Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dinner Tag

Have been tagged my Jaguu. I have to list 6 people who I would like to take out for dinner and why.

  • Malika - She can order wine for all of us. And I have this slight discoloration on my wrist and I would like her to take a look at that for me.
  • ROS - She is my blog friend turned friend. I would love to meet and actually I would love to cook Aviyal for her.
  • Sayesha - She is just a fun person to be around. Plus she can hang around the cold weather here.
  • Silverine - She has such great sense of humor and I feel everyone at the table will love her company
  • Virdi - Just because if I don't invite him, he will be calling Sayesha and ROS every 10-15 minutes. So how is it going? What are u girls taking about? Plus he can increase his Girl Gyan.
  • Vikram - So that our poor Virdi will have company.

PS: Jaguu, since I already met you for dinner at Rumbling, I'm not inviting you here.

People I would like to tag


Rays Of Sun said...

WOW! me let me read:)

Rays Of Sun said...

Wow Aviyal..You remember this?? So sweet:)
ROTFL@ Virdi's invitation:))
P.S:-Just the right kinda stuff at the end of the day..

silverine said...

Wow what a way to end the year!!! I get invited to a dinner!

Thank you Thanu. I am honored.It would be a pleasure to break bread with you and your friends. And if the guys don't mind do a lil bit of gossiping too. And exchange notes on fashion, men and recipes and anything other than politics ( not necessarily in that order) ;)

Happy New Year Thanu !!

Rays Of Sun said...

Happy new year, girl:)
P.s:-Guys gossip much more. only thing is they have an internal CIA:)))

Anonymous said...


Nice company you got here Mom's friend.:).Thank You for taking up the Tag. Qatar Cat...wiggled out of the tag.Scardy cat!!:) Hope u are havin a great day.Cheers!!

educatedunemployed said...

Heyyyy,Thanks so much for the invitation.Good lord some one thinks I am useful.Should frame this post and send it to people who really know me..:p
And with Silverline's agenda..I will be game anytime!
(tsk tsk, got to know of your love for sambhar, wowies that makes 2 of us.)

Thanu said...

$Rays Of Sun
Yaar sab yaad rahatha hain.

I hate talking/listening abt politics too. I leave the room when dad starts talking abt Edathu Munnani and all.

//Nice company you got here
I know. U wanna come rite? U have a great new year.

I love those real hot and crispy dosas with sambar. I promise my discoloration will not make us dizzy.

icewind said...

Happy New Year to You ...

Did'nt know my blogs got read ... thought my blog was on the lower end of randomly read blogs :-))

BTW .. did you visit the coke museum @ Atlanta ? The italian coke is soo horrible !! Drink it first, every other flavour appears refreshing then...

Parth Anand said...

hmmmm...i wanna come to dinner too....

Canary said...

hey.. new year's round the corner and everyone's planning dinners..
but here's wishing you a lovely new year... :)

educatedunemployed said...

Hey, have an awesome year ahead.Best wishes for 2006.

div said...

so when u ppl r going to have a dinner together??:-)..jus kidding..

happy new year thanu:-)

Eclectic Blogger said...

Happy New Year :)

virdi said...

Happy New Year!!!

virdi said...


Bhole said...

Buy one get one free :)

Anonymous said...


Mom's Friend... tooo much partying Kya??Hope U & Shekar had a lovely new years eve and I wish you both a very happy & fulfilling 2006.:) God Bless

PNA said...

That's gr8 and aviyal i love aviyyal got to have it when i went home for christmas

have a wonderful year Thanu

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Happy new year :0

Thanu said...

Got to ur blog from Kerala blog roll. I have been to the Coke museum few times, but not during this trip.

$Parth Anand
U were missing in action for some while now, so I didn't invite u.

Thank you. Hope U have a great year too.

Hey ROS watch out. U too have an awesome year.

$educatedunemployed, div, virdi,
Happy New Year to u guys too.

Lots and Lots of chicken dishes for u.

//Buy one get one free :)
Does this mean invite ROS, Bhole comes free?

Shekar and I had an awesome time. U have a great year ahead.

Welcome Ash. I used to dislike aviyal so much as a kid, but now I like it. U have a great year.

$Vijay Ramamurthi
Happy New Year to u too.

Bhole said...

Nope. Its actually buy one, get two free :)

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Thanu!


sheela said...

Great one knows what they want great to hear hope you must have enjoyed their company good have a blessed year ahead

Sayesha said...

Wow, Thanu you wanna take me to dinner?? Yeay!!!!! :D