sweetness and light, a moment later fire and brimstone? :)

Jithu said...

i think i have to pay a visit to ur house for having that fish curry :-)

Arun R said...

"I hate to shop"!!!

Thats quiet surprising. May b the first woman whom I have heard saying so!!!!

Ashish Waghray said...

well if u still exist the way u hav described urself, i guess u r still a tomboy (or a boy?)... infact u hav even outdone boys by being "organized"... well i hav finally come across a girl who does not want to be a "girl"... interesting!

jaguu said...


Now I wonder what your Hubby said to you when he read this...if he has ;)Thanks for taking the time to do the Tag & Cheers!!

virdi said...

taken from the movie Shawshank Redemption:

Virdi was here

(24th October 2005 at 2.55 PM...)


J'Adore said...

i just spent my breakfast time reading the last 14 days of posts!
a great start to my day!

u dont like pink? not a single shade?!

Qatar Cat said...

LOL that's one nice list :) I was 20 tagged by J as well, and now taking my time reading what his friends wrote. I hate shopping and colour pink too, by the way.


Thanu said...

I've never got hurt, but have hurt others ;) I like darker colors like Navy blue and all. But I do own clothing in pink.

Hey, adi kollum.

Oh I shud have clarified. I never lose my temper with people other than family (dad, mom, chechi and my beloved shekar). I'm a people pleaser with rest of the world. I know it should be ulta.

Come anytime, but if u bring ur guitar I'll make fish fry also.

Lot of them does, but they do not voice it.

Hey, I like being a girl, actually I love being a girl. Being a girl doesn't only mean shopping and watching guy meets girl movie. There is a lot more to that. Read my post "Why do we take so long" and then you will change ur mind.

Shekar told me couple of things that I missed like dislike/scared of cats. It was fun doing the tag. Plus all reader got an idea of who writes these posts. Thank You (see me being a people pleaser here..)

Expected to see DDLJ. I like that movie too, but SSR is a great movie plus Morgan Freeman is my favorite actor.

Thank you, again like I said before I like darker shades. But not dark pink (does that exist).

Thank god, I'm not alone. Can't wait to read your list.

kickassso said...

I never lose my temper with people other than family (dad, mom, chechi and my beloved shekar). I'm a people pleaser with rest of the world.
i hate that ....
are all women like that?
I know my sister is the same type! she virtually rules over me....but everyone else thinks she's an absolute angel.GRRRR! even more!

Thanu said...

I can not talk for all women. The reason for me to loose my temper with family is b/c I can and they will forgive me. But with others, you never know.

Jiby said...

thats an interesting 20 things you had to say about yourself...gotto apologize i dont know to make fish curry...blame that on an ex-roomie whose fish curry looked more like uncooked fish wading in a sea of chilli-powder, oil and water...i almost puked!since then i cudnt get myself to try cooking it... always ended up frying since then!!!

Thanu said...

I used to get freaked out when had to make fish curry, but once u make it it is real easy. Vennagil para, recipe ayachu theram. IAS inte padutham thudagio?

Rahul said...

njanum 20 things ezhuthiyittundu. And also messengeril almost same organisation....

Thanu said...

I did read ur 20 things. U do the same with MSGR. I do not feel that weird now.