Monday, December 05, 2005

Running Low

I am one of those people whose car always has gas (petrol - I dunno why they call it gas here). When ever my fuel gauge shows quarter tank, I pull into a gas station and fill her up. This has been my habit for the longest time I remember.

Then I got married.

One of privileges that come with marriage is Shekar takes complete care of my car. He fills her up, takes her to all her services and washes her - the whole deal. The only time I drive these days are to work. I am liking this luxury too.

Shekar is the more logical one between us. He doesn't get panicky when the gas tank is 1/4 full. He can drive around with peace of mind.

So the other day I had to go somewhere and I turned the car on and the warning light turned on. Warning light - it goes on when the gas is low, but for some reason I brain sees the warning light and goes "Oh Oh the empty light is ON".

(Notice the warning light by the E on the Left hand side. )

My car actually has a trip computer that tells me how many miles it will go, it said 27 miles or something. But, I do not trust these things, I know strange but true.

The place I had to go was hardly 10 miles but still I'm little nervous driving there. To add to all this plight it was raining. I hate driving in the rain. First thing I did was pull into a gas station and get out in the rain and fill the tank, that is when I realized, "I haven't filled gas in my car for the so long"


Rays Of Sun said...

Ohh! I hate filling gas.esp in SNOW..Shekar is such a nice hubby..Even I get panicky if my car tank is getting close to empty..BTW, what car do you drive??

KJ said...

thanks for dropping a _____ on my blog....

do visit again..


Anonymous said...


You seem to be My Mom's friend for real.My mom always cross checks everything.:) I miss her :(

Thanu said...

I don't hate filling gas, but it has never snowed where I lived either.

I drive a Acura TL. Just to make u mad, please note the outside temp. on 62. This was on my way to work, so ard 8.30 am.

Welcome :)

Mom's friend indeed. Does that mean I get to boss u ard?

Rays Of Sun said...

ACURA! Wow:) I love Acuras:)
Its below zero here...:((((

Bhole said...

I drive my car till the indicator comes on E. My goal is to run down the gas completely. Hopefully someday i will w/o getting stuck :)

Jagan said...

I fill gas in the last minute always (as in when the bike is going to stop ) ..though i tell myself that i need to fill the tank , i dont seem to do that . And many a times I got to push my bike around to petrol stations .i never seem to learn tho .

Anonymous said...


Ofcos U can boss me arounded provided you cook sumptuous food like my Mom Does!! :)

Thanu said...

I know it is so cold there hence I pointed out my 62 degrees.

Just that thought scares me. My dad drove his car for 3 years without ever seeing the warning light.

I guess bike is easy to push and gas stations are close by that Y u don't learn.

I can cook sumptuous food. U never mentioned anything about cooking for u. U said if I can cook well, I can boss u ard. So here comes bossy thanu.

It’s actually not bad if we get stuck in this country. Just a phone call and someone will come with gas to rescue.

//Assuming you know it already, it's short for gasoline...
I know, but it doesn't just sound right. I like Petrol.

Sujith said...

u shud come here and see us. v used to fill 500 ml petrol in our bikes and go for rides ;-)

Thanu said...

just reading ur statement makes me scared. Maybe I'm just too cautious.

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

First time here, nice one :) service on the car..hmm..
does he get tips ?? :)

Thanu said...

Welcome Vijay. Nah no tip. Nothing is free in marriage, its all give and take.

Parth Anand said...

ya..i m also like that...when its about quarter tank, i drive to the nearest gas station

Thanu said...

I was in pattom forlike 2 years, so don't have that much school spirit. Oh I miss tose navy blue skirts and red ribbons.

$Parth Anand
There are lot of cautious ppl like us.

U never have to apologize for commenting. To my knowledge there were 3 when I was tvm. Pagaode, Pattom and Pallipuram. I moved to tvm when I was 15. Dunno abt the VSSC School.. I don't think it was a KV. Thumba is where VSSC is.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

LOL and I am always the person who will not fill up until car is running on its last drop of gas :-P
Too lazy and its so cold, I can't stand outside to fill up!!

Keshi said...

Im Panick Queen when it comes to my I always fill it up well ahead :)


Geo said...

For us 'E' means Enough ,ie, Enough petrol.

Thanu said...

What if u get stranded due to an empty tank in a snow storm?

My kinda girl.

Classic - E is for enough.

aruna said...

(petrol - I dunno why they call it gas here)

I would assume the word 'gas' came from 'gasoline'

silverine said...

Basically we girls are nervous about being stuck without gas! I hate filling up but then I am just not comfortable driving in reserve! So I MUST fill up even if I have enough for a few kilometres.

The lil quirks of being a gal! :)